If he killed Thanos and solved this 'known' problem, would an even bigger 'unknown' problem pop up?

In order to save people, the Avengers in 2023 had used the same move as Thanos in 2014.

Luke couldn't guarantee that there wouldn't be a backlash if he went to another 2023 through the Quantum Realm and came back to 'modify the plot.'

It made sense that the bigger the cheat, the more severe the backlash.

Also, there had been too many 'world-destroying' events in the last two years. It was very unlikely that he could completely stop the situation from developing.

Compared with those old monsters who had almost infinite lifespans, Luke felt that what he needed the most was more time to arrange everything.

At that moment, Robert and Catherine brought Cindy to New York.

Cindy was already 11 years old. She had graduated elementary school early, and was coming to New York to attend middle school.

Claire wanted to trick her little sister into going to Los Angeles, but Cindy rejected her with disdain because her big sister was too weak.

Claire was lost for words.

Her mysterious old man had 'left' a few years ago. He said that Claire was already an adult, and that he was going to look for a new 'chosen one.'

Without the old man's support, she really couldn't defeat the talented Cindy.

Luke didn't object to Cindy coming to New York.

While it couldn't be said that the situation at night in New York was stable, almost all the violent, professional gangs had been eliminated in the last few years.

What was left was basically pure 'businessmen' who dealt more in corruption than harming civilians.

After all, illegal drugs were very expensive in New York, and robbing their peers was more profitable than robbing civilians.

Also, the Bat Squad didn't care if gang members stole from each other, but would deal with criminals who hurt civilians.

It made sense for Cindy to study in the safest city in America.

On top of that, Luke and Joseph were both in New York, which was the most important reason.

Luke was a good fighter and could teach her a lot of things.

Joseph couldn't beat her, but he was smart and was willing to help her modify various toys.

In comparison, apart from being a little rich, her big sister, Claire, wasn't good at fighting and wasn't smart enough.

Cindy, who was smart and good at fighting, refused to hang out with this sort of sister who wasn't motivated.

The moment she saw Luke, she cheered and jumped on him.

Luke hugged his precious sister with a smile. A younger sister was still cuter.

Claire? Although she still looked like she was in her early twenties, she was actually already 30. She wouldn't play such childish games with Luke anymore.

Then, he hugged Catherine, who looked like she was in her thirties, and looked at Robert. "Now that the little troublemaker is here, you can relax. Any plans to travel?"

Robert rubbed Cindy's head helplessly.

Compared with the overly smart and reserved Joseph, little Cindy really was a little angel.

As for tearing down the house or whatever, that was a small problem.

In any case, there were a lot of things at home that she could take apart.

Alas, Cindy was indeed smarter than her big sister.

The reason they had been able to put off her graduating from primary school was because she wanted to play for two more years. Otherwise, she could have come to middle school at ten years old.

Looking at Cindy get off her big brother and then jump to Joseph's side to cling to his neck, Robert could only admit that the little angel had grown up.

Robert simply shook his head at Luke's question. "We'll stay in New York for a while. We'll think about it after she enters school."

This daughter fanatic just wanted to spend more time with his daughter, but Luke didn't expose him. He nodded and said, "Alright, it's been a while since you've been there. It's good to stay for a few more days."

The family returned to the seaside villa in Nassau County, and Claire also came back.

She and Stacy traveled around the world all year round, and she held mini concerts and fansigns every now and then.

Hence, she spent the least time with her family.

Because of what happened at the Hong Kong Sanctum a few days ago, the entire family had evacuated to space.

Taking advantage of this family reunion, Luke had to explain what happened.

While Luke was telling Robert and Catherine about it, his siblings had already gone off to play.

The 30-year-old Claire was still far from mature; the moment she arrived, she went to provoke her little brother and sister.

Unfortunately, this wasn't ten years ago.

She couldn't beat an 11-year-old girl in a physical fight. As for using her brain... She didn't have the guts to compare with Joseph, who had already obtained three doctorates.

The only thing she had was her shamelessness.

Joseph really couldn't do anything about his big sister. He didn't feel a sense of accomplishment even if he bullied her.

Cindy, on the other hand, was even more of a brat. She quickly pulled Claire into the training room and had Joseph act as a witness.

Claire cried for help, but the three elders pretended not to hear her.

Just like that, she was dragged away. After she took a beating, she had to seize the chance to cry and complain that her little sister didn't respect her as a big sister.

That night, the doorbell rang.

Luke welcomed the man in the black suit at the door with a smile. "Alright, Phil, there's a block on surveillance here. It's very safe. Don't use this face to meet them."

The man in black removed the Thousand Faces System to reveal Phil's face. "I already obtained information on what happened at the Hong Kong Sanctum. Why did I need to come here to discuss it?"

Luke hugged him and said, "It's a family gathering. Don't worry, Drax didn't come since he didn't want to fly. You don't have to be afraid of him."

"He has reason to scold me." Phil shook his head helplessly, but there was happiness in his eyes.

He had been too busy with work all these years to consider personal matters at all.

Luke's place was safe, and it was one of the few family gatherings he dared attend.

Also, for someone like him who didn't have kids, it was a pleasure to watch Joseph and Cindy grow up healthy.

Forget Luke. This guy had grown enough to be able to protect Phil, and it was very easy to feel defeated.

Of course, Robert had even more complicated feelings in this regard.

During dinner, Phil watched the three younger siblings.

Luke had become increasingly steady over the years, which made other people feel increasingly ordinary.

Claire was still as much of a monkey as ever.

In contrast, Joseph was making crazy progress in his studies, and now wore black-rimmed glasses.

Thanks to the height he inherited from Robert, he didn't look like a 'nerd.'

Under Mindy's supervision, his stamina and combat training were above average, and he was tall and slim.

Apart from the fact that he wasn't too talkative, Joseph was also a man who was very popular with the ladies.

Lastly, there was the little angel, Cindy, whom Phil paid the most attention to. She was only 11, but was already close to Claire in height.

Compared with her petite big sister, Cindy had long legs and long arms; she already had the potential to become a fighter.

Relying on the fact that she was stronger than Claire, she often suppressed her big sister until the latter cried out.

It was a little 'barbaric,' but Phil liked it.

It was like Drax said: Coulson kids should be more 'wild.'