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Felix logged in to the UVR and entered the earthling's team headquarters...Olivia, Noah, and the rest of the team were already grouped up as he had summoned them beforehand.

"We are really going to do this." Olivia spoke nervously while watching Felix manifest the SGAlliance's website.

The moment Felix entered the game tab, Queen Ai announced loudly, "Your team is eligible to participate in the Racial Supremacy Games Platform. If you don't want to enter the platform, you will carry on your climb in the planetary platform as normal."

Then, she displayed a contract before them that had the rules and terms of joining this platform.

Felix and the others read the contract carefully, knowing that the Racial Games Platform was a whole different thing than what they were used to dealing with.

First, there were no standard ranks like silver, gold, radiant, etc.

The ranks were based from number one to number one hundred. This was the allowed number of teams in the Racial Games.

For newcomers like them, they would be considered as having a mere half foot in the Racial Platform until they become one of the hundred teams.

The worst part, they only had two chances to steal a team's rank.

If they lost twice, they would be kicked out of the RSGPlatform forever, sending them back to the PSGPlaform.

Fortunately, the newcomer teams were given the option to choose their opponent from the list instead of it being randomized.

In other words, they could pick the weakest team and study them carefully before they enter a game against them.

This system was only available for newcomers to give them a slight boost...The teams on the list get randomized opponents that were close to their rank.

After Felix finished reading the contract, he looked at everyone and asked, "Is everything understood?"

Everyone nodded with stern expressions.

Felix scrolled to the bottom of the contract and saw a simple question inside a box.

-Do you agree to join the RSGPlatform?-


The moment Felix pressed on 'YES', the contract exploded into thunderous fireworks, followed by Queen Ai congratulating the team for joining the platform.

This wasn't all, every human wearing an AP bracelet received three notifications written as such:

-Congratulation to The Earthling Team for being the first team to join the RSGPlatform!-

-Congratulation to the human race for having a representative team in the RSGPlatform!-

-The human race is now eligible to earn SGPoints from the RSGPlatform!-

This was enough to cause everyone to have a momentary pause and reread the notifications with burning heat rising within their chest.

It didn't matter if they were kids, adults, rich, poor, leaders, followers, or even criminals!

Everyone felt a new sense of pride get unlocked within them at the notion that a team made out of humans had reached the most honorable platform in the universe!

A platform that defies whether a race was strong or not!

A platform that truly brings out the nationalism in everyone due to the high stakes placed in each game!

A platform that was so out of their reach, no human ever dreamt of hearing such announcements in their lives!

When the Earthling team got promoted to radiant rank, everyone assumed that Felix would join this platform...But, they had waited an entire month without anything to confirm their assumption!

At last, it happened!

"The media is going wild because of us." Sylvia commentated as she watched her entire social media exploding with news and titles related to them.

"Heh, I never thought I will see my name topping the charts in the galaxy like this." Leo smiled foolishly as he took screenshots of his name in those articles.

Sure, his name was merely being mentioned in the middle of articles instead of title, but this was enough to make his entire week.

The news kept going viral until it reached other galaxies.

This brought the news to all the teams within the RSGPlaform, causing them to demonstrate myriad of reactions.

Some scoffed, some were interested, and some simply didn't care.

However, all of them were pretty certain about one thing.

The Earthling team wasn't going to make it very far or probably even not make it to the list!

It wasn't because they were looking down on Felix...In fact, most of them respected and somewhat dreaded Felix.

Nevertheless, they did look down on his team as they knew that the platform was simply way out of their comfort zone.

Since the games were team-based, teamwork was out of utmost importance...The earthling team had no such thing.

"Let's pick our opponent."

Felix didn't give a shit about anyone's opinion as he swiftly manifested the list of teams before everyone.

//1) Zhuham's team/Win rate: 97%/Games played in this cycle: 25/SGPoints collected: 15718900p.

2) Decrilia's team/Win rate: 93%/Games played in this cycle: 29/SGPoints collected: 13561000p.

3) Yollora's team/Win rate: 93%/Games played in this cycle: 34/SGPoints collected: 12354804p.

4) Forlond's team/Win rate: 93%/Games played in this cycle: 35/SGPoints collected: 11466402p.

20) Tounia's team/Win rate: 75%/Games played in this cycle: 40/SGPoints collected: 8237800p.

80) Vugonia's team/Win rate: 49%/Games played in this cycle: 45/SGPoints collected: 3451190p.

100) Zoxoter's team/Win rate: 30%/Games played in this cycle: 55/SGPoints collected: 1305787p.//

"97% win rate...Damn, the dragons' main team is really dominating the platform." Leo sucked a deep cold breath.

"That's not the most important thing." Felix waved his hand and highlighted all the dragon teams within the list.

This time, everyone gasped out loud after seeing that there were more than twenty dragon teams spread out in the list!

All of them were in the top sixty and had millions of SGPoints under their belt!

"No wonder the dragon race never loses their number one rank in the alliance." Hina said with an envious tone.

Dragons had ten teams representing them and farming them SGPoints in each cycle while most races didn't even have one.

The worst part? All of them believed that dragons could add more teams if they wished!

"I am more surprised by the Hive Race main team." Sophie said, "They are actually at number two."

"That's normal." Felix replied with a serious tone, "There are some races that have a few monsters sent to represent them...The Hive Race main team is made completely out of the Queen's Scarlet Royal Guards."

Everyone gulped a mouthful in dread after the royal guards were brought up.

Who could blame them? The Hive Race royal guards were considered to be much scarier than even the Hive race queen!

In fact, they were dreaded even by dragons as their abilities had surpassed the realm of hallucinations and illusion.

They were capable of harming others consciousness and souls by a mere glance!

"Don't be too scared." Felix comforted, "We won't be meeting with such monsters even if we wanted."

"He is right, we will be spending a lot of time dealing with the teams in the bottom of the list." Sylvia nodded.

"So, which team are we choosing?" Olivia pointed her finger at the last team in the list and said, "Aren't they the best option?"

The others nodded their heads in agreement, knowing that their best option was to pick the weakest team to secure their spot in the list...Especially when Felix was going to be fighting solo.

Unfortunately, Felix didn't share the same thought process as them.

"Let's go with them." Felix smiled faintly as he pointed his finger at the bottom of the list.

When Olivia and others saw the team he was aiming at, they felt goosebumps course on their skin.

"Cap...Captain, did you make a mistake?" Leo stuttered as he stared at the team with eyes void of any emotion but dread.

Who could blame him? Felix had jumped all the way to the eighty rank and picked Vugonia's team!!

He had skipped twenty teams altogether, something that no other newcomer team dared of doing!