That these meetings were nothing out of the ordinary was thanks to the trustworthy people who talked to Peter and Cindy respectively.

It was now an unspoken rule in the superhero world not to investigate the real identities of unfamiliar superheroes.

After the Sokovia Accords, this rule, which was a tradition in the Bat Squad to begin with, gradually spread and earned unanimous approval.

Those who could investigate the real identities of others might be labeled government lackeys.

The government, which had always been high-handed toward superhumans, had long lost their trust.

Except for a minority who were happy to be government dogs, the majority chose to keep a low profile.

Some of the superhumans who had been uncovered were under government surveillance, some were arrested, and most disappeared without a trace.

Some were experimented on by unrepentant secret organizations, and the rest naturally fell into the hands of the Justice League, New SHIELD or the Avengers.

The three leaders, who were close to each other, had already reached a tacit agreement and were starting to go into semi-hiding.

They would gather superhumans and gradually groom trustworthy core members. Those who couldn't be trusted would be dispersed among the peripheral agencies.

Learning from Hydra SHIELD, however, there were very few core members in the three organizations.

Even New SHIELD, which had the largest number of people, didn't have more than 100 core members; Strike force members were basically military staff from the peripheral agencies.

Luke would also help New SHIELD and the Avengers screen and inspect their members for free to prevent bribes from being taken or government moles being recruited.

Since this was a free service, it was a must that he obtained a list of these people's abilities while he was at it.

As the number of superhumans increased, there were also many ways to hide from his mental abilities.

Some moles didn't even know that they were moles; their minds had just been tampered with.

When Luke checked their list of abilities, he could see a lot of problems.

For example, a certain person who firmly believed that he was a teacher actually had anti-reconnaissance, infiltration and intelligence-gathering abilities.

Luke couldn't rule out the possibility that this was some amnesiac agent who had switched tracks to become a teacher, but it was more likely that this was a new trick the government was pulling.

Under the seemingly calm waters was probably an abyss that ate people without spitting out their bones.

Naturally, good things came to those with good intentions.

Luke wasted time helping his allies clean up, and unknowingly obtained a lot of abilities.

Although most of the abilities couldn't directly increase the upper limit of Luke's combat prowess, they gradually filled in the gaps and shortcomings in his abilities.

Upgrading from a hexagon on his radar chart of combat skills to a round circle one day wasn't a dream.

So, Luke was very busy.

When Cindy came home for dinner everyday, they would chat with her for a while to make sure that their little sister was fine.

Cindy was still too young to realize that her two brothers were protecting her.

She was still immersed in the fun of new toys and games, and even asked Luke a very important question. "Luke, don't you think Spiderman's mask is ugly?"

Before Luke could reply, Selina gave a thumbs up to indicate that she agreed.

As a straight-man techie, Luke still had some integrity. He carefully recalled the suit which the tycoon had made for little Spidey before he nodded affirmatively. "That's right. He has no taste at all. The maker is definitely a flashy person."

"Huh?" Cindy was at a loss. I just think it's ugly. What does that have to do with being flashy?

But for the sake of her goal, she did her best to bring the discussion back to the main point. "That's right. That mask is too ugly for a girl. What would look better?"

Luke got it.

His little sister was indifferent to the spider-faced mask.

After all, she wasn't a real Spiderman fan, not to mention she wasn't like Peter, whose genetic mutation had been caused by a spider bite.

Naturally, a girl's priority was to look good.

That included Director Selina, whose priority with every new generation of the Bastet Armor was its appearance.

Its functions weren't important; in any case, Luke wouldn't give her subpar stuff. However, Luke's taste as a straight man was a big problem which there was no solution for.

Watching a certain straight man ponder as he ate, Selina couldn't help but say, "At the very least, a girl can't be bald, right?"

The siblings nodded in realization. "That's right."

Luke, however, immediately followed up with his speculation. "Hair is too long and can get in the way when you're moving. How about... a helmet with short hair?"

Cindy frowned. This suggestion... It was an eye-searing image.

Selina glared at Luke speechlessly. Can't you see that your sister has shoulder-length hair?

She could only come up with a new proposal. "You can use nanomaterial to simulate the effect of hair. In any case, it's not like you're using it in battle. Even if it's a little more fragile and breaks off, it's fine."

Luke accepted this proposal. After all, when it came to lack of hair, he had some concerns as well.

It was just that men and women were different when it came to the length of the hair.

Cindy nodded quickly, afraid that her brother would suggest something like a crew cut. At the same time, she gestured at her face. "And the face?"

Luke gave up trying, and Cindy was pretty much the same. Both siblings looked at Selina.

Selina ate a huge mouthful of fried rice and fell into deep thought.

The siblings didn't disturb her as they ate.

It had always been Luke's philosophy to leave professional matters to the professionals.

Not only had Cindy inherited the Coulson family's aggression, her aesthetics weren't any better than Luke's. However, a woman's love of beauty was intense.

She couldn't count on her big brother. Her second brother, who liked to wear black, white and gray, was also hopeless. Her second sister, who was a celebrity, was too over the top when it came to style – Cindy could only rely on Selina.

Thinking for a moment, Selina suddenly opened the virtual screen and sketched out a mask.

Luke was lost for words. Why did it look so much like that person from Naruto? Hm, it was that character called Kakashi.

The difference was that Kakashi wore a headband and a mask which covered the lower half of his face, while Selina was actually sketching a full face mask.

There was a black headband on the top, silver-white lenses for the eyes, and a bright red mask on the bottom.

Selina adjusted the hair. "You can choose between shoulder-length hair and a ponytail. That should be enough."

Luke nodded in agreement. "Hm, it's not hard to make."

Cindy said, "Hm, this looks cool."

Then, the siblings looked at each other for one moment before they silently looked away.

They were both people who had no aesthetic taste.

In any case, there was someone else to help solve the problem. One of them would consider the technology, and the other would choose whether or not to accept it.

Cindy, who had gotten the blueprint for the new mask, ate dinner in a haste and was in a hurry to contact her second brother, Joseph.

Luke, Selina and the dog head were left at the dining table to revitalize themselves.

After making sure that Cindy had returned to her bedroom upstairs, Selina nudged Luke with her elbow. "She's not in middle school yet. If you let her play like this, Mindy will definitely pull her into the younger team when she comes of age."

Luke shrugged. "If I say she's not allowed, do you think she won't do it? Let her be. I'll cover for her."