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Without further ado, Felix teleported towards the new earthling team's headquarters in the UVR.

It resembled the headquarters in the real world greatly as it was also on an island. In the center of the island, the main building that resembled a water drop was built as well.

Felix took a hover platform and rode it casually towards the drop, not bothering to alert anyone about his arrival.

"Welcome back, Sir Felix." The Drop Ai greeted.

Felix nodded with an easy-going smile as he entered through the drop's entrance after his bracelet was scanned.

The instant he got in, he ran into Hina Suzuki and William Bently, riding on their hover platforms towards the gate.

"Feli..Felix?" Hina's eyes widened in disbelief the instant she spotted Felix.

William's reaction was no different as he was also left stunned by Felix's sudden appearence.

"How is it going guys?" Felix greeted with a faint smile as he parked near them.

Skeptical, Hina narrowed her eyes and span around Felix, having a bit of trouble believing that Felix would bother come down here.

"Leo, you really deserve a beating...Haven't we warned you to not disguise as Felix to prank us again?"

"Wait what?" Felix replied speechlessly, not expecting such a response after his long absence.

"Hina, stop it." William smiled politely and gave Felix a handshake, "Welcome back captain."

"Thanks." Felix chuckled, "Looks like Leo was making trouble while I was gone."

"You have no idea." William inquired, "Are you here for a brief visit?"

"No, I will be staying for a while." Felix replied.

"Great, we were on our way to the beach." William smiled as he invited, "We have a barbecue party to celebrate our promotion. I hope you join us."

"Barbecue party?" Felix agreed eagerly, "I can't say no to barbecued ribs."

Only after seeing that Felix and William were going ahead of her did Hina finally break out of her daze.

"Wait for mee!!"


After a short while, Felix had reached the beach and was taken aback by the festivities in it.

The party wasn't small in the slightest as everyone with a role to help the earthling team get promoted was invited.

From the staff members to the ESGOrganization's members.

Loud music was played in the background as many chefs were making hamburgers, barbecued ribs, salads, and more delicious food.

Some were eating and some were having fun by swimming or playing beach volleyball.

"Guys, look who we brought." Hina shouted as she waved her hands at Olivia, Sylvia, and the rest of the team.

The moment they turned around and spotted Felix looking around him with his known easy-going smile, they immediately halted whatever they were doing.

"CAPTAIN!!" Leo and Rolandinhio jumped from the water akin to fish and sprinted towards Felix with excited expressions.

The rest of the team followed them as well, leaving everyone else to watch from afar, not daring to approach Felix.

"I missed you guys." Felix said as he hugged his teammates one by one.

"You should have visited more often then." Sylvia chided as she hugged him briefly.

"My bad, my bad." Felix chuckled.

He didn't want to tell them that he had spent an entire century without meeting them.

"Where is my little Oli?" Felix wondered as he glanced around the crowd.

"I am here..." Olivia waved her hand from the back, letting Felix see only her fingers.

"Are you not planning to get taller or what?" Felix mused as he pushed his way through the crowd.

When he reached Olivia and saw that her eyes were a bit watery, his expression softened and patted her in the head just like he always did.

"I missed you dummy..." Olivia sniffled as she hugged Felix tightly.

"I know, I know...I am here now." Felix smiled bitterly as he returned the hug.

Felix always had a soft spot for Olivia no matter how strong or how far he got in life.

She was his childhood friend and the only one in the family, who didn't shun him even when he was being a pain in the ass.

It might be seen as nothing, but for young Felix, who had no one besides him, it was everything.

If it were up to him, he would have defintely helped Olivia find her own path forward just like Noah instead of getting stuck here.

Alas...Primogenitors' time was precious, and they refused to waste it on just anyone.


"So, you finally decided to rejoin the planetary games?! Did something happen?" Sylvia raised an eyebrow in surprise after hearing Felix's announcement.

The rest of the team were also pretty startled by it...They thought that Felix merely decided to check on them and leave again.

"Nothing happened." Felix smiled, "I was just worried about you guys not making it out alive in next diamond games...We already suffered some unfortunate losses."

The atmosphere turned gloomy and remorseful after Felix mentioned deaths. Throughout their planetary games, the team hadn't got out of them completely unscathed.

They had lost tens of secondary members during games that required more than ten members...To make matters worse, they had also lost a couple of main members.

"Aadav, Arno, and Zhang Wei...May you rest in peace brothers." Leo wished with a saddened tone as he lifted his glass.

The others lifted their glasses as well, toasting for the dead silently.

Even with the surrender option available in the planetary games, deaths were still bound to occur.

Fortunately, with Noah's upgrades, no one died in the latest games, making the team feel somewhat at ease.

"You guys have done more than enough, and I am truly proud of you." Felix smiled genuinely as he offered, "But, for the next diamond games, I suggest that you let me take care of them alone."

Everyone went quiet after hearing Felix's request.

They wanted to retort and tell him that he had no right to keep them at side after finally reaching this far.

But even the dumbest of them understood that Felix was doing this just for this safety.

"Ahhh...This really sucks balls. We finally get to fight alongside the captain, and it happens to be in diamond games." Leo threw a rock at the beach in frustration.

No matter how brash and crude Leo was, he knew his limitations very, very well.

From their latest promotion game, he understood that none of them was ready to face the terrors in the diamond rank.

"I believe that only Noah is capable of offering some assistance to Felix." Sophie expressed in derision, "For the rest of us, we will only be there for numbers."

"Captain, can't you do something about this?" Ronaldinho requested, "I believe that the Phantom Organization can help us become like Noah if you recommended us."

"Yes! We will really provide great help if each of us managed to reach Noah's current strength."

Felix could only smile wryly in his mind, not knowing how he should break out the truth to them.

The lie about the Phantom Organization had gone too far, he could see that his teammates were still holding into hope of being picked by the organization.

In their eyes, if Noah was picked and turned into a half-werewolf while also given the complete mythical bloodline, then there was a chance for them as well.

However, if Felix came clean and told them about the primogenitors, he knew that it would break them.

'They are bound to know the truth eventually. ' Asna advised, 'Better tell them now.'

'I disagree.' Felix shook his head, 'If I tell them now, they will know that their future path has been cut off. It's best to leave them with some hope until the day I figure out a way for humans to get stronger as a collective.'

Stripping them of that bit of hope would be the most evil thing ever to do at the moment.

So, Felix answered them with, "I will see what I can do...But, don't keep your hopes up."

This was enough to make everyone feel enthusiastic.

"Tomorrow morning, I will be spinning the wheel." Felix changed the subject swiftly, "I will decide then on the team members based on the game and our opponents."

Although Felix said that he wanted to take the diamond games alone, it didn't mean that he would be allowed by the platform to enter without the appropriate numbers.

"Looks like we will be fighting for the front-row seats of live massacre." Sophie giggled.

"You are too optimistic." Leo snickered, "I doubt any team wouldn't instantly surrender after finding out about our captain's participation."

"I second that."