"Oh, I forgot. I'll definitely remember for next time," Luke apologized insincerely.

Then, he raised a third finger. "Thirdly, I know how to reject women better than you do. I can even make them think about giving up. You, no!"

Joseph narrowed his eyes in disbelief. "I read as many psychology books as you do. I've also studied hypnosis. That's completely impossible."

I have superpowers, but you don't. Luke chuckled inwardly and said, "You don't believe me? I met Nikki and Monica earlier on. You know that, right?"

Joseph nodded.

Luke took a sip of his tea and said casually, "Then, have they never been interested in me?"

After thinking for a moment, Joseph shook his head helplessly. "The way they mention you so much when we talk definitely means something…"

He paused and stared at his big brother solemnly. "Fine, how can I keep those annoying women away from me? It's best if they never bother me again."

Luke snorted. "The easiest way is to pretend to be ugly. If you hide your baby face, those big sisters won't look for you anymore."

Joseph touched his face helplessly. "But there are already a lot of female seniors who know that I'm so handsome."

Luke took another sip of his tea. "As a smart man, you have to learn to make use of existing resources."

Joseph frowned and immediately thought of using various high-tech products to make himself as good as invisible.

It was so obvious on his face that Luke immediately sensed it. He couldn't help but laugh. "What are you thinking about? I'm talking about Mindy."


Joseph: Are you telling me to get Mindy to pretend to be my girlfriend and beat up those women? That… Hm, that actually sounds like a good idea.

Luke rolled his eyes. "You're overthinking it. You just need to tell Mindy that you have this problem and ask her to help you resolve it."

Joseph was at a loss. "Huh? That will work?"

"Because she knows how to deal with schoolgirls better than you do." Luke took another sip of his tea.

He smiled very smugly at the puzzled expression on his little brother's face.

After entering college, this guy became the stereotypical prodigy who liked to do research, and he became even colder and more detached.

In short, he was acting less and less human.

That was why Mindy made a fuss every now and then and dragged him to continue participating in the 'girl's self-defense club's' daily training.

It wasn't that she liked to act willful, but that she didn't want Joseph to become a reclusive tech shut-in.

Otherwise, Luke wouldn't just be watching all the time, or even secretly supporting her.

As the boss of Ursa Minor, Mindy had good leadership skills which were unique to her.

In setting the groundwork for the group, whatever shortcomings there were, she 'copied' from the Bat Squad's rules and regulations to make up for them.

This proved that Mindy was an excellent administrator.

An outstanding administrator didn't need to do everything themself; it was enough for them to be able to properly allocate resources and achieve their targets.

In this world, not just anyone with a high IQ could be a boss.

Dr. Pym had a high IQ, but was almost a lone wolf.

Thor was reckless and only had muscles in his head, but that didn't stop the generals who worked under him from performing their duties so that all he needed to do was charge forward.

Even Tony had Pepper, who was fully responsible for the daily management of Stark Industries.

Mindy, on the other hand, had Joseph, this tech supervisor + military advisor, but she also had the air of a big sister who had a good personal relationship with her 'siblings.'

Besides, there were some things that were her responsibility to begin with, and Luke couldn't be bothered to interfere.

The room fell silent, and that was the end of their 'after-hours chat.'

The next day, the plan was to take the three sisters out sightseeing.

Selina asked Joseph at breakfast if he wanted to come, and as expected, he replied that he had something on. After a few quick bites, the guy left.

Puzzled, Selina asked Luke in a low voice, "Does he have a problem with Talia and the others taking over the guest room?"

Luke pushed her head away. "He's gone to look for Mindy. It has nothing to do with your sisters."

Selina chuckled and jabbed him in the waist again. "Then tell him to take care of his body"

Luke said, "He's just a kid."

Selina blinked innocently. "That's right. I'm talking about him not hurting himself in combat class."

Luke pushed her head away again in disdain. "Look at your face. I know what you're thinking. How vulgar!"

Selina said indifferently, "It's better than Joseph turning into a dullard."

Luke fell silent.

Just as he and Mindy had noticed, so had Selina.

She had invited Joseph out with them today to get him to open up a bit more, but Joseph was clearly more intent on solving the problem of being harassed by older women.

After breakfast, the four of them left.

The temperature in New York in August was 20 to 28 degrees Celsius, and it rained every three to five days. It was the most pleasant season of the year.

With Selina's two sisters, the most suitable place to go was the trendy boutique stores.

Culture and art weren't as attractive as a dazzling array of clothes, shoes and accessories.

It was a good thing he had asked Selina last night, or she would've taken her sisters to an amusement park to play 'fun' games like the roller coaster or bungee jumping.

Luke had just replied, "Then I would be making breakfast for them for nothing," before she finally gave up on the idea.

Sitting in the men's lounge of the luxury store as an attendant politely served him coffee, Luke couldn't help but praise the store's resourcefulness.

Few people would spend money to suffer.

Practically all boutique stores like this one, which specialized in scamming the rich, provided this sort of thoughtful service to prevent the men and their wallets from being tortured at the same time.

In fact, it was Little Snail that had screened these stores.

Occasionally, he would respond to Talia and Andrea's "How about this one?" with "It's fine" or "It doesn't suit you."

He didn't have to worry about anything else. In any case, it was Selina who was footing the bill.

At noon, the four of them went to a restaurant where they had booked a table for lunch, and also had afternoon tea.

After discussing their 'spoils of war' from shopping, the three sisters went off to put on their new outfits before they visited Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village.

The arch in the park, which looked like a mini Arc de Triomphe, could be considered one of its landmarks. Greenwich Village was also where New York University was located.

It also had one of the three best art colleges in America, along with the USC School of Cinematic Arts and the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.

Talia was about to attend USC and was quite interested in becoming a star, so she wanted to visit this 'mecca.'

Walking through the park, Luke couldn't help but look northwest — the bald female bigshot lived just hundreds of meters away.