Dormammu might have left, but Strange had used the rewind spell many times in the last two days.

If his luck was just a little worse, a super boss might appear immediately.

At that time, wouldn't Earth be destroyed again?

No matter how much Luke wanted experience and credit points, he wouldn't deliberately trigger this sort of 'hell mode.'

He allocated the points he obtained from leveling up to Mental Strength, and could now break through the 140 threshold.

With the increase in the actual coefficient of Mental Strength, he could also better study Advanced Telekinesis.

After allocating the five stat points he obtained at the 20-point mark to Dexterity, which was the lowest, his stats increased to 140 Strength, 126 Dexterity and 140 Mental Strength.

Just as Luke was about to return to his life as a hermit at home, Tony sent him a message to say that he had something good to tell Knight, and to look for him at the underwater villa.

Luke didn't make wild guesses or even refresh the tycoon's list of abilities.

At his current level, few things surprised him anymore – if anything, there were more scary things, like Dormammu.

After heading 500 kilometers southeast over the Atlantic Ocean, Luke dove into the water.

After diving 500 meters, an underwater base which looked a little like a shell appeared in front of him.

This was the underwater villa which Tony had built.

It was over ten times smaller than Phil's underwater base, but it was much faster and had better offensive and defensive mechanisms.

In Tony's own words, he didn't make turtles.

Luke felt that it was purely because Phil's base looked ordinary and was pitch-black.

After sending a request and entering a passage, the outer door sealed shut, and the cabin door opened. Luke stepped into the villa.

Putting the armor away in his inventory, he called out a greeting. "Long time no see, Friday."

Friday's gentle female voice rang out. "It's good to see you again, Mr. Wayne."

Luke asked, "Where's Tony?"

Friday: "Mr. Stark is waiting for you in the lab."

Luke nodded helplessly. "Did he ask you to prepare wine?"

Friday: "No. Mr. Stark has been working continuously for 18 hours and 43 minutes."

Luke got it.

Tony didn't drink at all when he was working. He only drank a little when he was done and was ready to take a break.

Friday guided him to the workshop on the bottom floor of the villa.

Like the Malibu villa, the tycoon used the upper floors for sightseeing and relaxing with his wife and daughter. Only a place like the bottom floor which didn't see the light of day was suitable for him to work in seclusion.

Fine, it was impossible that there would be no light here.

There was plenty of light in the workshop, and the brightness could be adjusted at any time for rest or work.

When Luke entered, he saw Tony operating a virtual keyboard at the workbench as he quickly refreshed the data.

He didn't want to beat around the bush. "Alright, what is it?"

Tony turned around on the bar stool and looked at him smugly. "Watch carefully."

As he spoke, he picked up a roughly triangular object that glowed with a light blue light from the workbench and pressed it to his chest.

Silver nanomaterial spread out from the triangular object and quickly covered his body.

The nanomaterial that covered his body quickly turned from silver to red with symmetrical golden stripes.

In less than five seconds, a complete suit appeared in front of Luke.

Luke's eyes lit up. "You've completed the external nano armor?"

With a thought, Tony's helmet pulled back to reveal his proud expression. "No, it's already a perfect whole. There's no difference between the internal and external armor."

Luke wasn't interested in quibbling with him.

The inner armor that Luke was talking about was for everyday use, which could still provide enough protection without drawing attention.

If he transformed the way Tony did, he would be surrounded by spectators.

It was like the difference between smartphones and satellite phones: Although their basic function was to make calls, the purpose of each of their use was different.

There was no big difference between the two; it just came down to what they were required for.

Luke observed for a moment before he pointed upward. "Go out and take it for a spin. There's no meaning in just reading the data."

Tony's eyes flickered. "Okay, you said it."

A moment later, they flew out of the ocean and headed toward the gray clouds in the northwest.

Tony pulled ahead of Luke a bare moment after they left.

There were preset designs in this nano armor which could be activated at any time; it didn't take more than a second for a multi-winged thruster to take shape on the back of the armor.

In addition, the soles of his feet put together could create a huge thrust which gave him a burst of speed.

Looking at Tony, who had disappeared into the distance, and hearing the tycoon's smug laughter, Luke couldn't help but shake his head with a smile. It seemed that his armor was indeed going to be completely left behind.

Tony's nano armor basically encompassed most of the strengths of his previous suits, and didn't have any obvious shortcomings.

Also, his technology wasn't based on vibranium, and he had been able to produce the raw materials on his own.

Thinking this, Luke arrived at the test site which Tony had chosen.

There were basically no signs of human habitation in the low rolling hills here; there was only a light drizzle and rustling bushes.

Standing in a fairly flat meadow, Tony rubbed his hands together. "Come, let's hurry up and test the new armor."

Although his face was covered by the helmet and his mental fluctuations were blocked by the armor, Luke could guess what this guy was up to.

Clearly, the tycoon was feeling arrogant once more thanks to this powerful new armor.

Luke nodded. "Okay, bring it."

Tony said, "Then here I come."

He lunged at Luke and punched him.

Luke dodged to the side, but Tony had seen it coming, and kicked him.

His normal foot suddenly grew several times larger to cover half of Luke's body, making it impossible for Luke to dodge.

Luke raised his arms to block.


The enormous force sent Luke flying.

The jet thruster on Tony's back allowed him to nimbly change directions and speed up. He turned around in the air and lunged at Luke again.

When he got close, the armor on his hand turned into a long staff and lashed out.

Rolling in the air, Luke kicked the staff away with one foot as flames burst out from the other. He immediately spun back around.

The staff in Tony's hand suddenly expanded to create a shield to block Luke's spinning kick.

Tony was about to counterattack, when he realized that Luke had landed on the ground and wasn't chasing him.

Cursing inwardly at how sly Luke was, he said, "So? My new armor is pretty good, right?"

Watching the shield melt back into Tony's arm brace, Luke nodded affirmatively. "It's not just pretty good, it's very strong."

Why hadn't he given chase just now? Because a nanosuit with the ability to transform indeed didn't have any shortcomings.

It would be very hard for him to make the tycoon do a split in the air, like he had done a long time ago.