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Unbeknownst to Miss Dacia and the shocked viewers, the bullet hadn't even reached half of its maximum acceleration due to the limited distance!!

"Hey, hey, hey, what do you mean by surrender?! Get your shit together!" Felix scolded from afar after seeing that the vampires were all requesting to surrender loudly.

He still had many untested techniques and the vampires were already attempting to run away.

'Your request has been denied.' Queen Ai disclosed.

Fortunately, Queen Ai deemed that the vampires still had a chance to win the game because of their large numbers.

Just because the captain died, it didn't mean that the team had completely lost hope.

'Greedy bastards! Wasn't it enough to put us against a monster?!' The vampires vice captain cursed furiously.

He understood that SGAlliance wasn't concerned with their safety or life whatsoever...But only viewership, entertainment, and money.

In other words, they wouldn't be able to surrender until the game was truly deemed unwinnable.

'Stay away from the ball and let them score goals.'

The vampires vice captain ordered, knowing exactly what he needed to do to survive through this game.

'But, if we do this, Queen Ai would consider as throwing the game and punish us even heavily.'

'I know, just attempt to make some blocks from a distance.'

When Felix saw that the vampires had all sprinted towards the edges of the field, he knew what they were trying to do.

"Noah, you want some free points?" Felix asked.

Noah nodded.

"Go pick the ball and sprint towards the goal-line." Felix smirked faintly, "Leave the rest to me."

Without an ounce of hesitation, Noah bent his knees until veins popped out on his thighs and then charged towards the ball at the top of his speed.

Not slowing down in the slightest, Noah swooped the ball with one hand and continued his sprint in direction of the goal-line.

'Marcus, you handle this round.' Vampires vice captain ordered.

'Why me...' Marcus gulped a mouthful in dread as he eyed Felix from a distance.

'Just fire a blood needle at that dirty half werewolf! Landlord won't be able to react fast enough and kill you.'

Knowing that he couldn't argue with the vice-captain authority, Marcus could only bite the bullet and do as he was told.

Though, he went an extra mile for his safety and manifested a thick five meters wall of crystallized blood to defend himself against Felix's bullets.

Then, he created a tiny blood needle and fired it immediately at Noah.

Before the blood needle could cross half its distance, Marcus felt a sudden pain in his chest followed by a sense of emptiness.

With a dazed expression, he looked down and realized that his torso had a humongous circular hole!


Before his mind could process the situation, the thunderous' noise of the sniper rifle resounded loudly in his ears, followed by the noise of his crystallized wall blowing out into fragments.

When his teammates turned to look at him, they saw him getting showered by the crystallized blood fragments, burying him under a giant mountain of rubble.

Ting Ting Ting!

The stadium was encased in celebratory fireworks after Noah passed through the goal-line, scoring his team a goal worth 3 points.

Yet, no one was paying attention to him as everyone's eyes were affixed on Felix's sniper rifle that was emitting smoke from the muzzle due to the bullet friction with the barrel.

'We are doomed...' The vampires vice captain fell on his knees with a face filled with nothing but despair.

If even playing defensively wasn't working, what else were they supposed to do?

His reaction was no different from the rest of his teammates, who felt like they were merely practice targets for Felix's accuracy.

'Queen! Isn't this enough?! We can't win this sh*t!'

'Calculating your odds...Calculation over...You may surrender.'

Just like he saw a ray of sunshine through the clouds, the vampires vice captains' eyes reflected a brilliant shimmer at Queen Ai's announcement.

Without an ounce of hesitation, he shouted loudly, "We surrender!"

This time it was approved by Queen Ai.

-Congratulation to the Earthling Team, you have emerged victorious due to the opponent forfeit-

Queen Ai announced out loud, causing Felix's expression to turn sour immediately.

"F*ck you, Landlord! I wish you get bullied in the same manner in your radiant games!" The vampires vice captain didn't forget to leave a hateful remark before escaping with his tail between his legs.

All the vampires teleported outside the stadium, still fearing that Felix might blow their heads off.

"I barely warmed up." Felix sighed while breaking his sniper rifle into light particles.

He thought that going against diamond ranked teams, he would at least test out some techniques before he reached the Racial Games.

'I should aim straight to Racial Games if I want some real work out.'

This unsatisfactory ending had made drop out any thought of having some training in the diamond rank.

He truly underestimated his level up!


For the next three diamond games, Felix had installed terrors in the hearts of his opponents with merely his sniper rifle.

He didn't need to rely on his physical strength, his battleaxe, or even other abilities...The sniper rifle was enough to cause his opponents to forfeit to save themselves from getting sniped.

Though, Felix's rampage in the planetery platform had risen a massive backlash from many races as they called him an abuser and a bully.

Felix didn't give a shit about those losers' hateful remarks, knowing that it was near impossible to win an argument over haters and morons.

Clap Clap Clap!...

In the Drop's cafeteria, the team and the staff were celebrating the historical moment of the earthling team promotion to radiant rank.

In fact, most of the humans around the universe were also partying and celebrating proudly.

This was the first human team to make it to radiant rank, which was an even bigger deal than Felix's promotions.

After all, Felix was representing himself first and foremost.

Although everyone felt proud to have him represent them in the ISGPlatform, it wasn't the same as an entire team joining the radiant rank.

Knowing that Felix was ambitious, no one doubted that he wouldn't participate in the Racial Games and bring them true honor, glory, and most importantly, raise their rank in the alliance!

"When are you planning to start your first Racial Game?" Olivia wondered.

"Quite soon." Felix answered, "I have some urgent matters to take care off first."

Those three diamond games had taken Felix more than fourteen days to conclude...In other words, he was about to reach the nine elvish realms.

Felix felt that it would better to focus on the ladder climb after he settled in Forlond.


The Next Morning...

'Sir Felix, we have arrived at the first elvish realm, Forlond.' Queen Ai announced.

'Reduce the speed...I wanna see this.' Felix requested while logging out from the UVR.

He jumped from the VR Pod and swiftly went to the nearest window to him.

The moment he glanced outside, his breath was stolen away by one of the most magnificent sights in the universe.

Cosmic brown branches were stretching from one end of the horizon to the other...They were so thick, Millions of planets the size of Earth could fit inside of them!

This wasn't all, those branches were thick from one end and thin on the other. Each branch had countless other twigs attached to them. In those twigs, green smooth and flat leaves were affixed on them.

Felix knew that he merely saw an incredibly small percentage of the World Tree as it was as big as half of a galaxy!

The Nine Elvish Realms weren't mere planets but actual stellar constellations, which were spread on this gargantuan living tree.

The Ninth Realm was called Amonserin.

It was situated around the World Tree roots...This realm was accessible to all races as it was owned and ruled by the banished Half-Elves.

The Eight Realm was called Hoskadi and positioned on the Base of the World Tree.

The races on it ranged from Elves, Cactalfolk, Alraunes, Elderwoods, Treants, and more unique plant-based races.

They do not allow anyone to enter their realm.

From the eight realm and onward, the requirement to enter their territories get stricter and stricter.

That's because the seventh realm was ruled by the Night-Elves, the sixth was owned by the Snow-Elves, the fifth was controlled by the Wood-Elves, and so on.

All of those mentioned elves were pure blooded and had a general dislike to every other race.

They might tolerate them when necessary, but they refused to open their doors to just any other Joe.

"I can't believe someone can be this big and conscious while having thousands of races living on her body." Felix thought out loud in wonder, "Lady Yggdrasil is truly a unique cosmic being that doesn't strike me at all as a primogenitor."

"It's normal to feel this way." Lady Sphinx answered, "Lady Yggdrasil is the only primogenitor, who wasn't conscious before she got awakened."

"What do you mean?"

"She was a mere common tree when the universe chose to gift her intelligence and other powers."