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Seeing that no one wanted to back down, Felix let Queen Ai pick his teammates randomly. Naturally, the main team members were already included.

After twenty-three teammates got picked, Felix requested from Queen Ai, "Please mark us as ready for the game."

"Are you certain?"

"Yes." Felix confirmed.

"Done, you will be informed one hour before the start of the game if the other team had given up on their preparation period as well." Queen Ai disclosed.

"Well, let's hope so." Felix wished.

Although Felix wanted to conclude the diamond games in the next fifteen days, he understood that depended heavily on luck.

In each game, the teams were given a moderate period of preparation.

The teams were allowed to use their period fully even if their opponents had already declared their readiness to start the game.

Thankfully, their opponent marked their readiness in the third day.

This usually oozed a good level of confident in their strength since the teams had no idea about their opponents' identity until they meet face to face in the game hall.


"Hehe, we are against the earthling team."

"Tsk, if we had known we will be against them, we would have marked our readiness in the first second."

"Looks like they are a bit mistaken about the level difference between diamond and platinum rank."

In the game hall, a large group of noble vampires were discussing out loud as they kept eyeing Olivia, Noah, and the rest.

None of them seemed a bit worried or afraid that they met with the earthling team.

After all, it was known knowledge in the universe that Felix had ditched the earthling team and wasn't too concerned with its matters.

'Hmmm? Am I imagining stuff or are they giving us sympathetic looks?' A vampire with a short gray hair and bloodish eyes suddenly frowned.

The rest of his teammates' expression changed for the worse as well after noticing the same...In their minds, the earthling team should be quivering in fear or at least have solemn expressions.

Not stare at them like they were watching dead men walking.

'Hmmm? Are they missing someone? I counted only twenty-two.'

The instant the vampires team captain said so, a brilliant flash of light manifested in front of the earthling team.

"Sorry, I am late. I was taking a piss." Felix emerged from the flash of light with an easy-going smile.

The moment the vampires saw Felix and his unique known mutations, their already pale skin turned paler like they had just seen the grim reaper in his flesh!

"Lan..Lan..Landlord..It's Landlord..."

One of the vampires kept stuttering with eyes filled with nothing but absolute horror as he pointed his shaky finger at Felix.

"Will you look at that?" Felix laughed with a delighted look, "Isn't it my favorite race in the whole universe?"

Upon hearing his dreadful sarcastic voice, the vampires' souls left their bodies as their minds started to show them memories of Felix's barbaric dealings with other vampires.

It was like trying to warn them to get the f*ck out of here as fast as possible!


'Oh my god, oh my god, we are going to get slaughtered...'

'Captain! We have to surrender! Please! I am not going in the same arena as that monster!'

The vampires' telepathic chat was going haywire with terrified screams and begging.

This was nothing but a natural reaction to seeing the monster, who slayed even royal dragons in their own turf!

To make matters even more harrowing, those royal dragons were ranked as peak-tier radiant players!

If only they knew about prince Domino's fate, they would have honestly pissed their pants in fright.

'Be quiet and stand tall! Your behavior isn't befitting of noble vampires.' The vampires team captain chided them with a cold tone, 'Plus, no matter how much you beg, we can't surrender until we demonstrate that we don't have any other options to win.'

Although surrender was an option in the planetary games, the teams didn't have the freedom to use it as they pleased.

Only after Queen Ai had deemed that their chances to win the game were obsolete would she accept their surrender plea.

After being reminded as so, most of the vampires tried their best to hide the fear in their eyes and establish their elegant appearence.

"That's what I like to see." Felix praised with a sincere tone as he eyed the vampires, "There is no need to feel afraid of me. I can't use my mass destructive abilities and can't harm anyone without the ball in his possession."

"So, you guys can win this if you gave it your all." Felix concluded his speech by cheering them with a thumbs up.

Whether it was the vampires or Felix's teammates, all of them were left at lose for words.

Knowing that Felix was a big bully made them unable to understand his reasoning for his supportive intentions.

'I don't know whether this bastard is making fun of us or not.' The vampires team captain smiled coldly, 'But he does have a solid point. The rules are to our advantage as they limit his strengths immensely. Since his teammates are trash, we can use them to drag him down.'

'Plus, the condition to win the game is to score goals. We just have to focus on that, and we might pull this off!'

With Felix's speech and their captain's speech, the vampires' eyes were finally showing glimmer of hope about this game.

'Hehehe, that's right, feel hopeful my little targets.' Felix grinned widely in his mind, 'How can I test out my new techniques if you will surrender immediately?'

Asna rolled her eyes at his dastardly behavior and returned to watching her drama, not too interested in watching him practice his techniques.

In a short while, the judge of this game appeared above everyone and greeted them.

The judge was called Miss Dacia. She was from the Spider Kin and was quite polite and kind...Especially when dealing with Felix like she was treating her boss.

This made the vampires team upset, but they couldn't raise their voices as she controlled their fate in the game.

After the rules were explained and a Q/A segment, the teams were finally sent down to the stadium.

Noah!! Noah!! Noah!! Noah!! Noah!! Artemis! Artemis! Artemis! Artemis!...

Immediately after Felix opened his eyes in the green field, his sensitive ears picked two recurring names from the chaotic chants of the wild fans.

'Looks like Noah has grown a stable fan base in this platform.' Felix chuckled as he watched Noah react expressionlessly towards the love shown to him by his fans.

It did make sense as Noah was currently considered as one of the prides of the human race due to his contributions for the earthling team.

Alas, it didn't take even a couple of seconds before the spectators went quiet, having their mouths wide agape at the sight of Felix's face being placed in the big screen.

Whether they were vampires viewers or humans...All of them felt chills course on their spine!

The only differnece was that the humans' reaction was out of pure excitement and thrill while the vampires were out of fright and shock!

"Ladies and Gentlemen! This game is a special case as we have a true celebrity among us!" Miss Dacia smiled widely and announced passionately, "Give your loudest applause to the one and only, The Dragonslayer and the undefeated King, LANDLOOORD!!"


Just like their switches were being flipped, the spectators screamed at the top of their lungs while smashing their hands together until they turned crimson red just like their cheeks!

Then, there was no Noah, no Artemis, just a single unified chant that rocked the entire stadium and made the green grass dance with the vibration.


In The presence of the true king, the peasants could only bow their heads in respect!