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The Next Morning...

Elnora returned to Felix's room and knocked on the door twice.

"Good morning." Felix smiled kindly after he opened his door.

"Good morning to you too." Elnora nodded with the same honest and thoughtful expression, not knowing that Felix was already on to her bullsh*t.

"Have you eaten breakfast yet?" Elnora invited, "We will be having breakfast soon with the Queen and the rest of the family if you want to join us."

"Oh no, I would rather not be a nuisance." Felix shook his hands in front of him with an embarrassed look.

"Come on! It will be fine." Elnora hugged Felix's arm again and pulled him with her, "Selphie will scold us if she knew that we aren't being good hosts."


'Candace, go to the dining room ahead and listen to what they are talking about.'

'On it.'

Candace instantly teleported to the dining room and was met with the Queen, Moana, Carwen, some elderly elves, and a couple more gorgeous young elves.

All of them were sitting around one long white table that was filled with all kinds of food...Most of them were vegetarian food, but there were some meat options.

Elves might love nature, but it didn't mean that they weren't omnivores...To them being a vegetarian is an option, not a forced choice.

"Elnora went to get the human." Queen Alfreda said calmly as she eyed her family members, "I want you all in your best behavior."

"How can I act normal when I know that a human is sharing the same table as I?" Aegnor complained with a visible disgusted look in his face.

He was the male cousin of Selphie and someone who really care about her...Just like most elves, he had a dazzling flowing long golden hair and a luminous green eyes.

He reacted like this without even knowing that Selphie had strong feelings for Felix! If he knew, he would have probably exploded into a fit.

"I am on little Aegnor side on this one, Queen." Elder Elba spoke composedly while staring at Queen Alfreda right in her soul.

In this entire table, no one else was capable of doing so besides Elder Elba.

It was quite normal as she was the previous Queen of the nine realms before relishing her seat to Queen Alfreda when she reached the retirement age.

The High elves royalty system was just as unique as the dragons royal family.

That's because the Queen chosen to rule over the nine realms had no relation to the family bloodline or even competence.

Only Lady Yggdrasil could pick the new Queen and decide to retire one anytime she wished without anyone's raising a single complaint.

That's why Selphie was believed to be the only next heir to the nine realms as she was Lady Yggdrasil's adoptive daughter.

"I am not the one asking you." Queen Alfreda replied calmly, "It's from our mother...He has been invited by her, and she expected us to treat him like any other guest."

"Mother tree invited him? How come?" Aegnor frowned with clear signs of displeasure on his face.

He knew that if it was an order from mother tree, then he would have no choice but to abide by it silently.

"He is Lady Sphinx's student and I guess his master has made a request or something." Queen Alfreda replied.

"Don't tell me he is here because of the life essence fountain?" Baron snapped his eyes open in shock, finally joining the conversation.

He was the twin brother of Aegnor, making him possess the exact features of his brother.

Though, his personality was a bit different as he was the silent type.

"Now that I think about it...It has to be it." Aegnor's expression got cold, "I would rather kill him and then kill myself than watch him touch a single drop of our sacred water."

In Aegnor's eyes, he knew that his mother was too nice and wouldn't mind giving Felix a bottle of life essence as a gift.

But, he refused to entertain the thought that a human would touch their sacred water, when other elvish races barely get a bottle in their entire lifetime.

It was an extremely finite resource and the High Elves manage it with incredible frugality.

Thankfully, he had no idea that Felix had already secured taking an actual bath on their sacred water...

"Whether he is here for the life essence or something else, I want you on your best behavior." Queen Alfreda said again, not wanting to expose Felix's relation with Selphie.

It might look good to turn the entire royal family on Felix by telling them that he had tricked Selphie to fall for him and planned to ruin her life, but she wasn't that foolish.

She understood that some ambitious cousins would use this against Selphie to attempt and take away the heir status from her.

In the case of Moana, Elnora, and Carwen, they weren't interested in the Queen position and were great friends to Selphie, allowing the Queen to entrust them with that mission.

But there were others, who still hadn't given up even when Lady Yggdrasil had adopted Selphie as her daughter.

If they ever knew about Selphie falling for Felix, they wouldn't hesitate to use it against her.

'What a bunch of snubs.' Mistress Candace cursed coldly before returning to Felix and telling him what she heard.

When it came to being a spy, Mistress Candace was just too godly as no one could sense her through the dimensions while she could hear and see everything.

Felix never bothered to use her as a spy since there wasn't really many situations that called for it.

'Looks like the royal family isn't as united as I thought.' Felix grinned, 'I can use this to my advantage.'

'They have really invited a fox amidst them.' Asna giggled, knowing that Felix was up to no good.

Felix easily figured this out when he heard that Queen Alfreda didn't share his relation with Selphie to everyone.


In a few moments, Felix arrived at the dinning room with Elnora and was met with everyone's eyes staring at him like he was monkey in a zoo.

Felix ignored their looks and introduced himself as politely as possible while also thanking them for their great hospitality.

"Please sit, no need for formalities in this house." Moana smiled charmingly as she went towards Felix and helped him to his seat.

It was between Carwen and Elnora, making sure to take every small advantage at making a move at Felix.

"Let's eat." Queen Alfreda said calmly, not bothering to glance in Felix's direction even once.

'Damn, this is a new level of hate for someone I have never met...No wonder our dealings with the elves turned for the worst the moment she became the Queen.' Felix wasn't too pleased with this as he didn't expect that Queen's level of racism was this high.

Still, Felix retained his kind and gentle expression as he ate his breakfast with them.

Whenever they asked him something, he always gives an answer that would make them feel good about themselves.

Even when they wanted to know about the purpose of his visit to their realm, Felix told them that he wanted to spend a couple of years to meditate in their peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.

He neither mentioned Selphie nor their life essence fountain and this had pleased some of them.

Although there were some conversations here and there, the atmosphere was still pretty awkward.

This caused Queen Alfreda, Aegnor, and his brother Baron to excuse themselves.

With time passing by, more and more royal elves retreated from the table, leaving only Felix, Elnora, Moana, and Carwen.

"I believe you haven't taken a bath yet." Elnora advised, "The hot springs is not being used at the moment, you should take advantage of that."

'This b*tch still hasn't given up.' Asna snorted in derision.

"Thank you, but I have already taken a bathe at dawn." Felix answered with an honest look, "You were right, it really does help remove fatigue."

"I see...You already went." Elnora's eyelids twitched.

"Thank you for the breakfast, I will be returning to my room now." Felix wiped his hands while standing up, "I have some matters to deal with in the UVR."

"Let us walk you back." Elnora could only suggest this after hearing that he had to deal with urgent matters.

She wanted to invite him for an outside picnic, but she got shut down before she could propose so.

After they walked Felix to his room, the girls gathered in Elnora's room again.

"Argh...Why is it this hard to get some alone time with him."

"He is as slippery as an eel." Elnora sighed.

"It's alright." Carwen said softly, "We have plenty of time."

"Yes, he said that he will be here for a couple of years. Let's not rush things out lest we ruin our chances."

Alas...The girls had absolutely no idea how much of a menace Felix was going to be!

For the next month, Felix had completely driven them mad as he always foiled their plans while still maintaining his saint-like persona.

They weren't the only ones being affected heavily by Felix as he had his web stretching to even the other royal elves!

He used Mistress Candace to spy on every one of them to understand what they like and dislike. He used this information to his advantage to win over some royal elves to his camp.

Baron Olafiel was one of his recent victories as he had turned him from a human hater into his buddy!

Unlike Queen Alfreda, the other royal elves simply despise humans because they kidnapped elves and used them as sex slaves.

But with Felix's smooth talking and amiable personality, he managed to easily show them another side of humans, which was enough to get rid of some of their prejudge.

Now that he finally had some allies in the palace, Felix could focus on other matters.

"It's time to take part in a Racial Game."