The next day, Cindy excitedly dragged Claire and Joseph to Luke's place.

Of course, she would be the only one who lived here.

Joseph had moved out a year ago, saying that it would make it easier for him to go to school and study.

Luke pretended that he had never seen Joseph come out of the house that was under Mindy's name in the morning.

His little brother was very mature. It was already very good of him to hold back until he was 18.

When Cindy arrived at Luke's place, she lunged at Gold Nugget and grabbed its dog face. "Gold Nugget, tell me, do you not love me anymore? Why didn't you come to see me yesterday?"

"Huh?" The dog head was dumbfounded.

But its nose twitched reflexively, and it remembered that troublesome, naughty little sister.

After spending another second to verify the little girl's round, smiling face, Gold Nugget despaired. It was over. Its beautiful family life was over!

The truth wasn't as serious as it thought.

Cindy, who had grown up, had already learned to restrain herself, and wouldn't chase Gold Nugget around for half a day like when she was young.

After Selina came downstairs, Cindy abandoned the dog head without a thought and went over to act spoiled.

Hm, it wasn't because Director Selina was nice, but purely because Cindy had been beaten by Selina ever since she was young.

In this regard, Cindy and Claire were in the same boat.

Luke was too strong, and he didn't want his siblings to become unlucky. If that happened, he would need to find an excuse to gamble with them and lose in order to turn their luck around.

Thus, Selina had always been their combat teacher.

Selina believed in Luke's 'more training, less bloodshed' mantra, and had thrashed these two a lot.

In any case, one was a monkey and the other was a brat, and neither were afraid of being beaten up.

Also, they could find many reasons for why they couldn't beat Luke, such as the fact that Luke was a boy and had been strong earlier on.

They had no excuse for not being able to beat Selina.

Selina was also a girl, and she started far later than Luke.

She had only gotten stronger after she left Shackelford with Luke. She was only a few years older than Claire, and wasn't as talented as Cindy.

Selina was very strict about their training, but she didn't put on airs with them. She could be considered half a best friend to Claire and a big sister to Cindy.

Girls always had a lot of secrets that they couldn't share with men, including their father and brothers.

There were some things that Luke knew about but it wouldn't be nice for him to do anything. Selina, who was capable and reliable, was undoubtedly a good choice.


After Cindy moved into Luke's place, the house became more lively.

Thankfully, Luke had enough clones, and he hung around at home every day, which didn't affect his daily research and earning of points.

When the weather was good, the entire family had a barbecue on the rooftop. Stacy and Mindy had also attended a few times as 'family.'

After that, Mindy dragged Cindy out to play.

As part of the 'second generation' of the Justice League, Mindy had already been interested in Cindy a few years ago.

But Cindy had still been beating up primary school kids in Texas at the time, and Mindy had nothing to work with.

Now that Cindy was in New York for middle school, they got along like a house on fire.

Also, she and Cindy had Joseph in common.

Compared with Joseph, who only fought during training or in self-defense, the girls had a lot more in common.

With Cindy around, Director Selina was happy to leave the admin work to her subordinates and take Mindy and Cindy around New York.

Good food, hoodlums, and fun things to do – they took Cindy to experience these things one by one.

Luke and Joseph, on the other hand, became a lot more free.

It wasn't until 1 April 2017 that Luke received a piece of 'dumb' news — there was a copy of Spiderman running around.

What was even more shocking was that it was a female version of Spiderman.

Speechless, Luke paused the news on TV and looked at Selina. "You made her a suit?"

Director Selina rolled her eyes. "I'm just an idle private detective. Why would I make that for her? Ask your brother."

Luke clicked his tongue and sent Joseph a message.

Ten minutes later, Joseph drove over. After he went upstairs, he didn't waste any time. "She asked me to make a web shooter for her to play with, but that suit... is probably a cosplay sample which Mindy asked me to make."

Luke and Selina: ...You young people sure know how to have fun! You were actually thinking about cosplaying the female version of Spiderman for a long time.

It was sudden, but it wasn't a big deal.

After confirming the source of his little sister's cosplay props, Luke decisively pushed the responsibility to his little brother. "Since you're the one who caused this, you'll be the one to give Cindy safety training."

Joseph's face fell. Him again? Fine, it really was his fault this time.

After all, he hadn't been able to resist his little sister acting spoiled, and had given her a web shooter!

If this thing wasn't such a good copy, Cindy wouldn't have put on Mindy's black and white female version of the Spider suit.

Although part of this was Mindy's fault, that was the same as saying it was his fault.

Thankfully, Mindy had already added the Thousand Faces System to the female version of the Spider suit, so no one would target Cindy.

When Joseph gave Cindy safety training, he just needed to explain some things that she needed to pay attention to in New York. Given how smart she was, the training didn't take long.

While Luke was calm, Peter was dumbfounded.

Looking at the female version of Spiderman who flew around the city in a relaxed and unrestrained manner, he was stunned for a long time. He couldn't help but look at the calendar. "This is an April Fools' joke, right?"

But when he went to school the next day, he didn't feel good.

Passing through the main hallway in school, he heard the students discussing it every now and then. "That Spidergirl is so cool."

"The black and white color combo is pretty good. Especially that bit of pink... Oh~~ it's so girly."

"Now that you mention it, Spiderman's red and blue combo is indeed a little lame."

"Pfft, you just want a Spidergirl."

"So what? Better than a fat aunt like you!"

"B*stard, dream on! Spidergirl would never like a scumbag like you."

"Just because you're not my type, you can't take it?"

Peter shook his head and dismissed the weird conversation between a couple of students in one corner. He felt like he was about to collapse — I don't want to turn into a girl!

No, that wasn't right! How could Spiderman turn into a girl? His thoughts in disarray, Peter walked into the classroom.

His best friend, Ned, came over excitedly and winked at him. "Heh, did you hear? Spiderman turned into Spidergirl."

Alarmed, Peter hurriedly raised his hands to cover this guy's mouth.

It would be too awkward if Ned, in his excitement, asked him what it was like to turn into Spidergirl.

During class, Peter stopped Ned several times from asking about Spidergirl.

It was during the lunch break that Peter finally dragged this d*mn fatty to a secluded corner.

A moment later, Ned was stupefied. "Huh? So 'she' wasn't actually you in drag?"