On the way to look for Traveling Buddha, Xia Fan suddenly heard a thunderous explosion, almost as if tens of thousands of lightning bolts had crashed down with such force that they had broken through from prehistoric times, so close that it carried a huge oppressive atmosphere, making it difficult for anyone to breathe.

In that instant there was a grand surge of light akin to an eruption of solar flares, so glaring that it made it impossible for anyone to open their eyes.

The very land shook. There were some wooden structures that swayed with the tremor, looking as if they were about to collapse at any moment. Tree leaves gradually fell from their branches, and even the pebbles and loose gravel on the ground abruptly jumped several centimeters from the ground.

After a while, when everything had settled, the people around all still had their hands clutching their chests, and were as pale as ghosts. Anyone that had no idea what had just transpired would probably mistakenly believe that the people had all just been rescued from the brink of life and death, given the expressions of abject shock on each of their faces.

"What was that? I was scared to death!"

"Maybe another planet fission? Honestly, that was terrifying! The planet-splitting situation has really gone from bad to worse lately."

"It's absolutely dreadful. Will it completely collapse one day?"

"Don't talk nonsense! The Four Great Clans have already issued an order that anyone that dares mislead the public will be subjected to severe punishment."

"Hmhp! If it's really going to be fine, why wouldn't they let us talk about it? The way I see it, they must be hiding things from us!"

Xia Fan overheard this conversation between a passing couple and could not help but knit his brow and shake his head slightly. No matter what decrees the Four Great Clans might pass stating that they would still be able to lead safe lives, there were already plenty among the common folk who simply did not believe their words on the matter. In fact, there were already citizens who refused to continue living in God Metropolis, and were migrating to the City of the Four Kings instead. After all, the latter was a place where their servants could live...

"Xia Fan, I suddenly have this foreboding feeling," Pearl warned him.

"Oh? Don't worry. I'll protect you."

"Tsk! I'm a Frostseal Megadragon! Why would I need your protection? Besides, you're not your father. He's at least qualified to say what you just said, but I don't have a lick of faith hearing the same words coming out from your mouth!"

Xia Fan was instantly speechless. Pearl truly had a sharp tongue. Was there a need for her to constantly remind him about how far away he was in terms of speed, compared to the people of the Skywing Clan?

"Forget it, let's hurry back and look for Traveling Buddha. It's been two or three days since I last saw him, and I wonder if he has learned Law Power yet." Xia Fan replied, rolling his eyes.


Hidden Wind was a peak expert of the Hidden Clan. He possessed a Law Power, and while he had a peculiar personality, his strength was transcendental and held a significant status in the world. He had a personal training ground of his own, located in a valley on the outskirts of the city.

With verdant hills and a valley teeming with life, where birds chirped and tittered in delight as they flittered between lush trees and fragrant flowers, calling Hidden Wind's personal training ground excellent would be an understatement. However, as Xia Fan followed the path leading to the bottom of the valley, he could hear the sounds from an intense fight interrupting the sounds of nature.

Xia Fan arched an eyebrow and quickened his pace, dashing down to the bottom of the valley.

He was greeted by the sight of a fierce duel on the lawn of green in that valley.

Traveling Buddha had transformed into his golden form, his entire body saturated in glaring golden light. He pumped his legs and shattered the ground, lunging toward Hidden Wind with great momentum. As he was about to get in close, Traveling Buddha's left arm bulged as he smashed a golden fist at his target.

Instantly, golden light shot out, forming into a glaring bolt of lightning that tore through the air!

"The heck! How did they end up fighting!" Xia Fan exclaimed as he anxiously asked Hidden Water, who was watching from the sideline.

Hidden Water's face was pale. With a helpless expression, she explained painfully, "Big brother Xia Fan, go and coax Traveling Buddha quick! Grandfather said that he would only teach Traveling Buddha Law Power if he could beat him, which is why the two of them began fighting! It has already been two whole days, and neither is willing to concede to the other!"

Xia Fan felt helpless as well, "How would I coax him? Traveling Buddha's as stubborn as a mule!"

The moment he said that, the golden light had reached Hidden Wind with incredible oppressive force. It contained great destructive power, yet the old man merely smirked. With a casual flick of his wrist, a squall of air was conjured instantly!

This was no normal wind, but one that contained Law Power, capable of puncturing through a steel wall!

The formless wind became a formless wall, yet it contained astonishing strength. It was completely able to block Traveling Buddha's most powerful move, Golden Light Assault! The golden light exploded, dispersing into a dazzling burst of motes upon impact!

Xia Fan could feel an overwhelming shock come over him. 'Heavens, is that really wind? To think it's capable of blocking Traveling Buddha's golden light!'

Traveling Buddha was no longer a Battle Buddha, but a Killing Buddha! He possessed the greatest light-type special ability, his golden light so frightening that it could penetrate the very heavens!

Traveling Buddha exploded in a fit of rage when he saw his assault had failed. He waved his hand in annoyance, "It's over! No more fighting! Little Old Buddha doesn't want to learn your damned Law Power anymore!"

Traveling Buddha was exasperated. He made his way to Xia Fan's side and no longer spared a glance for the pitiful Hidden Water. Instead, he reached out to Xia Fan and was ready to leave with him. Hidden Water was so panicked that she looked as if she was on the verge of tears. Anyone could tell that this girl was earnest about Traveling Buddha, truly hoping that Traveling Buddha could learn Law Power from Hidden Wind, in hopes that this man whom she was absolutely smitten with could become even stronger.

That was when Hidden Wind suddenly croaked in a gruff voice, "It's good that you're leaving; the speed of planetary fission has reached sixteen hours, and the extent of each division is becoming even more violent than the last. It's best if you get as far away as possible and save yourself from dying here."

Xia Fan promptly froze when he heard that. He could feel his curiosity swell as he turned to ask Hidden Wind, "Elder, just what is going on with the planet fission, as well as the increase in exotic beasts?"

"Do you wish to know?" Hidden Wind asked.

Xia Fan nodded.

The old man let out a mirthless chuckle, "It's not difficult to learn the reason behind it. From what I hear, you are friends with Traveling Buddha?"

Xia Fan flashed him a smile, "No, we are brothers."

Hidden Wind was at first startled, and soon turned somber. The expression in his eyes turned serious as he said, "Good. Then you shall tag in for your brother. If you win, not only will I teach Traveling Buddha Law Power, I will even tell you about the reason why the planets are undergoing fission."

Xia Fan was very tempted by this offer. He was about to agree when Traveling Buddha interjected in his annoyance, "Don't listen to this damned old man!"

Xia Fan faced Traveling Buddha with a serious expression on his face, "You must believe in me. Besides, I think challenging the Law of Wind would be quite interesting, as well. So I'll do just that. Wait here for me."

Xia Fan took several steps forward and then flashed Hidden Wind a smile, "Then you will have to excuse my disrespect, Elder."

Hidden Wind nodded.


Xia Fan lowered his body and adopted the bird posture that Pearl had taught him. His body was taut like a bow, his eyes staring straight at Hidden Wind.

With a sudden burst of strength, Xia Fan went hurtling forward with great force. His body turned into a blur as he immediately reached speeds six times faster than sound! A horrifying blast of air flow sought to fill the space he left!

Hidden Wind's pupils contracted just as quickly, taken aback by Xia Fan's speed. But even though it was very fast, his lips nevertheless cracked into a smirk. He casually flicked his wrist with such deft gentleness that it was as if he was trying to stroke a cloud.


A formless wind blade shot forth!

The wind blade cut through the air effortlessly, approaching the advancing Xia Fan with terrifying strength, trying to force Xia Fan back!

But what Hidden Wind had not expected was for Xia Fan to suddenly make an extreme turn despite maintaining his high speed, forcing himself off at an extreme angle, cutting away at a sharp yet elegant arc.


Xia Fan avoided the wind blade with that arc, and his speed did not seem to have decreased. He was in fact still accelerating, and reached Hidden Wind in a breath's time!

"To think you dodged that!" Hidden Wind gasped.

Turning one's body at high speed was not just very difficult, but it required a body with extraordinary physical constitution. Xia Fan had actually managed to very easily turn a straight path into an arc?! Such a monstrous level of skill and technique made it obvious that even though Xia Fan was not a Battle Buddha, nor was he blessed with the Golden Titan form, his physical constitution had most definitely reached the same level as one!

"It's too early for you to gloat!" Hidden Wind bellowed, his eyes smoldering with fighting spirit!

Considering how cold Hidden Wind normally was, for him to make such a sudden outburst, his desire to fight for three thousand rounds with Xia Fan had been piqued! Xia Fan's mind-bendingly fast speed had evoked Hidden Wind's competitive spirit!

Hidden Wind's arms suddenly bulged as he drew a semicircle in the air, which exploded with a fearsome light!

Wind that broke light!

It was hard to imagine. Hidden Wind was clearly using a special ability with the wind attribute, but it had abruptly erupted into light!

Upon seeing all this, Traveling Buddha was absolutely dumbfounded. Sure enough, Xia Fan was still stronger than him. The moment Xia Fan made his move, he was able to force out Hidden Wind's ultimate move instantly! No matter how hard he had tried before, he had still failed to get the old man to use such a powerful move.

The moment Hidden Wind executed his ultimate move, Xia Fan was not willing to accept failure as the descendant of the Fiendish Blade Skywing.

Instantly, Xia Fan began to inject Immortality wine into his body, unleashing the power of the Yggdragon's pure blood!