Chapter 1950: Study Tool

Luke felt no guilt at all. “Otherwise? Our siblings are half-angels at most.”

Selina was lost for words. Fine, when their siblings were cute, they were little angels, but when they were naughty, they were little demons.

They walked into the living room just as May and Doris (Adrian’s wife) came out of the kitchen.

Luke hugged Doris first, and then May. He didn’t forget to flatter her. “May, you’re getting more and more beautiful. Isn’t Ben going to have a lot more love rivals?”

He wasn’t lying.


After Uncle Ben became rich, he was very happy to spend money on Peter and Aunt May.

Also, Aunt May had a proper job and a salary, so she couldn’t be sloppy in how she presented herself.

Several years had passed, yet she looked younger than when they first met her.

Aunt May smiled brightly at Luke’s flattery, her eyes curving into crescent moons.

She patted Luke’s arm. “Tell me, young man, how many girls have you charmed with your sweet mouth recently?”

Selina greeted Doris and chuckled. “That’s right, it’s a lot.”

Aunt May’s eyes flickered. She let go of Luke and hugged Selina. “That’s right, that’s right. You hear it every day, you’re probably sick of it. Right, do you want to try the chocolate pie I just made? Luke, Ben and the others are in the backyard.”

She then led Selina to the kitchen, not forgetting to give Luke a look that said, “Off with you.”

Luke thanked her and shrugged at Doris, who was watching the show with a smile, before he went to the backyard.

When he reached the backyard, it was noisy.

There was the sound of kids playing and the men laughing.

There was also the smell of beer, roast meat, biscuits and hot cocoa in the air.

The men were drinking and grilling meat on the right, while the kids were gathered on the left to watch Peter open his presents.

Selina’s Death Star model had already been taken out. The boys cheered, but the girls weren’t interested.

Then, there was Luke’s gift — an Iron Man helmet which he had put together himself.

The girls were a little dissatisfied. They didn’t really like this sort of thing.

The boys immediately surrounded the helmet and touched it enviously.

Peter flushed with excitement. After searching for a moment, he found the button to flip the visor open.

After putting the helmet on, the visor automatically closed.

Then… a gentle female voice which Peter was especially familiar with rang out – it was May’s voice. “Detected designated user, Peter Benjamin Parker. The user is a minor. Kids’ learning mode activated.”

Peter: “…”

With a light click, a series of lists appeared on the virtual screen in front of him: Math, Physics, and Chemistry.

Peter focused on Chemistry, which immediately expanded into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Chemistry.

A moment later, Peter took off the helmet, his face pale.

The other boys were already clamoring to try on the helmet.

He hesitated. “Are you sure?”

The boys nodded.

Peter said, “Then take turns. Don’t fight.”

Ten minutes later, the boys looked at each other in bewilderment.

A bigger boy finally couldn’t take it anymore. “Seriously? Why does it only project textbooks and study materials? I think there were even college textbooks.”

Another boy immediately added, “That’s right, and it’s in Aunt May’s voice. How scary.”

All the boys, including Peter, nodded. This was too scary.

On the other side, the girls led by Liz (Adrian’s daughter) were curious. “What are you talking about?”

The boy immediately shouted, “Hurry up, Peter. Give your treasure to Liz to play with.”

Peter blushed, but still handed over the helmet.

After watching them play with it for so long, Liz couldn’t wait, and she decisively put it on.

Then… 30 seconds later, she quickly took off the helmet, and her lips were a little pale. “I’m scared, it’s too scary. It feels like Aunt May is watching us do homework.”

The boys nodded in agreement.

Aunt May was a gentle person, but she wouldn’t let the children go when it came to their studies.

These families were either colleagues or old friends.

They were close whether in terms of work or personal relationships. Occasionally, when the parents needed to work, their children would be sent to the shelter for tutoring.

Aunt May, who worked at the shelter, could help look after everyone for a few hours. During that time, the kids naturally had to finish their homework.

Everybody was basically middle-class. They didn’t want their children to drop to the bottom level of society.

After being tutored by May for so long, these kids all respected her, but they now reflexively equated reminders from her with doing homework.

Gwen put on the helmet, and then… nothing happened for a long time.

Liz was surprised. “Gwen, you didn’t pass out from shock, did you?”

Peter hurriedly removed the helmet, but Gwen said reluctantly, “Wait, I’m learning something very interesting.”

The kids were silent. …That was right. This was a top student.

While the kids were whispering to each other, Luke was drinking beer with the fathers and uncles.

Adrian, who had been in charge of the Grade A projects at New Hope for a few years, was interested. “Are the raw materials expensive? If we can make them, there’ll definitely be a huge market in movies and games.”

Luke said, “It won’t be too expensive if we readjust the configuration – it’ll still retain function at a rate of 30 to 50%. However, I’m not doing the control program. You have to figure it out yourself.”

Adrian didn’t think much of it. “Let’s make a simplified version first. The requirements for the control program actually aren’t that high. I’ll get Phineas to give it a go later.”

Luke shrugged. “Alright, but what I’m thinking about is a study tool. Shouldn’t you think about entering the education market first to help kids with their studies?”

The fathers and uncles were instantly enlightened. They looked at their children with benevolent expressions. That’s right, games have high requirements. Then, let’s start with the study function first!

Luke cheerfully gulped down his beer. Work hard when you’re young, or you’ll regret it in your old age.

Boys and girls, your big brother is helping you out of the goodness of his heart. You’re welcome!

In fact, this so-called ‘study tool’ was a ‘weaker’ version of the helmet.

The ‘kids’ learning mode’ was for strangers who used the helmet – they could only use it for study.

There was a hidden kids’ mode where the user could go online, but they couldn’t play games or browse inappropriate content, while there were no restrictions in normal mode.

If these two modes were released, there would definitely be a lot of kids who would want to borrow the helmet from Peter, and there would definitely be people who would want to borrow it and not return it.

That was why Luke had uploaded the three grand subjects of math, physics, and chemistry, and created this Iron Man ‘study tool’ to scare these brats.

For little Peter’s sake, Luke had indeed put in a lot of effort.