Chapter 1947: One, Twice, But Not Three Times

The man was tall and slender. He was wearing a T-shirt and casual pants. More importantly, his skin was no different from a normal person’s; he no longer looked like he was painted red.

Vision nodded. “Hello, Mr. Wilson.”

Luke said, “You look much nicer now.”

Vision looked down at his clothes. “Really? I don’t know much about this. Wanda picked them out for me.”

Luke raised an eyebrow. “She picked them out for you?”


Vision felt an inexplicable sense of danger, but he didn’t know why. “Yes.”

Luke said, “It seems you’re getting along very well.”

Vision’s sense of danger increased again. “It’s not bad.”

Luke smiled and patted his shoulder. “I want a latte. I’ll have to trouble you a little.”

Vision was at a loss, but he still nodded. “Alright, Mr. Wilson.”

He vaguely felt that if he didn’t go, he might run into some unknown danger.

So, he subconsciously took the fastest route — he flew lightly into a wall on the side.

The wall wasn’t damaged at all, and Vision disappeared from the training room.

Luke rubbed the neat white beard on his chin. “Alright, he still doesn’t seem human.”

Walking through walls – this was the classic ghost story!

Humans were easily afraid and opposed things that looked human but weren’t. This was like the uncanny valley theory.

Since there was a valley, there was also a peak.

Some humans might be attracted to such things, like the shut-ins who married their dolls.

Luke looked at Wanda.

Stacy’s “backstabbing” and Marcos weren’t pleasant memories for him.

He hadn’t stopped Claire from finding a girlfriend, nor had he stopped Lorna from finding a hooligan boyfriend.

But Wanda looking for an ‘human-like intelligent lifeform’ to be her boyfriend was a little excessive.

Also, whether or not Vision would be accepted by Wanda’s ‘family’ was another matter.

Wanda wasn’t Luke’s daughter or sister, but the Big Dipper clone had invested a lot in their bond.

If this d*mn Vision also invested in feelings, wouldn’t that be breaking up Luke’s share of the investment in the witch?

On the other side, Pietro noticed Big Dipper at the door.

He appeared in front of Big Dipper in a flash. “Wilson, you’re here. Do you have a new mission?”

The Big Dipper clone sized him up as he stepped forward. “It’s not the end of the world right now. There can’t be a mission for you every day.”

Pietro walked backward. “But the Avengers are very busy.”

Big Dipper: “Who’s busy?”

Stumped for a moment, Pietro subconsciously replied, “Clinton (Hawkeye’s name), Natasha and Rhodes are very busy. Steve has some time and gives us training every day.”

Big Dipper: “Clinton has a wife and kids. Do you?”

Pietro, who didn’t even have a female friend, shook his head in surprise.

Big Dipper said, “Natasha also does reconnaissance and intelligence gathering. Rhodes has several positions in the Department of Defense and the military. Do you have any?”

Unemployed Pietro shook his head again.

Big Dipper stopped. “They’re elites, and elites require long-term training. Those who carry out missions every day are cannon fodder.”

Pietro, who had regained his confidence, was enlightened. “That’s right. My sister and I are elites.”

The Big Dipper clone was lost for words. In the end, his words bounced off the boy.

The siblings’ abilities and temperaments indeed made them worthy of being groomed into elites. Luke couldn’t suppress their personalities too much.

When they walked over, the two who had been sparring also stopped and walked over.

The African-American man patted Pietro’s head with the air of an uncle. “Kid, if you want, I can help you find a place to experience what it’s like to be a new recruit. Back then, I…”

Pietro flashed away to Luke’s side and looked warily at the old man who liked acting like an elder. “Hey, Rhodes, just say what you need to say – don’t touch me.”

Rhodes wasn’t embarrassed at all. He drew back his palm and stretched it out to the Big Dipper clone. “Long time no see, brother.”

Luke calmly stretched out his hand, and Rhodes gave him a high five.

Rhodes was just a little less strong and a little more talkative, and liked to randomly crack dry jokes, but he was a good person.

His jokes in particular were very much to Big Dipper’s liking.

Wanda looked at the two men’s childish interactions enviously, but was too embarrassed to copy them.

Luke nodded at her with a smile. “Let’s sit down and talk.”

At that moment, a figure floated into the room with a steaming cup of coffee. It was Vision, who had just finished making the latte.

The four of them sat down in chairs next to the glass window, and Luke put the coffee down on a table.

For a moment, the other three looked at the lone cup of coffee on the table and fell silent.

If they said anything, it would appear too deliberate.

But if they didn’t say anything, it somehow felt strange for everyone to watch one person drink coffee.

Luke, however, was very calm. He took a sip of his coffee and asked, “How’s training coming along?”

With that opener, Pietro dashed off and came back instantly with bottles of mineral water for everyone.

Wanda and Pietro were here because Luke had specially entrusted their basic training to the Avengers.

More specifically, he had spent credit points to hire Steve.

The siblings were now backup members of the Justice League, but they had screwed over the Avengers before in the incident with Ultron.

If Luke didn’t want this issue to become a stumbling block for the two teams, it had to be dealt with from the beginning.

Steve was the best choice to do it.

Given his experience and personality, he wouldn’t hold a grudge against two youngsters who had quickly repented. Instead, he would do his best to guide them down the right path and prevent them from using their superpowers to do evil.

As the saying went, with great power came great destruction.

These two could be considered existences with the potential to destroy mankind. It wasn’t a bad thing to temper their thinking.

The relationship between teacher and student was also another factor.

The love-hate relationship between Darren and Dr. Pym was ample proof of how deep such a relationship could run.

Students or teachers of certain bigshots in all sorts of industries could also obtain a lot of benefits.

Given Steve’s special status, as long as Wanda and Pietro were his acknowledged students, the bad debt which they had accumulated because of Ultron would naturally be written off.

They could use this to become quasi-members of the Avengers’ Justice League — just like how Tony could be considered a quasi member of the Bat Squad.

Also, the Avengers right now were a little ’empty.’

The Hulk had left Earth on a spaceship, and Natasha was at a mental low. Thor went home to work as the crown prince.

Hawkeye wanted to spend more time with his wife and children, and Tony was busy with research and Pepper.

Steve was the only one who was free and had nowhere to go.

The Avengers were really short of manpower.