Xia Fan used all his strength to toss Traveling Buddha out like a cannonball!

A thunderous tremor instantly broke out. Traveling Buddha's entire body was saturated in golden light and went flying down the tunnel like a lightning bolt. He shot through the metal cave like an unladen cannonball.

"What's flying over?!"

"It's golden and coming at us fast!"

Moon Wanhe and everyone were giving chase down the tunnel. They were furious after Xia Fan used his superspeed to instantly run off on them. However, they suddenly saw this golden thing speeding right for them, looking extremely powerful and majestic.

By the time they could make out just what the golden glowing thing was, they were all so stunned that they could hardly react. Never would any of them have guessed that it would be a person, a living human being who had been turned into a cannonball, shooting right toward them with incredible destructive force!

It was too frightening a scene. Traveling Buddha was bellowing as he hurtled toward them, the mix of sound from the wind howling and Traveling Buddha's yells chilling them to the bone!

The warrior who had the Metal Manipulation special ability was the strongest among the five, someone who Moon Wanhe had called over to help. His name was Tariq, and he had been a servant in the Moon Clan when he was younger, then later was noticed by Moon Wanhe's father and sent to learn martial arts. He was able to break away from his humble status at that point and finally became a famous warrior of God Metropolis.

Tariq saw the Moon Clan as his benefactors, which was how Moon Wanhe had very easily called Tariq to his side. When he learned that they were going to kill Hidden Wind's granddaughter and Dragon Dou, Tariq originally disagreed, but he could not deny that Moon Wanhe was considered his half-master, and after much coercion, had no choice but to go against his conscience and do something so distasteful.

"Retreat! Quick!" Tariq shouted as his face went pale.

He utilized his Metal Manipulation special ability and quickly made the metal walls on both sides merge, becoming a wall of metal between themselves and Traveling Buddha, all in an effort to resist the explosive attack from the incoming golden cannonball.

Nevertheless, the combined power behind Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha was of such shocking strength that all they heard was a loud crash. Though the metal wall hindered Traveling Buddha's speed, all it took was him thrusting out with both of his fists for him to burst right through.

With a deadly rumble, countless metal shards went flying down the narrow passage as shrapnel. Moon Wanhe and everyone else could hardly open their eyes against the deluge. Pain wracked across their bodies, most likely caused by the metal shards cutting up their bodies as they flew past.

Regardless, Traveling Buddha's attack was ultimately mitigated, but just as they were getting ready to work together to kill Traveling Buddha in their rage, a black figure promptly flittered past from behind.

It was Xia Fan! With the brothers' hearts as one, their strength together could break steel!

There was no way Xia Fan would let Traveling Buddha run into battle alone. After he threw Traveling Buddha down the passage with such great force, he kept running right after him. He had arrived like a deadly bolt of lightning, and the two young men began an intense fight together against their five enemies.

Against an unreasonable special ability like Speed, the worst thing was to find yourself in disarray. Speed was truly too fast; any flaw in one's defense could be caught and exploited, potentially leading to a fatal blow!

Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha were old comrade-in-arms, and just like always, Traveling Buddha was in charge of drawing the enemy's aggression while Xia Fan was the one who was doing the actual killing. Traveling Buddha was covered in golden light, letting out full-throated roars that successfully attracted the attention of the majority, while Xia Fan would subsequently arrive and slash at them.

A speed of over three thousand meters per second was insane, and in the blink of an eye Xia Fan had managed to slay three of the five, including Moon Wanhe's son, Moon Dongshen!

At that critical juncture, Tariq's Metal Manipulation special ability played a pivotal role, constantly sending metal toward Traveling Buddha and Xia Fan while running toward the surface, dragging Moon Wanhe along with his other hand.

"Dongsheng! My son!" Moon Wanhe shouted wildly, his voice already hysterical.

Moon Wanhe only had two sons, and while Moon Dongchen had no special ability and had an arrogant personality, Moon Wanhe tolerated all that because he still had Moon Dongsheng. He was a young warrior who could be considered a talent of his generation, and all Wanhe's hopes had been piled on his boy.

But when Xia Fan came charging over during the disarray, his first action was to take Moon Dongsheng's life. The blade in his hand moved as quick as a beam of light, cutting off Moon Dongsheng's head with one swing. The tragic death of his son sent Moon Wanhe into a bout of madness. He simply could not cope with the loss of his son!

"Master, you must leave with me! These two men are too vicious!" Tariq was running toward the surface as he dragged Moon Wanhe behind him.

Ultimately, Tariq's ability was Metal Manipulation. Wherever he went, the surrounding metal would automatically part way for him, and Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha chasing after him would find layer after layer of metal walls blocking them. No matter how explosively powerful Traveling Buddha's attacks were, or how fast Xia Fan was, there was no way for their attacks to reach the two fleeing men, and they could not help but halt their pursuit.

But as the battle stood, the two of them had gotten their effort's worth. Three enemies were slain and among them, one was even Moon Wanhe's eldest son!

Finally, Tariq finally managed to pull Moon Wanhe out from the metal cave. The latter collapsed to the ground the moment he got to the surface, facing the now-sealed cave and desperately yelling his son's name. Tears flowed freely down his face as his body shuddered.

Suddenly, a chilling aura of killing intent rose behind them. They saw an expressionless face emerge from the trees, belonging to none other than Hidden Water's grandfather, Hidden Wind. He was a peak expert from the Hidden Clan, and had a reputation of being the craziest lunatic.

Tariq and Moon Wanhe could practically feel they were on the brink of falling apart. This was truly bad luck! Moon Wanhe had just lost his son to Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha, and now they had encountered the somber old face of Hidden Wind. They could hear their hearts thumping in their ears, feeling like they were doomed this time.

Hidden Wind did not seem to be in any of a hurry as he softly said, "Is Water inside?"

Tariq and Moon Wanhe knew they were no match for Hidden Wind, and they could only nod.

Hidden Wind pointed at Tariq, "You can control metal. Open a path and let me in."

Tariq did not dare to defy him. He nodded his head, still pale in the face, and with a wave of his hand, the mountain cave opened.

"The two of you will come with me," Hidden Wind ordered the two.

Hidden Wind led the way in. He seemed to be unafraid of the two people behind him attempting a sneak attack on him, nor did he care that they would run off, as he entered the cave together.

Tariq and Moon Wanhe, the latter on the cusp of mental collapse, supported each other as they advanced, and soon reached the end of the newly-opened tunnel.

Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha had sensed that people were coming, and were in the midst of preparing to use the Human Cannon tactic again. Fortunately, Hidden Water had sensed her grandfather's aura, and stopped them.

"Grandfather! Why have you only arrived now?!" Hidden Water pouted angrily.

So this was Hidden Water's grandfather?

Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha were taken aback. Upon closer inspection, they noticed that Hidden Wind was actually rather strange. Upon seeing Hidden Water, he did not show any signs of delight. In fact, there was not a trace of emotion on his face at all. It was almost as if Hidden Water was not his granddaughter, he was emotionless to such a degree. It was quite the rare sight.

Hidden Wind asked nonchalantly, "Water, did they want to kill you?"

Hidden Water hurriedly told her grandfather everything that had happened to them. Hidden Wind remained composed after listening to her. He realized that everything had started from a misunderstanding, and that the Moon Clan had no desire to kill Hidden Water, only Xia Fan and the others. It was only because Hidden Water had been in disguise and no one had recognized her, that she ended up being implicated in this ordeal.

Hidden Wind turned and with a light flick of his wrist, it appeared as if he was holding a sword in hand, yet his hands remained empty to the naked eye.

The move shocked Moon Wanhe and Tariq. The latter at least showed some backbone and actually shut his eyes and exposed his neck, ready to take the blow from Hidden Wind.

Seeing as Hidden Wind was about to make a move, an old voice suddenly came traveling in from outside, the same inexplicable force that had once taken hold of Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha appearing in the cave. It came from that apex expert who lived in God Metropolis, an existence whom even Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha had no means of resisting.

"Hidden Wind, you can't kill him!" the voice stated.

"What if I have to kill him, no matter what?" Hidden Wind replied coldly.