If Luke hadn't been turned to dust then, he could do what the Avengers had done in 2023, and create a Quantum Tunnel.

With the Pym Particle, his clone, and his various abilities, he would definitely be able to collect all the Stones and do the Snap.

Save people first, deal with the backlash later.

If he was the one who died, and most of the Justice League and the Avengers were dead, the chances of the rescue plan succeeding probably might not even reach one in 14 million.

Thus, Luke could only do his best to lower the risk of a backlash as much as possible, and wouldn't give Thanos a real chance to succeed.

He had already killed this guy in 2023. Now that he had boosted his strength, there was a good chance he could send Thanos packing.

As he was thinking that, the car arrived at 177a Bleecker Street.

In the eyes of Luke and Thor, the New York Sanctum was just an ordinary, inconspicuous building.

Unless they were extraordinary individuals, or the Sorcerer Supreme permitted them entry, ordinary people couldn't even see this building.

They went to the door, and Thor knocked.

Just as he was about to knock a second time, the scene in front of them changed, and they were suddenly standing inside the building.

Luke rolled his eyes and looked at Strange.

Strange nodded. "Hello, Bruce. I know you brought him here in passing. So, shall I have a chat with him first?"

"I just had time on my hands. Don't mind me." Luke raised his hands to indicate that Strange could do as he pleased, and hid all his thoughts in Real Dream so that the new Sorcerer Supreme wouldn't notice.

After his Mental Strength reached 140, Luke could even put himself under self-hypnosis.

As long as the purpose of his operation was sealed off beforehand, no one would be able to read his thoughts when he carried it out.

If someone else used a similar tactic, Luke wouldn't be able to sense their purpose unless he noticed the other party's intent to block off their thoughts first.

This was a trick which Luke had developed to deal with a wizard like Strange, or with some other mental abilities.

After he used it on himself in particular, anyone who wanted to break through the system's defense and pry into the depths of his consciousness would definitely have bad luck.

Of course, Strange could be considered an ally, and wouldn't do that.

If he really did something so shameless, Luke didn't mind exposing him.

If the other party still dared to continue, he could only be an enemy.

Luke didn't pry into the private affairs of his friends and family, because he didn't want to cross a line.

A person who specialized in digging into other people's privacy and not giving up even after being exposed wasn't worthy of being his ally.

On the other side, Strange had already teleported Thor upstairs.

After becoming Sorcerer Supreme and understanding the Sanctum, he was a god here.

Thor, the God of Thunder, was highly immune to magic to begin with, but he was tossed around back and forth here, and couldn't guard against Strange at all.

In the end, they returned downstairs.

Strange acted even more coolly and mysteriously, while Thor was disoriented and rolled down the stairs.

Strange opened a portal and gestured at Thor, who had just stood up. "Go, your father is there. Hm, don't forget your umbrella."

Dizzy, Thor shook his head. "Ah, thank you." As he spoke, he stretched out his head to summon Mjölnir, which had turned into an umbrella.

There was a clatter upstairs and the sound of objects falling and glass breaking as Mjölnir flew back into Thor's hand.

He smiled in embarrassment.

Strange didn't care about that. He simply gestured for Thor to get lost.

Thor was about to take a step, when he suddenly felt that he had forgotten something. Hm, I'm going to look for my father. I've also picked up the hammer. Then, what am I forgetting?

A moment later, he was enlightened. He asked in embarrassment, "Er, my brother? Can you bring him back?"

Stumped for a moment, Strange then remembered that he had thrown the second prince into a mirror space after he was teleported here.

"Wait." He opened a second portal.

The difference was that it was parallel to the floor and hung five meters in the air.

There was screaming, before Loki dropped to the floor with a bang.

The second prince lay on the floor with his hair in a mess. "I... was falling for 20 minutes! It's definitely some b*stard sorcerer. When I find out who it is, I'll definitely kill him."

Thor's smile froze. "His temper isn't the best."

Strange glanced at Loki expressionlessly and was too lazy to say anything.

If it wasn't for the fact that Loki was a huge troublemaker, he wouldn't care about the problems in this Asgardian family.

It was also because Odin was on the verge of death that Strange was so ruthless in dealing with Loki.

According to some records left behind by the Ancient One, she and Odin were good friends, and had a tacit understanding when it came to protecting Earth.

Someone who could be friends and share a mutual understanding with her definitely had the same level of power.

A bigshot hitting it off with a youngster at first sight and becoming like brothers despite the age difference? That was pure fantasy.

As the Ancient One's only disciple, Strange was treated more like a 'son.'

Similarly, Odin would pay a little more attention only to his biological and adopted sons.

Luke's other aliases were also very 'famous' and had always protected Earth.

What did he get in the end?

As another New Yorker, the Ancient One said a few words to him 'in passing,' and it was for Strange's sake.

Odin, on the other hand, never thought of Luke at all.

But if Luke had strength on the level of Dormammu, and as long as he didn't clash with the Ancient One and Odin, they were guaranteed to be friendly toward him.

The reason why Strange was so polite to Knight was because Knight had demonstrated enough strength in the battle against Dormammu.

Strength was the 'access ticket' to an equal relationship.

While Strange was distracted by Thor and his brother, Luke had already put his plan in place.

Then, without any hesitation, Strange 'threw' the brothers through the portal and sent them to Odin's location.

Luke, who was in a hurry, said goodbye.

After he left, he turned invisible and quickly went to a safe house. Blink, who had just received the notification, teleported over.

Luke gave her the coordinates. "This is in Norway. Can we teleport there directly?"

Listening to the location, Blink swiftly recalled her teleportation anchor in Norway. "The closest point is 300 kilometers away. If you're in a hurry, I'll follow up with a few more teleportations within visual range. We'll get there in a few minutes."

Luke thought for a moment, then shook his head. "There's no rush. Just drop me off 300 kilometers away."

It would only take a few minutes for his suit to cover 300 kilometers. There was no need to make Blink go through all that.

This was his human 'transporter,' which was much more useful than the Space Stone when it wasn't in the Infinity Glove.

A few minutes later, as Luke approached the Norwegian coastline, he detected an astonishing energy reaction in the far distance.

He was a little suspicious. Were Thor and Loki duking it out for their father's favor?

It was a ridiculous notion, but who else would do battle so brazenly in the place where Odin was living in seclusion? It was probably these two troublesome sons.