With the way back sealed off, Xia Fan and everyone were helpless, and could only continue their way forward.

Whether it was the mountain or the cave, everything about it was extremely peculiar. Since it was completely made up of metal, no one had any clue if they should praise nature's amazing workmanship or complain that it was just too bizarre.

Hidden Water seemed to be very fond of chatting with Traveling Buddha, constantly telling him about the various strange things that had happened in God Metropolis as well as on the planets. When she looked at Traveling Buddha, her eyes would be vivid, and almost appeared to sparkle.

Traveling Buddha was the kind of person who had a nonchalant attitude toward everything, but he still rather enjoyed hearing stories, so he did not express any annoyance toward Hidden Water, nodding along as he listened.

Xia Fan was watching all this happening before his eyes, and he could vaguely tell that Hidden Water must have fallen for Traveling Buddha. Xia Fan was not completely sure, because love and such emotional connections did not need reasons to exist, and no one in this world had come to a definitive conclusion about them. In any case, Xia Fan did not think it was a bad thing.

Xia Fan patted the foolish Dragon Dou on his shoulder and said, "Come on, let's go do some pathfinding ahead."

Dragon Dou was flabbergasted. "Why me?!"

Xia Fan replied, "Why are you asking so many questions? If you don't come with me, if the monster catches up, you probably won't be able to keep your little life."

Dragon Dou was a timid person, and while he did not enjoy being away from Hidden Water, he still decided to listen to Xia Fan after he considered that he would be much safer if he stayed near the speedy Xia Fan.

Turning back to glance at Traveling Buddha and Hidden Water, Xia Fan said to himself, 'Brother, I've already created the opportunity for you, so all that's left is for you to seize it yourself.'

Xia Fan increased his speed and carried Dragon Dou down farther along the passageway in a woosh of still winds.

He saw the cave ahead slowly widen, and they soon found themselves in a circular chamber that was approximately several thousand meters square. In the center was something that looked to be a meteorite, no bigger than a cubic meter in volume. There were no other paths.

Xia Fan was curious. He set Dragon Dou down and made his way over to the meteorite to investigate.

Unexpectedly, he spotted some characters engraved on the meteorite. It was a text that Xia Fan did not understand, and Xia Fan got a very odd feeling when he reached out to touch them.

'Oh? To think there would be Cosmic Iron here. It's been a very long time since I've seen this stuff!' Pearl suddenly remarked in Xia Fan's consciousness.

Xia Fan was startled, "What this? Do you know this thing?"

Pearl replied, "I wouldn't dare say I know it; what I do know is that in the Great Chiliocosm, there once was a meteorite shower where meteorites of varying sizes rained down upon the Great Chiliocosm, passing through Cosmic Gates and making their way into different universes."

Xia Fan tried to imagine the scene of a meteorite passing through the Cosmic Gate and into Ashen Moon. They were not exactly near the Cosmic Gate, so perhaps it had flown for some distance after passing through the Cosmic Gate, entered God Metropolis, and then crashed into this planet. The passageway they had just traversed through was so long it was probably caused by this meteorite's impact.

"What uses does this meteorite have?" Xia Fan asked inquisitively.

Pearl answered, 'Cosmic Iron has a mysterious origin. It is a rock that contains the rare Nature's Strength. A smart enough person could grasp some insight into Laws if they came into contact with Cosmic Iron.

"Of course, the effect of understanding Law through Cosmic Iron is very poor. It can't be compared to directly interacting with an inheritance of Law. Those people from your clan once melted down Cosmic Iron and forged them into weapons.'

Xia Fan was momentarily speechless. Others would use Cosmic Iron to attempt an understanding of Law Power, yet the Skywings would just melt said metal to forge powerful weapons, a very extravagant flexing of power. Who knew how many people in the universe would desperately desire to obtain Law Power, yet the Skywings did not care a hoot about that!

Pearl continued, 'Speaking of which, you can try putting your hands on the Cosmic Iron and try to cultivate the Law of Gold. There could be unimaginable benefits to that.'

Xia Fan half-believed her words. He placed his palms on the Cosmic Iron and activated the power of his Law of Gold.

Instantly Xia Fan could feel his heart settle down and become at peace. He very quickly entered a state of self-abandonment. The state of self-abandonment was different from concentration. Concentration was merely the collection of thought, while self-abandonment was to completely assimilate into the universe, to visualize the self to be just an atom in space. His state of mind was so close to nature that Xia Fan could feel himself becoming a part of the universe, assimilating as one with it.

Without even realizing it, Xia Fan actually cultivated for over a dozen hours. During this time, Dragon Dou shouted at Xia Fan several times, but Xia Fan hardly realized what was happening. This scared Dragon Dou terribly, thinking that something bad had happened to Xia Fan. Only when Pearl finally established mental connection did Xia Fan break out from his trance and back to reality.

"How was it?" Pearl asked him smugly.

Xia Fan mused, "It was quite fantastic. It was as if I became a mote of dust in the universe, became a part of the universe. Sound, sensation, everything just faded away."

Pearl said, "Not bad, not bad! That is the benefit of Cosmic Iron, able to allow someone to enter a state of self-abandonment. This Cosmic Iron should have plenty of benefits for you as a speedster, enabling you to maintain absolute concentration at high speeds. Skywings like to wear a piece of Cosmic Iron on themselves, though they still fight as violently as ever, even while wearing it."

Xia Fan tried to unleash the power from his Law of Gold, and noticed his arms glowing gold after he activated it. The glow was even more brilliant than before, almost as if Xia Fan's grasp of the Law of Gold had gone up another level after this session.

Xia Fan would clearly take something so good for himself. He did not spare another thought and directly stored the Cosmic Iron into his spatial ring.

He told Dragon Dou that it was something valuable they could all split and share once it was sold. The foolish son of the local tyrant of course did not care about money; all he wanted was to leave this place alive.


God Metropolis...

Moon Dongsheng took the time to invite his two little pals out to drink.

Roklin and Zhou Xun were none other than the two who had ambushed Xia Fan the other day. When the drinks came, the two were very proud of themselves, bragging about the great plan they had come up with that had killed two birds with one stone.

Moon Dongsheng felt something was off after he finished hearing their tale. He furrowed his brow slightly. Dragon Dou was ultimately a descendant of the Four Great Clans, and if he truly ended up dead, the people above would surely send someone to investigate.

Rocklin answered, "Big brother, there's no need for you to worry about that. We executed that flawlessly, so even if people from the Dragon Clan were to investigate, all they would find out is that the Ferocibeast killed Dragon Dou. There's no way they could find out our involvement."

Moon Dongsheng nodded slightly. Given how things had panned out, that was truly the best he could hope for. Though Dragon Dou was a Dragon, his existence in the Four Great Clans was insignificant. There should not be too great a scrutiny about with his passing.


The three exchanged drinks and were happily getting drunk. As they were about to leave the bar, they happened to meet a friend. Moon Dongsheng learned some bone-chilling news that happened to pass from his friend's lips.

"Have you heard? The granddaughter of the Hidden Clan's old monster has gone missing," this friend murmured secretively.

Moon Dongsheng frowned. "There's plenty of old monsters in the Hidden Clan. Which one are you referring to?"

"Hidden Water, his granddaughter's called Hidden Water. Her age ought to be around your younger brother's," his friend shared.

Moon Dong Sheng instantly felt his heart thump rapidly, and quickly asked how this Hidden Water had gone missing.

This friend continued to speak in a whisper, "On planet 1135. No one has any idea what happened. All I know is that Hidden Water's grandfather became incandescent with rage this time. It might be fine if he finds Hidden Water, but if she's not found, someone's going to be out of luck."

Planet 1135? Was that not the same planet where Rocklin and Zhou Xun had murdered Dragon Dou?!

Moon Dongsheng's mind went blank. The legs of Rocklin and Zhou Xun began to tremble as well, their faces going pale even as the friend departed.

Zhou Xun was so scared that color drained from his face. He gasped in a low voice, "What do we do? Whatever do we do? When we were ambushing Dragon Dou, there was indeed a sallow-faced middle-aged man with them, but that person couldn't possibly be Hidden Water, right?"

Moon Dongsheng did not say a word, but he more or less could guess what happened. Hidden Water recognized Dragon Dou, and was quite adept at disguises. These two pals of his must have treated Hidden Water as someone irrelevant!

Moon Dongsheng did some quick calculations and gritted his teeth to say, "Given how things stand, all we can do is pray that they're already dead. Otherwise, if the Hidden clan were to catch wind that we were the ones that schemed to harm Dragon Dou, and in that process got Hidden Water involved, we're all going to be dead!"

Zhou Xun remarked morosely, "Then what if they didn't die?"

The eyes of Moon Dongsheng were filled with killing intent. His temples were twitching like crazy as he hissed in a low voice, "They must die, and if they are not dead, we must also send them off to Hell!"

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