Using Tony and Shuris nanosuit technology as a reference, as well as Rocket's energy flight suit, the nanosuit which Luke personally made was still divided into an inner and outer suit.

The inner suit was as low-key as ever; it basically appeared on Luke's family and friends as a tank top, shorts, socks or some other item of clothing.

When taking a shower or going to the toilet, the nanomaterial could pull back and turn into a necklace or a bracelet to provide 24/7 protection.

It had the Black Panther suit's ability to absorb and release energy to eliminate the threat of ordinary cold weapons and firearms.

It also had the protective measures of Rocket's energy shield, such as defense, temperature regulation and life support.

The outer suit basically used Tony's nanosuit technology. The difference was that Luke used several times the amount of nanomaterial to create a double-layered heavy duty suit.

Tony was very unhappy about this. He felt that this simple and crude increase in the amount of nanomaterial and layers was a lack of trust in his exclusive nanotechnology.

What could Luke say? Naturally, he turned a deaf ear.

In any case, the nanomaterial was very light, and the space was used more efficiently than in the old suit; the height of the new suit basically dropped to under two meters, which was the average height of an American basketball player.

Selina, for example, was only 1.85 meters tall in the suit, while Mindy didn't even reach 1.7 meters; they didn't look "bloated" or "ugly" as the tycoon had denounced them to be, but slender or even petite.

The suit had three layers in total. Selina also had the Kunlun Chi Refining Technique, which she had cultivated to a particular threshold, and Gold Nugget, the symbiote, gave her super self-healing.

It would be hard for an ignorant opponent to even injure her, much less kill her.

In the face of an enemy like Thanos, who had Infinity Stones, Luke's clone would definitely protect her in an emergency.

So, Director Selina came.

Ten minutes later, the preparations for the ambush on Thanos were complete.

Big Dipper turned his head and asked, "How's your recovery?"

Skye, who had been resting for more than ten minutes, opened her eyes. "I can only attack with all my strength once."

Big Dipper nodded. "That's enough. You don't have to do anything about the protective shield later. You just need to target the hull of Thanos's warship."

With a solemn expression, Skye put her hands together.

There was a faint hum, and the armor on her arms turned into two cannon muzzles. "With these, I'm at least 80% confident."

These were new vibration cannons which Luke had specially developed for Skye after obtaining part of Wakanda's vibranium technology.

That was indeed why he had asked Skye to come to Wakanda in person.

Breaking through the defenses of a first-class battleship was truly a fantasy.

Luke might be able to do it himself, but using Annihilation energy or the power of faith to enchant his katanas would undoubtedly deplete his trump cards in a head-on battle with Thanos.

In comparison, Skye's fully developed Vibration ability was a more suitable 'attack weapon.'

The Big Dipper clone said, "Then, let's get started."

Skye nodded.

Big Dipper said, "Commander, our heavy artillery lady is fully charged."

Frank: "All units, ten-second countdown to Plan A. Everybody, get ready."

At this order, Earth's allied forces suddenly picked up their pace.

The Kamar-Taj sorcerers in charge of strategic battle deployment switched from taking turns and resting to all-out battle.

They started to focus and coordinate their magical fluctuations, and entered the prime state for joint spellcasting.

At the end of the ten-second countdown, ten enormous space portals opened 100 kilometers away from Thanos's fleet.

Even though Thanos's fleet had been constantly moving to avoid being surrounded, half of their movements were still blocked this time.

Ten battleships charged out of the portals at the same time, and their cannons fired all at once, using the same vibration pulse cannon + electromagnetic cannon + high-energy pulse cannon combo.

Thanos's fleet also quickly counterattacked.

During this first round of cannon fire, 20 huge portals suddenly opened in front of them, and 40 battleships emerged.

Most of Luke's remaining battleships were thrown out during this attack, along with five of Wakanda's vibranium battleships.

The first batch of 20 battleships were cannon fodder which fired wildly at Thanos's fleet.

15 second-tier battleships and five first-tier vibranium battleships came out a little later.

Covered by the battleships in front of them, they quickly adjusted their formation and moved in the same direction.

Thus, 50 of Earth's battleships surrounded Thanos's fleet.

Countless cannon blasts flew between the 80 battleships, and there were constant explosions. Even Thanos's warship wasn't spared.

However, Thanos's warship didn't remain still like before

Half of the firepower on the enormous warship, which was far bigger than the other battleships, started to showcase their might, and almost instantly blew up two of Earth's battleships.

Earth's fleet, on the other hand, didn't focus on attacking the warship; it simply used its advantage in numbers to attack the donut battleships in a 2-on-1 clash.

The later battleships which Luke took out had better performances.

The donut battleships, each of which had been able to take on two ships at the same time earlier, were now quickly suppressed.

Those who were targeted by three of Earth's battleships were even more unlucky. Some were severely damaged, and some were half-crippled or even exploded on the spot.

However, Earth's battleships weren't doing great either.

To ensure that this ambush was accurate and sudden, these battleships hadn't been protected by fighter planes when they charged out of the portals.

When they besieged Thanos's fleet, they could only use the auxiliary and close-range cannons to deal with Thanos's fighter planes.

But these were just auxiliary anti-aircraft weapons; there weren't enough of them to deal with Thanos's fighter planes. They could only let the enemy fighter planes attack like bees.

20 to 30% of these attacks passed through the protective shields, which were still an immature technology, of Earth's battleships.

The defense weapons were quickly destroyed, and the auxiliary cannons were hit. Many of them malfunctioned, causing the firepower to decrease.

The battle lasted for several minutes, until the Kamar-Taj sorcerers opened portals again, and a large number of cannon fodder fighter planes poured out.

With Earth's fleet acting as a signal hub and a booster signal, they could finally charge out of Earth and start a real space battle.

The remote-controlled fighter planes appeared aggressively, and then… exploded because their defenses were too brittle.

However, their valiance successfully diverted most of the enemy firepower away from Earth's battleships.