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It didn't look like anyone guessed that the secret lied within the time difference of the dimensional pocket. After all, they weren't that common in the universe.

Dimensional pockets were already extremely rare to find...Don't even mention one with a vast time difference and accessible every half a century.

Honestly, even if a royal dragon exposed the truth, everyone would have a hard time believing in it since the dimensional pocket was shown to never have an area that was rich with gemstone affinity.

Without those rich areas, even if one spent an entire century trying to increase his elemental affinity, it would be close to impossible unless they had a godly talent that enabled them to sense their particular affinity through the neutral energy.

No one was found yet to be that talented...

"It must be our ancestor giving him a hand." Clan head Kyrsun commentated as he watched the stream with the rest of the officials.

"I can't believe our ancestor has helped him by this much." One of the officials sighed, "He refused to give our descendants a hand in the elemental manipulation even after we begged him."

It really didn't feel good to know that their ancestor was favoring a human over them.

Unfortunately, they could only suck it up and continue watching the game.

Unbeknownst to the mayhem he had caused, Felix could be seen chilling above the towering gemstone pillar while holding the same sniper rifle used in the elemental rugby game.

However, he didn't use it yet as he was guiding his army through the thick rainforest around the cart.

Instead of letting his army search randomly, he utilized his infra-ray vision to lead them towards their nearest prey.

Then, he embedded their fighting tactics straight into their consciousness, as he could easily establish connection with them due to the Root Gemstone.

'That's it boys, use my tactics to prevail.' Felix smiled faintly as he watched his golems squad follow exactly his instructions.

The wide thin orange golem made the first move by emerging in front of a freakish giant four-armed gorilla.

The sunlight bounced off Olivsling gemstone and caught the gorilla off guard, causing it to enter a hallucination world.

The two green golem warriors advanced and used their weapons to stab the gorilla over and over again.

Because the gorilla's skin was thick and tough to pierce, they merely left shallow wounds...But, it didn't matter much since they managed to devour its mental and physical energy until it was barely capable of supporting itself.

Only after the gorilla wasn't capable of moving any further would the white golem hurl an Argadite bomb at its head, exploding it into pieces.

After it died, they lifted its corpse and threw it on the back of the cart that was being pulled by the horse-like golem.

Then, they followed Felix's leads and sought another prey.

Since there were tens of such squads, this kind of efficient and mind-boggling hunt was happening all over the place, leaving the viewers completely at lose for words!

"He barely moved an inch, and he is already hunting more efficiently than the vulcans..." Spiritanimal commentated while showcasing the vulcans side.

Unlike the earthling team, they only left one person inside the cart, whose responsible for cooking the food.

The others spread out to hunt more prey and kick off their journey faster than the earthling team.

'Keep it up guys, nothing will matter if our cart isn't moving.' Moltenriver encouraged as he pulled his inflamed fist from the chest of a winged blue lion.

'Also, make sure to not damage your prey too much.' Waldbauer added, 'We need as much meat as possible.'

'Captain, should I make my move now?' Davidzou inquired.

Moltenriver glanced at his AP bracelet to check the time and then replied, 'Place your game in the cart and head out...You should catch them still on standby.'

'On it.'

Without delay, Davidzou threw his game near the cart and manifested a lava river and a molten surfboard.

Then, he sat on it causally and took off rapidly in direction of the earthling's team, following the railway.

"With Davidzou's current speed, he should reach the end of the railway track in ten minutes." Spiritanimal said, "Looks like the earthling team will be experiencing their first challenge."

The map was already extremely vast, reaching tens of thousands of kilometers if not more...With the railway not being in a straight line, each team really had to put effort to make it to the center without being bothered.

Davidzou's main job in this game was to keep the earthling team in check and especially Felix!

Unbeknownst to everyone, Felix already anticipated as much and prepared to deal with any interferences.


Five minutes later...

A couple of Felix's horse-like golems returned to the titan while dragging with them a cart filled to the brim with bloody corpses.

With just his external manipulation, Felix lifted them up and emptied everything inside the humongous cart after opening a small hole in the adamantine dome.

Then, he put them back on the ground and sent them to their squads for refill.

"Let's start cooking!" Hina clapped her hands loudly as she manifested spherical water bubbles near the corpses.

Olivia closed her eyes and used an ability that turned her hair strands into thin but extremely tough vines...Then, she controlled them to lift the corpses and wash them inside the water bubbles.

After she finished, she placed them next to Frank and Selma, the two teammates from the secondary team.

Frank was a giant hunk with hair covering his entire body, making him resemble a man in his forties.

He was an expert in knifes, swords, and blades due to his background of being from a bloodline clan that uses them as their primary weapons.

With such experience, he was given the skinning duties.

As for Mira? She was a cute short brunette girl with small scar next to her left eye.

She was Frank's little sister and was also part of the same bloodline clan, giving him extensive experience with knifes.

Hence, she was responsible over cutting the skinned corpse into smaller portions.

After those two finished their jobs, they passed over the processed meat to Sophie, who was responsible over seasoning it.

Only then would the meat get thrown into grills, pot, and even the giant pans, making sure to create as many types of dishes as possible.

Hina was responsible for cooking them and Ronaldinho for delivering the food to the titan with his lightning quick speed.

This created an efficient chain that allowed everyone to participate and have a rule in the game.

Felix might have said that he could do everything on his own, but he wasn't dumb and cocky to not utilize his teammates to their maximum potential.

If they could be helpful without hindering him, he would happily give them jobs to do.

"I have to admit that the humans' teamwork does look much better than the vulcans." Spiritanimal commentated, "I expected that Landlord will do everything on his own while trapping his teammates inside the cart akin to sheep for the rest of the game."

He wasn't the only one with such thoughts as the vulcans' viewers started getting antsy at the current unexpected development.

They could see that their team wasn't being as efficient as the humans since they left only one player to roast any corpse that landed in his hand.

Since the titans' endurance, speed, and overall states depended on the deliciousness of the food, they understood that their team would be left behind if things remained as they were.

However, just as gloominess was about to cloud their minds, Spiritanimal brought up an important note, "Unfortunately, the earthlings can't go on with this pace forever...Landlord's golems army is remarkable alright, but one kilometer in distance is still too short."

The moment he mentioned so, the viewers had realized that Felix's army was coming back with less and less game every time.

Before long, they were barely hunting anything and merely walking around aimlessly!

"That's unfortunate." Moana said, "If he wants to expand his range, he needs to move away from the cart...We all know that ain't happening."

While the vulcans were going deep in the forest and hunting much dangerous and rarer creatures, Felix was bound to hunt in one-kilometer radius around the cart.

In their eyes, even if they cooked much better, it wouldn't really matter much if the the quantity and quality of the ingredients was lacking compared to the vulcans!

In other words, one vulcan roasting all the food was still going to beat the earthlings' teamwork!

Sadly, before the vulcans' viewers could recover their confidence, Felix had to shatter it.

'Noah, Sylvia, Leo, enough hunting on your own.' Felix massaged his shoulders while lifting his sniper rifle, 'It's time to kick off our second step of the plan.'

'I am ready.'

'I am in my position.'

'Ahh, Ronaldinho would have been better for this.'

Noah, Sylvia, and Leo all replied simultaneously while being spread out tens of kilometers away from the cart.

Felix entered his sniper posture and placed a white bullet inside the chamber.

Then, he expanded his infra-ray vision to at least forty kilometers around the cart, allowing him to see hundreds of infrared auras and animalistic skeletons!

Felix aimed the sniper's muzzle on one of the gigantic infrared monstrous red auras and fired the adamantine bullet!


The explosion produced from the bullet echoed through the entire rainforest, causing flocks of birds to fly hectically in the sky.

But, the viewers' eyes weren't on this but on a corpse of an dark scaled alligator that was twitching next to a broken tree after his head got pierced by Felix's bullet...

Felix didn't even bother to glance at his fallen prey as he turned his sniper rifle slightly to the left and fired again, causing another beast to die on the spot.

And then another, and another, and another...


Whether they were humans or vulcans, everyone went completely silent under this symphony of neverending explosions.

All they knew was that with every bullet leaving the sniper rifle's chamber, a soul gets taken away!

'Oh dear almighty...'