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"Are the carts or the railway destructible?" Sophie was the first to pop up a question.


"Should we be in the cart when it reaches the center or not?"

"Not required."

"Are the titans here the same in the real world or modified?"

"Slightly modified to listen to your orders after you fed them."

"What if we reached a slide and the titan wasn't fed? Will he stop the cart with him or let physics do its job?"

"Food is the fuel. It doesn't matter if your cart is going down a cliff. If the titan isn't fed, he will keep the cart affixed on its place."

More questions kept flying here and there as everyone was taking this game as seriously as possible...There was so much in stake, no one dared to fool around.

Sometime later, Spiritanimal concluded the Q&A and teleported back to the field, taking with him everyone else.

The moment Felix and the others opened their eyes, they found themselves on a smooth grass field while the live viewers were sitting in chairs high in the sky.

There were hundreds of millions, making them resemble an army of transparent ghosts.

Landlord! Landlord! Landlord! Landlord!!..

Just as always, Felix's name was in the tips of almost everyone's mouths, casting an immense pressure on his opponents and making his teammates a bit jealous.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this game is out of extreme important to both races as it provides an unprecedented opportunity to the human race and a dangerous threat to the vulcan race." Spiritanimal commentated with an articulate enticing voice, using a bit of his charm element to enhance his reach.

After the introduction, he kicked off the interview segment, focusing mostly on Felix and Moltenriver's opinions on this game.

When he got what he wanted, he returned to his platform and snapped his finger, teleporting both teams next to their carts and titans.

Then, he began the countdown, causing everyone's voices to harmonize together as they shouted out loud, "Three!!! Two!! One!! START!!"

Immediately after, Felix and the rest were unfrozen and began following the instructions of their strategies.

Noah transformed into a half-werewolf and dashed through the forest while being followed by Leo and Sylvia.

Meanwhile, Olivia, Hina, and the rest entered the cart and started preparing the 'Kitchen'.

As the rules stated, there were all kinds of tools for cooking...What's surprising, all of them were humongous from spoons, knifes, to pots and pans.

'My turn.' Felix cracked his neck and jumped on top of the cart...Then, he extended his hands and manifested a thick white dome above the cart, enclosing it completely shut!

Olivia and the others instantly got comfortable after the dome was completed.

They had seen white adamantine extraordinary toughness, allowing them to feel safer than ever within the cart.

Since the cart was indestructible, nothing could harm them!

"Smart of Landlord to protect his teammates in this manner." Spiritanimal commentated calmly, "But, how is he supposed to hunt for food? Maybe those three are the hunters?"

This question had surfaced on the minds of most viewers, knowing that the moment Felix walked away from the adamantine dome, it would disappear.

The answer came sooner than they anticipated as Felix had manifested a towering pillar in the center of the white dome.

The tower was big enough, it surpassed the titan's height, causing him to look at it with a childish curious look.

After doing so, Felix snapped his finger and created hundreds of golems with many colors and shapes, making them resemble gummy bears.

Some were carrying spears, some were swords, and some had empty carts attached to their back made out of gems as well.

"Root gemstone, bestow life on my subjects." Felix mumured as he exposed his transparent purplish gemstone in front of his golems.

It started emitting brilliant light that touched every one of them...After all of them had their eyes shimmering spiritedly, the root gemstone turned dim again.

"Is there a reason to create bodyguards while he is around?" Elnora titled her head in confusion.

"Maybe he wants to use them to hunt anything in nearby area?" Moana reasoned.

When they saw that Felix was separating his army into squads made out of different colored golems, they were even more confused.

Each squad had a giant horse-like golem with a cart that had slides on the bottom instead of wheels.

Additionally, there was a wide thin golem that resembled a walking mirror made out of hallucinating Olivsling orange gemstones.

Furthermore, one lean golem was created from white adamantine gemstone and had an empty basket affixed on his back.

The last two were born out of energy sucking green Etttelite gemstones...They were the ones carrying a spear and a sword.

"Basket holders, gather on me." Felix ordered while flying a few meters above ground.

Tens of white golems walked towards Felix and kneeled down respectfully.

Felix snapped his finger and forged countless spherical red gemstones that resembled hand grenades.

All of them were covered in a pink layer, which protected them from the friction with the wind.

Felix waved his hand and filled the baskets of those golems with Argadite's bombs...Then, he sent them back to their squads.

"Hunt anything that moves within one-kilometer radius." Felix ordered indifferently.

The golems' army's eyes turned red before they started moving towards the woods in disciplined formations.

"Did he just say one-kilometer radius?" Aegnor frowned, "Doesn't his manipulation ranges barely reach one hundred meters?"

"Yes...He must have made a mist..."

Before they could think too much of what Felix said, the golems' army already surpassed the one hundred meters mark and continued their journey.


" this possible...? He started using gemstone manipulation merely a couple of years ago?!"

Spiritanimal's nonchalant look was ruined in the first five minutes of the game by this unimaginable scene before everyone!

Even Queen Allura of the witch race was left completely startled, knowing that it was close to impossible to expand the manipulation range to such distance in mere few years even for the most talented elementalists in the universe!

Don't even mention Felix, who shown everyone that he was always struggling to expand his manipulation ranges!


Only after most golems reached such distance did they stop and start searching for their preys.

"How? Just how? No one is that talented!" Queen Alfreda was left in disbelief and shock just as everyone else.

She tuned in to the stream, wanting to cheer for Felix's death but ended up getting rocked to her core.

Even though she was a high elf with an entire different cultivation system, she understood clearly that the hardest thing for elementalists to enhance was their manipulation range.

Unless one spent decades to centuries of their precious time increasing their affinity to their elements, they could forget about enhancing it.

"He is a mere human...A mere talentless human in elemental affinities...His master must have had a hand in this! Without a doubt!"

Queen Alfreda's first guess was related to Lady Sphinx as she believed that if one someone was capable of pulling off such a miracle, it had to be the most knowledgeable being in the universe.

At least she reached such a reasonable conclusion.

Most viewers had absolutely no clue what to think as they watched the golems' army slaughtering beasts left and right...

There were only two types of viewers, who acted the same, even during such an impossibility.

Felix's fans and the royal dragons...

Ones were too used to Felix's miracles, they felt that it was the norm for such thing to happen.

The others knew that Felix had taken advantage of their dimensional pocket to train his manipulations.

Although they knew, none of them dared to open their mouths and expose Felix...In fact, they were sweating bullets at the thought of someone connecting the dots somehow!

"This can't be overlooked! If Landlord has found a useful method to fasten increasing the elemental range, he has to share it for the benefits of most races!" Spiritanimal commentated with a stern expression.

Unfortunately, his comment had backfired on him heavily as most viewers were humans!

[F*ck you! Our Lord doesn't have to share jack shit with anyone!]

[If he was a dragon or another race from the top ten rulers, you wouldn't have made such an unreasonable request!]

[Phantom Organization at it again! The researchers are truly a bunch of gods!]

If humans were going to benefit from Felix's method, they would have supported Spiritanimal's claim.

Alas, not a single human had a limited manipulation in the first place...So, why bother siding with the enemy?