Luke sped up. A moment later, he looked down at the battle and couldn't help but be shocked. Who was that woman? She could actually press Thor and Loki to the ground?

Before he reached them, Loki raised his head and shouted something to the sky.

The Bifrost immediately fell from the sky and landed on Thor and Loki, but the woman rushed in as well.

The only thing left on this seaside cliff was the rolling grass.

Luke landed and quickly searched the meadow for a moment. He finally found the haft of a hammer and a small pile of metal fragments, as well as a few of his mini drones.

When Strange had been preoccupied with the brothers earlier, Luke had thrown a bunch of drones into the portal.

Since he had decided to get rid of Loki, he naturally couldn't be as tolerant as before.

Loki was Thor's brother, but wasn't Cindy Luke's little sister?

All she had wanted was to take a photo.

Loki actually harbored ill will and killing intent toward her. How could Luke relax if he didn't get rid of this sort of person who had no bottom line?

Also, from Strange's attitude and words this time, it was clear that Odin didn't have many days left to live.

If it wasn't for Odin and Frigga's protection, Loki would've already died, and the consequences would've been completely different.

A few minutes later, after watching the video from the drones that were still functional, Luke was shocked.

After thinking for a few minutes, he resolutely threw out a spaceship and left Earth.

After leaving the solar system, he focused and manipulated the Space Stone in a crude Infinity Glove to teleport to the Dark Elves' home planet, Svartalfheim, and used this place as a springboard to head straight for Asgard.

When the Nine Realms converged the last time, the Dark Elves had set off from Svartalfheim after they woke up and snuck into Asgard a few days later.

The route was clearly marked out on a map in the Dark Elves' battleship.

After discovering the map, Luke had studied it as a precaution.

An Earthling like him definitely couldn't use Asgard's Bifrost, but no one jumped out to protest the extinction of the Dark Elves. Wouldn't this come in handy?

Directly using the Space Stone to 'jump' into Asgard? Dream on.

Asgard had a space interference system which could easily mess with his currently poor manipulation of the Space Stone, and lead him to his end in some place like a black hole, a star or an asteroid belt.

After the spaceship started to move forward, Luke pulled up the video and studied it carefully.

The first half was of Thor and Loki meeting their father, Odin. After Odin said his last words, he turned into light and completely disappeared.

Then, a woman appeared.

She had dark circles under her eyes which looked a little like smokey makeup, but she was a genuine 'god' – at least, more so than Loki, this embarrassing weakling.

From Odin's last words and his conversation with the brothers, Luke verified that this woman called Hela was Thor's big sister by blood.

Hela was Asgard's Goddess of Death.

Before Thor was born, she followed Odin into battle and cemented Asgard's absolute rule over the Nine Realms.

Compared with Thor, she was a far better fighter, leader and strategist.

What was even scarier was that she easily crushed Thor's Mjölnir hammer with one hand.

This shocked Luke, who was watching the video, and it crushed Thor and Loki's will to fight.

Without his beloved hammer, Thor suddenly seemed unable to fight.

Loki, this weakling, was even more cowardly. He simply summoned the Bifrost and ran.

Luke smacked his lips. "He wanted to run, but took Hela back with him to Asgard. Is Loki trying to screw Thor over?"

Without Odin, Thor was Asgard's strongest combat force.

Given the combat ability Hela had displayed, however, she could really suppress Thor when he didn't have his hammer.

The three of them had left via the Bifrost together. As long as Hela took the sword out from the control panel, she could close the door and wreck Asgard however she wanted.

All of Asgard would just become her hunting ground.

Luke couldn't help but think that this would very likely be the case.

If he could head over and save Thor, the latter would still be able to do something.

A magnanimous person like Thor definitely wouldn't mind giving Luke something in return.

As long as Thor gave his word, the system wouldn't have any objections if Luke took some of Asgard's 'local specialties.'

If Loki was in danger? Hehe, Luje would secretly help to stab him in the back.

It wasn't like he would be helping Hela; he was just preventing the experience and credit points from Loki from going to waste.

As one of the masterminds behind the Battle of New York, this guy was worth at least 100,000 points.

Of course, it would take Luke three days to get to Asgard.

Who knew if Thor and Loki would still be standing against Hela by then.

As long as Luke could get to Asgard, it was just a matter of how much profit he could earn. He wouldn't lose out.


Three days later, the Level 3 clone reached Asgard.

Luke, who had already thought things over, gave his clone a new face.

While the situation was still unclear, he would sneak into Asgard first and investigate.

Otherwise, if he ran into Thor, he would need to think up an excuse.

This wasn't a big deal, but it would be less work if he could solve the problem with a new face.

It didn't matter if Thor noticed this new face. He could investigate if he wanted to, and if he was able to discover any clues, then he could be considered smart.

Relying on the Dark Elves' stealth technology, Luke snuck into Asgard.

In just a few glances, he sensed that something was amiss.

There was actually black and gray smoke rising from many places in the center of Asgard. The ships that should have been patrolling the sea were nowhere to be seen.

Could it be... that the three siblings hadn't finished fighting?

Given Asgard's level of magic and technology, a battle that could cause such destruction should take less than half an hour.

Now that the smoke was still there, they were either still fighting or the battle had just ended.

Frowning, Luke piloted the plane higher and activated the most secure camera system.

As the invisible plane approached the central building complex, his frown deepened.

Many bodies littered the streets below, and there were even more of them in a large square.

Most of these people were wearing the armor of the Asgardian soldiers, and a small number were in casual clothes. There were even ordinary Asgardians among the dead, including the elderly, women, and children.

The remains of the Asgardian patrol ships lay on many buildings. There were a lot of them.

"Did... Thor lose to Hela?" Luke couldn't help but wonder.

This didn't look like Thor and his brother's victory at all. Instead, it looked like a send-off for the Asgardian soldiers.

Or did they come back and get backup from the soldiers, but never once got the upper hand?

It wasn't until the fighter plane flew several circles around the central area that Luke had to finally admit it: Thor and Loki had really lost, and it had been a thorough defeat.