When he heard what his friend said, Peter was incredulous. "Why would I dress like that?"

"Wait, don't move." Ned took out his phone and pulled up a few photos that he had saved. He raised them to Peter's level and compared them several times.

Finally, he nodded regretfully. "It really wasn't you. You're shorter than her, your legs aren't as long, and your waist isn't as small..."

Peter's face darkened, and he turned around and left. You still haven't given up, you b*stard!

Ned looked at the photos again. "Hm, fine. Your butt isn't as perky either."

Then, he stared at the Spidergirl in the photo, and his eyes lit up. "If she's not my friend, I can be her fan, right? Hm, I think Marco said that he wants to set up a Spidergirl fan club?"

Peter's glum mood didn't last long.

He was a magnanimous person, and wouldn't be unhappy just because a girl was cosplaying him.

Besides, this Spidergirl was doing good deeds. It was just that... well, she was a little violent.

Peter preferred to tie up the thieves and leave them to the police.

NYPD was very familiar with this standard procedure. After all, the Bat Squad had been doing this for many years.

It was just that the Bat Squad basically only attacked violent criminals, and were more ruthless.

Em... Wait, something didn't seem right. A thought flashed through Peter's mind. That was right, doing good + being ruthless – it was obvious!

If the girl was from the Bat Squad, it would be very normal for her to have a web shooter. Luke realized that the bigshot who sold everything had bought a lot of web material from him through Mr. Stark.

With the web, did the bigshot have to worry about not being able to find a web shooter?

Relieved, Peter went home in the afternoon, found the special phone that the bigshot had sent to him, and sent a question.

Less than five seconds later, he received a reply.

Peter opened the message. "The user is on file. If it has a negative impact on Mr. Spiderman, we'll send someone to deal with it. We will make sure that it doesn't interfere with your normal life."

Peter was relieved to see that the reply was automatically deleted five seconds later.

This message was the bigshot's promise, and the bigshot's promise was absolutely reliable.

Now, the only thing he needed to worry about was b*stard Ned's existence.

This person had made Peter extremely uncomfortable today.

If he were Luke, he would probably say: I treat you like a f*cking brother, but you want to see me crossdress?


On the other side, Joseph was sitting in a chair with an indifferent expression.

Dressed in a neat and clean casual suit, not a single strand of his slicked-back hair was out of place, and his legs were crossed.

Seeing Mindy walk in, he gestured for her to close the door.

Mindy closed the door and walked over to him. "You want to talk about Cindy, right? I want to rope her in. What do you think?"

Joseph nodded calmly. "She's my sister. I know very well what she's capable of."

Hearing that, Mindy smiled ingratiatingly and sat down with her arms around his neck. "So, you agree?"

Joseph shook his head. "I don't care who you want to rope in, but you can't proactively seek out Cindy and guide her."

Mindy rolled her eyes. "Okay, I promise I won't seek her out."

Joseph finally sighed. "Don't play word games with me. I was the one who taught you that."

Mindy didn't feel guilty at being exposed. Instead, she whispered in his ear, "Then, do you have any other 'games' you want to teach me?"

Joseph grabbed her shoulders and put her in front of him. Their eyes met. "Then you have to remember not to interfere in the lives of my family members, even if you think it's for their own good."

Mindy frowned. "This isn't interfering..."

Joseph let go of her and shook his head. "Luke never interfered with me."

Mindy wasn't convinced. "He asked me to supervise your combat training every day."

Joseph said, "To ensure that I'm healthy. Did he ever say I have to beat you or kill some criminal?"

Mindy was lost for words. That... really wasn't the case.

Joseph wasn't bad at combat, but he was far inferior to her. After all, he wasn't interested in actual combat.

When Mindy talked to Luke about increasing Joseph's training, the answer she got was, "It's fine as long as he's healthy and has some self-defense skills. In any case, he makes a living with his brain."

Joseph pressed his advantage. "Claire is stronger than you, right? Still, Luke's requirements for her training back then were the same as mine, and it's the same for Cindy; the reason they're good at fighting is because they're more talented than I am, or because they're interested in it."

"Fine. In any case, I can't outtalk you." Mindy curled her lip. "But I've already given Cindy the suit. I can't take it back, right?"

Joseph didn't think much of it. "If she likes it, she can keep it for fun. That is also her freedom."

Mindy's eyes lit up. "Really?"

Joseph looked at her helplessly. "As long as Cindy doesn't want to become a bad guy, it's up to her whether she wants to be an ordinary person, a celebrity, a fighter, a scientist, or a superhero."

Pleased, Mindy kissed his forehead. "You're really smart."

Joseph was unmoved. "Cindy is only 11. My family won't allow her to join Ursa Minor until she's 16."

Mindy was vexed. "I fought alongside V when I was 11."

Joseph touched her head sympathetically. "That's why your father is letting you do whatever you want now."

Mindy snorted and slapped his hand away. "I'm all grown up. I don't need him to give in to me."

Then, she nimbly turned around and straddled Joseph as she looked down at him. "Little brother, it's time for you to let me do whatever I want, like play a little game..."

As she spoke, she lowered her head.

Joseph was lost for words. This isn't combat training. Why do you always like to be on top?


Mindy dragged Joseph off to play. After that, he mustered what strength he had left to talk to his little sister, Cindy.

After that, Spidergirl didn't disappear, but she was no longer caught on camera as often.

Luke didn't bother with it.

Mindy had at least one third of the PDD's resources and connections. She was also the leader of Ursa Minor, and had Joseph to help her.

If his little sister wasn't well taken care of, it could be considered a waste of years of training.

He cared even less about Peter's reaction.

It wasn't like Cindy was pretending to be Spiderman. She had just created a female cosplay version.

Batman already had a diehard cosplayer like the Dark Knight as his successor. Could Spiderman object to Spidergirl doing good?

So, with the connivance of both her big brothers, Cindy was very happy to familiarize herself with New York before school started.

Peter met her a few times during this period.

After Peter caught up to her, they chatted awkwardly for a few minutes, before Cindy took the initiative to say goodbye.

This teenage chatterbox was a lot to handle – it was better for her to flee.