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Thankfully, Felix was saved from the troubles of going through those options as most of his teammates still volunteered to join the game, trusting blindly in Felix's capablities.

Felix was confident in his strength because he spent an entire century training like a madman.

But, his teammates had no idea about that and were still under the assumption that his elemental manipulation barely passed a hundred meters.

So, it was quite great leap forward to trust in him like that.

Right now, the team consisted of Felix, Noah, Olivia, Sylvia, Leo, Ronaldinho, Sophie, Hina, and two more members from the secondary team.

"I have sent the challenge to Vugonia's team." Felix said, "We have an entire month to prepare for the game...So, you guys better start learning how to cook properly."

"I can't boil an egg if my life depended on it..." Leo scratched his head in embarrassment.

"I am not as bad as you, but I still don't consider myself to be good at cooking." Sophie added.

"Looks like I will be the head chef." Hina assured everyone with a pretty smile, "I have been cooking ever since I was a child...So, you can depend on me."

Upon hearing so, Felix didn't hesitate to appoint her as their head chef, giving her complete responsibility over them.

"Since the game said it's going to be a titan, we need to practice cooking big portions of meat." Hina ordered with a serious tone, "Let's begin practice right now."

"You heard her." Felix waved his hand at them, sending them away.

After they left, Felix teleported back to his room, planning to practice his integration.

If he ever wanted to attempt integrating with Kraken Bloodline any time soon, he had to keep grinding his percentages with every opportunity he got.

In the past month, he had practiced with 16% twice and succeeded in pulling them off even though the death penalty was applied!

Still, Felix intended to do it again, not daring to risk raising it to 17% this early.


One month later...

The news about the earthling team challenging the Vugonia's team had been spread like wildfire by the alliance to hype it as much as possible and increase their viewership.

In a sense, they did succeed in achieving so as the live stream of the game had already surpassed ten trillion live concurrent viewers and was still raising each second!

Naturally, more than 80% of the viewers were humans, tuning in to support an actual team that finally represent them as a race.

Because the vulcans numbers were in the minority, their viewers barely reached 1%, causing them to get absolutely dominated by the humans.

Though, the vulcans were not bothered by this as they knew that their team was going to help them shut up everyone during the game.

"Do you think that Felix must have bitten more than he can chew on this one?" Elnora commentated as she had a holographic stream in front of her and some of her family members.

"This is Felix we are talking about...He knows what he is doing." Baron replied.

"Don't cry your eyes out when he goes down in flames." Aegnor snorted in derision as he watched the stream from the back of the room.

"We will see about that." Baron commentated calmly.

In less than two months, Felix had managed to cast his spell on Baron, completely turning him in his side and making him see that not all humans deserved to be hated.

Felix attempted to use Baron to win over his twin brother Aegnor, but he failed miserably.

Aegnor was a tough nut to crack, and nothing Felix did ever made him look at him like a person instead of just a monkey.

So, Felix gave up on him, knowing that he couldn't beat out the racism out of everyone.


Right now, Felix and his teammates had just gotten teleported inside the game hall with the Vugonia's team.

The captain of the vulcans walked down towards Felix and extended his hand forward with a composed and matured expression.

"Let's give it our best, Sir Landlord." He spoke formally with a rough tone like two hard objects grinding against each other.

"Likewise, Sir Moltenriver." Felix nodded politely as he shook his molten inflamed hand.

Soon, he broke it off and returned to his teammates, not bothering to acknowledge Noah and the others.

'What do you think, captain?' His vice captain, Waldbauer asked with a serious look.

'Hmm...His resistance to fire is indeed distressing.' Moltenriver frowned mentally after realizing that Felix didn't even flinch in their handshake.

'It doesn't matter much. As long as we stick to our strategy, he won't be able to win this game unless he isn't concerned about his teammates' lives.' The team's spearhead DavidZhu, commentated while pumping his fists together confidently.

'I honestly don't understand what made him pick us instead of a safe bet.' The team's anchor Autumnblaze shook her head in disapproval as she eyed Felix conversing with his teammates.

'There is no point in mentioning this now.' Moltenriver said calmly, 'We have been chosen and must do our very best to win this game. There is so much on stake here.'

Moltenriver didn't dare to underestimate the earthling team even though he knew that the game would be 1vs10.

He ought to feel this pressured since if they lost this game somehow, they would straightaway get demoted out of the platform one hundred teams list!

The worst part, they would be given merely one shot to return to the list by challenging another team and taking their rank.

If they lost it as well, their team would be banned from accessing the Racial Games platform in this cycle.

In other words, they would have to wait almost an entire decade before they could represent their race again.


After a couple of minutes, the judge of this game had emerged above everyone.

Ginger, oily hair tight in a ponytail revealed a lean, radiant face. Wide purple eyes, set narrowly within their sockets, and watched attentively over the two teams.

He had fox ears and five fluffy red tails under a baggy white robe...Just like all spirit foxes, he had a stunning face that capable of melting any girl at first sight.

"Greetings, I am Spiritanimal, but you can refer to me as just Spirit." Spiritanimal spoke composedly, "We don't have much time, so let's make this a quick one."

Without delay, Spiritanimal manifested a holographic screen and showed everyone a breathtaking landscape zoomed from above.

There were rainforests, mountains completely clad in greenery, flowing clean rivers, and most importantly, waterfalls spread out throughout the entire map.

This was Havana Falls, an actual popular destination in the ninth elvish realm.

The atmosphere was just too beautiful and peaceful, the girls felt that it was wrong to ruin it with their battles.

"Look here."

Spiritanimal ignored everyone's reaction and zoomed on a broad railway built from iron and wood that was going through forests, mountains, and even through some waterfalls.

The railway was connected from two opposites points in the map...At the start of the railways, there was a gigantic ironclad wheeled black cart.

It was big enough, the walls surpassed tens of meters while its surface was as vast as a basketball court.

The cart had a handle on the back like a shopping cart...It was being clutched tightly by a one eyed humongous humaniod titan.

He had a dumb look on his face while scratching his inverted nose with his dirty fingers.

'A Titan, one of the unluckiest races.' Felix thought to himself.

Those titans weren't born out of fiction but an actual race in the universe.

However, because of their low intelligence, they couldn't join the alliance as they had no idea how to use AP bracelets or such.

Still, the alliance had taken them under their wing and used them for manpower due to their humongous sizes that could reach up to one hundred meters if not more!

Plus, it was easy to control them as they only required food...As long as someone provided it continuously, they would stay loyal to that person for eternity.

"You will be placed randomly near one of the carts at the start of the game." Spiritanimal said, "Feed your titans, push the cart, and reach the center to win the game."

"Any questions?"