Chapter 1956: A “Demon” So Bold

After observing for a moment, Luke finally unlocked the glass cabinet and took out the Annabelle doll.

Vaguely, a cold mental energy field enveloped him, and it sounded like a little girl’s laughter was echoing in his ears.

Luke ignored the system notification that said, “Unknown negative energy is trying to establish a link.” He left with the doll and returned to the convent.

Moving through the deep passage again, the cold and damp feeling this time was even more obvious.

Behind him, the shadows were like monsters that had come to life. They twisted and wriggled as they approached him, like insects waiting to swarm its prey.


When he reached the wooden door, it was wide open, but there was no sign of Anna Esseker.

Carrying the doll, Luke walked over to the cross and raised his head.

The person on the cross looked just like an effigy of Jesus. On closer look, however, the face that hung low wasn’t human at all, but that of a monster with an indistinct face and two horns on its forehead.

Luke smiled. “You sure know how to have fun.”

He could only say that the being behind this didn’t know much about current human technology, much less the abilities of Stark Industries, which stood at the peak of human technology.

The dark environment in the room indeed prevented ordinary people from seeing the monster face on the cross, but it didn’t hinder the armor’s scanning function.

Luke had noticed something fishy about the cross the moment he entered.

The next moment, five dark red candles suddenly lit up around him.

Luke lowered his head and saw dark lines on the stone floor under his feet. It was an inverted pentagram.

The five dark red candles were the five points of the pentagram. At that moment, Luke was standing in the center.

The Annabelle doll slowly floated up from his hand to meet his eyes.

An invisible pressure was pressing down on Luke, trying to restrict his movements.

Da! Da! Da!

The sound of footsteps on the stone floor rang out behind Luke.

He slowly turned around and saw an elongated shadow appear on the wall behind him.

It was wearing a long robe and a hood, and looked like a nun.

The shadow moved from the back wall to the left wall, but there was only Luke and Annabelle in the room.

Da! Da! Da! The footsteps continued.

The nun “walked” from the left wall to the front wall. She turned around and faced Luke, overlapping with a black-and-white portrait of a nun that was behind the cross.

Luke, Annabelle, and the nun formed a straight line.

Two pale hands stretched out from behind the portrait.

The old nun in the portrait gave a strange howl, and the image instantly turned from 2D to 3D as she charged at Luke.

As she lunged forward, a cold energy field thick enough to make an ordinary person freeze enveloped her. Luke’s right fingertips moved slightly.


A blade flashed in the dark room.

The hovering doll was cut in half before it could react.

As the doll fell apart, the white-faced nun opened her mouth and howled as she lunged forward.

But just as she did so, she was slashed from the left side of her forehead down to her right rib.

Luke, on the other hand, had already switched positions.

He leaned forward slightly with his legs bent and completed the slash with the longsword in his right hand.

The two parts of the white-faced nun were sent flying left and right, and didn’t touch Luke at all.

The black eyes in the skull mask narrowed, and Luke sneered. “You’re too slow!”


The blade slashed upward from left to right, and the two parts of the doll that were still hovering in the air turned into four parts.

The white-faced nun and the doll were cut into pieces which scattered around him.

A strange little girl’s scream echoed in the room. “Die~~~ You will die!!!”

At the scream, the 30-cm-tall dark red candles at the five points of the inverted pentagram lit up like torches as they exploded with a dazzling blood-red light that enveloped the entire circle.

The originally dark inverted pentagram turned blood-red, then glowed even brighter, like lava.

The bodies of Annabelle and the white-faced nun fused back together and quickly returned to normal.

The doll stared at Luke with a vicious smile.

The white-faced nun, however, prayed in a low and hoarse voice. “My God, please come to us. Whoever dares to challenge you will have their soul returned to you.”

The ground in the middle of the pentagram began to crack.

Dark red flames shot up, and the intense smell of sulfur hit Luke in the face.

Luke took a sniff. Hm, why did this smell… seem a little familiar?

Looking down at the inverted pentagram under his feet, he found it a little strange. This was the symbol of Satan. That person really dared to impersonate him. How bold was this “demon”?

Looking at the four-digit number in the system interface, however, he instantly made up his mind: Who cares who it is? Strike first, talk later!

If you have the guts, come and kill Big Dipper!

He suddenly raised his left palm before bringing it down. The five-digit credit value in the system dropped sharply, and light golden Telekinesis poured out of his palm.

The credit-buffed Telekinesis was a little thicker than the crack in the pentagram under his feet, and it forced its way in roughly.

In less than three seconds, the crack was overwhelmed, and the entire inverted pentagram started to twist and blur.


The entire inverted pentagram suddenly exploded.

The five blood-red candles were instantly turned to dust, and the blood-red light was completely extinguished.

The entire room shook, kicking up dust. A moment later, things quieted down.

The longsword in Luke’s right hand hung at his side as he turned around leisurely.

Looking at the dumbfounded Annabelle and the white-faced nun, the mouth on the skull mask curved into a smile. “There should only be the two of you here now!”

As soon as he said that, he appeared next to the Annabelle doll and grabbed its neck with his left hand. At the same time, he raised the sword in his right hand and cut the white-faced nun in half.

In this room deep in the hill, the little girl screamed and cursed, and the white-faced nun howled.

Luke mumbled to himself, “Is your body made of plastic? Trash.

“You don’t have any blood in your body? You’re trash too.

“After the 16th physical cut, the speed of reassembly and fusion is reduced by 74%. It seems that your energy reserves aren’t much.

“Damage from an enchanted weapon has at least 150% of the expected effect. All evil spirits likely have this weakness, but it’s a bit of a waste of credit points.

“You can move under Mental Interference, but you can’t leave. I’ll equip everyone with this function in the future to prevent them from being possessed.”