The three younglings had been slit across the throat and had collapsed into pools of blood, but none of them died immediately. They were still bleeding from their slit throats, making it impossible for any of them to make any sounds. They kept struggling as they bled, glancing at their faraway mother.

Their mother was none other than that giant pangolin that had forced Xia Fan and the others into a desperate situation. At this moment, she had made her way to the end of her life, her eyes filled with hatred and indignation. But the man standing over her head was simply too powerful, and this planet tyrant had no means of resisting him.

Hidden Wind was not holding a blade of any kind. Nevertheless, a single swing of his hand in the air made it seem like he was holding onto an invisible sword, pointing its tip toward the head of the Ferocibeast.

Hidden Wind's expressionless face merely offered an indifferent remark toward the struggling young pangolins and their angry mother, "Tell me, where is Water?"

The body of the mother pangolin trembled as she let out a wild roar. However, she was still unable to get up and attack Hidden Wind.

If someone was standing from afar, then they would have been able to see that Hidden Wind had already chopped off all four legs of this beast, and so she was unable to move at all.

It was hard to imagine just what kind of power Hidden Wind actually wielded. The white pangolin was a planet tyrant who could not only breathe fire, but also had scales of inconceivable toughness. Hidden Wind did not even have a weapon in hand, yet he was capable of severing the Ferocibeast's four legs? It truly piqued one's curiosity about how he had achieved that.

Even stranger was that Hidden Wind seemed to understand the words of the beast. After the mother pangolin rumbled out a roar for some time, Hidden Wind nodded slightly, "I understand now. You're not completely at fault. It was just that someone frightened you and your kids, and according to the rules of survival that you beasts live by, in such circumstances, any other exotic beast would also have retaliated without any hesitation."

Changing the topic, Hidden Wind continued, "But, no matter the reason you give, this is the price you and your children have to pay for harming Water."

Hidden Wind slightly flicked his wrist, and the formless sword fell from the sky, rending the throat of the giant pangolin with one crunching cut. The mighty Ferocibeast that was over a thousand meters long died there and then.

Hidden Wind subsequently slew the three young pangolins as well. He did not let them bleed out and instead gave the family of four a swift execution; it was the greatest kindness Hidden Wind showed to them.

Hidden Wind left the lair of the Ferocibeast and continued his way onward. He moved without hurry, yet his actual movement speed was astounding. His expressionless and indifferent face made not a sound, only exuding a deep cutting chill despite the bright sunlight.

That was one thing that Moon Wanhe was correct about. The truly terrifying hunting dogs would never bark!


"Don't worry, grandfather will surely come save us," Hidden Water told Traveling Buddha more than once.

Xia Fan supposed that was what it meant by beauty being in the eyes of the beholder. Seeing that dignified look of insouciance on Traveling Buddha's face, it would be a wonder if he was even a little worried. Instead, these words should have been said to Dragon Dou, who was almost going crazy from anxiety, but Hidden Water spared not even a single glance for him.

Not only was Traveling Buddha unworried, he had even calmly taken out his tea set, setting it up down in the empty cavern that was who knew how deep. With proper posture, he used a silver teaspoon and took out two pinches of unbelievably expensive tea leaves, using an automatic water boiler to heat up the water to a suitable temperature.

Hidden Water was excited, taking a seat across from Traveling Buddha, looking forward to the taste of tea that her sweetheart was brewing. Nevertheless, Traveling Buddha first drank a cup of the tea he brewed by himself before giving one to Xia Fan, then Dragon Dou, before finally letting Hidden Water have one.

In his mind, he was the most important, then next was his good friend Xia Fan. As for Dragon Du and Hidden Water, he had only given them a cup while looking absolutely unwilling to do so. The sequence in which he poured the tea was also in accordance with his familiarity, and he was hardly acquainted with Hidden Water, which was why she was the last.

However, Hidden Water did not mind any of these finer details. After drinking the tea that Traveling Buddha had brewed, she kept heaping praises on him. Traveling Buddha seemed to be somewhat pleased by the flattery.

Time passed, and just as Dragon Du was becoming even more anxious, suddenly, they heard a sound coming from the sealed entrance. Hidden Water leaped to her feet and excitedly cried out, "Someone's here! It must be my grandfather. I knew he would come save us!"

Traveling Buddha shrugged. It was of course a good thing for someone to come save them, but he did not particularly mind even if there was no one coming. At most he would just spend some energy and make his way out of there one way or another. Given the strength he and Xia Fan possessed, the reason they were in no rush to leave was because they had no idea about the situation outside. In the event they wasted energy making it out of here, only to encounter the Ferocibeast waiting outside for them, that would just be trouble.

Not long afterwards, the sealed entrance opened up, most likely with some sort of metal manipulation special ability because the people did not need to use any brute strength to enter the cave. The thick metal looked like it was being controlled, automatically parting to both sides.

Warned by the airflow, Xia Fan brought them all quickly up to watch the tunnel being opened.

Hidden Water saw who was coming and instantly frowned, because among the group that arrived, she had not spotted her grandfather among them, but five strangers!

"Hey! Isn't that big brother Moon Dongsheng! Even Uncle Moon is here!" Dragon Dou was elated, shouting their names as he approached them with a wide smile. The foolish son of the local tyrant was feeling absolutely uneasy trapped here, and he was intent on leaving the place.

Just as Dragon Dou passed by Xia Fan, the latter suddenly reached out to stop him from going any closer.

"What are you pulling me back for?" Dragon Dou demanded.

Xia Fan simply replied, "You'll die if you make your way over there. Those people aren't here to save us. Conversely, I think they might be here to kill us."

Dragon Du went pale immediately as he remained where he was. "That can't be! This is Uncle Moon we're talking about, Moon Dongchen's father. Beside him is Moon Dongchen's elder brother!"

That was when Moon Wanhe chuckled. There was a bit of distance between them as he addressed Xia Fan, "What nonsense are you spouting, rascal. I am Dragon Dou's senior, how could I want to kill him? I'm here to save him!"

Xia Fan shook his head, "If you're here to save us, then why did you people seal up the cave entrance after entering?"

Dragon Dou froze. He hurriedly looked over, only to see that while the five had indeed used some metal-controlling special ability to open the sealed entrance, the man with the goatee among them had subsequently sealed it off again.

Moon Wanhe was no longer laughing after that. Truly he had not expected Xia Fan and everyone to have survived, but having a younger man see through his intentions annoyed him somewhat.

Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha were partners who had gone through fire and water many times. Without saying another word, Traveling Buddha immediately stood in front of Xia Fan and covered his entire body in golden light.

Seeing how brave Traveling Buddha was about taking the lead, Hidden Water could not help but feel her heart flutter yet again. She was so moved that she was an emotional mess inside. Women were really remarkable beings, and the moment Hidden Water began to be fond of Traveling Buddha, even if he yawned, it would be enough for Hidden Water to consider him suave.

Suddenly, Xia Fan grabbed the three and unexpectedly made a full retreat. The five men who had come in had no time to react, and actually let them run off.

This cave was not simple. With the first half of the cave already sealed off, the second half of the cave connected to an underground chamber. Xia Fan had brought everyone back there in one breath, but upon arriving here, they found themselves at a dead end.

Hidden Water was also panicking now, blaming her grandfather for not arriving yet. She felt that there was no way she could ever forgive herself if Traveling Buddha were to come to any bit of harm!

Xia Fan suddenly smiled and said to Traveling Buddha, "Brother, I'm afraid we'll have to trouble you again."

Traveling Buddha folded his arms and said indifferently, "Enough with that already. Just tell me what I need to do!"

Xia Fan shrugged, "What else can the two of us do? Of course we'll be using your Golden Light and my Speed. This is my plan..."

Xia Fan quickly explained what he wanted to do to Traveling Buddha. Traveling Buddha had always been in the habit of believing Xia Fan, and he nodded without another word.

Dragon Dou and Hidden Water were both dumbfounded. Just what were these two madmen going to do!?

Traveling Buddha widened his eyes and bellowed, "Then let's go!"

His entire body was covered in brilliant golden light. The light from his Battle Buddha's Golden Light was so bright and incandescent that it enveloped his entire body, akin to a Buddha descending down upon the mortal realm!


Xia Fan pressed a syringe into his arm and injected Immortality Wine into his body. The power from the Yggdragon's blood burned greatly, turning Xia Fan's body crimson as his energy exploded!

Everyone watched as Xia Fan grabbed Traveling Buddha and held him up over his head!

After injecting Immortality Wine, Xia Fan's speed reached 3000m/s, maybe even 4000. Carrying Traveling Buddha with him, the duo entered the passageway leading to the cave entrance, accelerating all the way through! An explosive force was completely unleashed!

This cave was a straight line and round, just like a cannon barrel!

Xia Fan's strategy was very simple. He had turned himself into gunpowder, and was going to send Traveling Buddha blasting away like a golden cannonball, all in an effort to shoot him forward!

A speedster combined with an impervious titan!. No matter who it was they had encountered in the tunnel, they would all be subjected to the explosive force!

Xia Fan called the strategy that he had suddenly come up with 'The Human Cannon'!