Just as Cindy settled down in New York, Wakanda opened to the world.

However, this was mainly Wakanda interacting with the outside world; it was basically impossible for anyone to travel to or live there.

Even if T'Challa's thinking was more progressive, it was impossible for Wakanda, which had been closed off for thousands of years, to open up so quickly. That wouldn't be a good thing.

The country sent out a lot of people, and most of them were medical and welfare specialists.

The first thing Wakanda did was to provide support to Tanzania, Uganda and Congo around it.

Clearly, Wakanda wanted to control the political situation in the surrounding countries to avoid being stabbed in the back by Europe and America.

Luke agreed with this approach.

For countries, benefits were paramount.

No one would acknowledge you as a brother just because you gave them some meager alms.

Only when there were enough mutual benefits to bind parties together would there be room to maneuver.

Wakanda didn't lack skilled combatants to begin with.

Their vibranium technology was also much better than what Europe and America had. What they lacked was influence over the people at the bottom.

They would start with medical treatment and welfare. They had to control the bottom rung of the African community, which they had lacked contact with in the past, and then use enough military force to protect it.

It would be hard for other countries then to create conflict and topple the ruling party.

If the other side wanted to create an opposing faction, Wakanda could use their advanced military strength to take care of the leader, then push out a pro-Wakanda person.

As long as the bottom rung of society didn't fall into chaos, a few greedy guys jumping out would just be sending themselves to their deaths.

Luke had even used Knight to propose a joint cooperation.

It wasn't convenient for T'Challa to take action himself, but Knight could do it for him — especially when it came to those rebels or military intelligence organizations that manufactured conflict.

Killing scum like these would earn him thousands or even tens of thousands of experience and credit points.

Luke couldn't wait for the soft-hearted king to leave it to him.

However, there was one person who was an exception to the way Wakanda interacted with the outside world: Shuri.

After this Wakandan princess saw Luke's Thousand Faces System, she quickly made one for herself and went to Oakland, California.

Her brother had already bought the apartment building that her uncle had lived in when he was studying abroad, as well as the buildings on the left and right, to be Wakanda's American agency in the future.

Oakland was close to San Francisco and not far from Silicon Valley, and was very suitable for academic exchanges.

If she wanted to find Knight, she could fly a private plane to New York. In any case, the Wakandan fighter plane had good stealth technology.

After Shuri officially settled down in America, Luke 'accidentally' leaked her profile to Mindy.

Strictly speaking, Shuri could be considered a female version of Iron Man.

She was the one who had modified T'Challa's Black Panther armor, which included nanotechnology, the absorption and release of kinetic energy, and so on.

Given such a genius, Mindy should be able to draw the princess in with her enthusiasm – Luke couldn't have her constantly focusing on Cindy.


Sure enough, Mindy was distracted by Shuri after that.

This Wakandan princess was a female version of Iron Man. She was 17 years old and could already be considered an adult.

She was also a hardcore fan of Knight, and wasn't opposed to joining Ursa Minor.

What Mindy didn't know was that Luke had privately told Shuri that her identity was a little sensitive, and that she shouldn't join Ursa Minor for the time being; they could just be friends.

Mindy was let down by the princess's refusal.

Shuri simply gave her reason for it.

After hearing that, Mindy went home to consult her military advisor.

Operating the virtual screen, Joseph said casually, "She has too many benefits and resources on her. You're so proactive, of course you would look suspicious."

Mindy was surprised. "Would our Justice League covet her resources?"

Joseph sighed and saved the content on the screen. He spread his arms. "I'm not sure if the bigshot and Knight would be envious, but if it were me, I definitely would be."

Mindy was lost for words.

Neither she nor Joseph was short of money, nor were they interested in it.

What he envied was probably Wakanda's technology and materials.

She asked tentatively, "Vibranium? Or her skills?"

Joseph said, "My current research is related to a study on the properties of vibranium, as proposed by Shuri. What do you think?"

Mindy said regretfully, "It seems I can only get to know her first."

Joseph said, "Think about it. Why didn't Knight mention this to T'Challa?"

Mindy was unhappy. "I'm looking for members of Ursa Minor. Do I need to rely on Knight for help with that?"

Joseph raised his hands in surrender. "Fine, you have a point. Knight is old, after all, and it wouldn't be nice for him to recruit a young lady like Shuri. It's all up to you."

Mindy patted his shoulder in satisfaction. "That's right, little brother. Keep it up."

Joseph gave a fake smile. "Hehe."


In September, it started to turn cold in New York.

It was a rare sunny day, and the streets were crowded.

Luke was walking down the street with his little sister, Cindy. He wanted to get her some new clothes for the start of school.

Although his little sister had already gone around New York with Selina and Mindy, and had bought a lot of clothes, he was buying her a gift this time, so he could only come out himself.

Cindy bounced up and down in front of him. She turned her head or stepped back to chat with Luke every now and then, but never bumped into any passers-by.

This was thanks to her keen senses from cultivating the Kunlun Chi Refining Technique for a long time.

Suddenly, Luke stopped and looked at a street corner diagonally opposite.

Cindy reacted quickly and immediately stopped. She followed Luke's gaze, and her mouth dropped open as her eyes lit up. "Luke, is that Thor? Is that Thor, the God of Thunder?"

Luke hummed in response, and Cindy immediately gave him her phone and dragged him across the street. "Hurry up. Grandpa told me a lot about him. I have to take a photo with him this time."

Luke didn't know whether to laugh or cry. As he walked, he asked, "What did Drax say?"

She replied casually, "He said that Thor and his brother wrecked half his house."

Cindy had an excited expression on her face at that moment. Those who didn't know better would think that Thor and his brother were big tycoons who had given Drax a house.

Across the street, Thor and Loki looked at the ruins in front of them and the excavator that was moving construction debris.

Both brothers had their arms crossed and looked like they were deep in thought.

A moment later, Loki glanced at his fuming brother and coughed. "I swear, I left him here."

Thor said, "Here on the sidewalk, or in that demolished building? Perhaps I should look in that truck. Maybe he just happened to be shoveled in. Great planning."

Loki shrugged sheepishly.

Recalling Thor's temper, however, he quickly argued, "How was I supposed to know? I'm not a wizard. I can't see into the future."

Thor: "Then what's going on with you now?"

Loki: ???

Thor: "I can't believe you're alive. I watched you die in my arms. I mourned for you. I cried for you..."

Loki glanced at him. "I'm honored."