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Spiritanimal realized that all of his predictions had no absolutely no base to them anymore.

If Felix was capable of hunting for food as efficiently as the vulcans without bothering to even leave the cart, then his team's strategy was truly flawless!

"Wait a second! Someone have to pick...I see!"

Before he could share this thought, he spotted Noah, Sylvia, and Leo, moving towards the hunted beasts and beam them in their spatial cards!

Felix had picked those three specifically because they could find the beasts' corpses without relying on him.

Noah could smell blood from kilometers.

Sylvia had butterfly wings, allowing her to scout from air.

Leo had a passive that allowed him to sense tremors through the ground and find their source.


After Felix emptied an entire magazine, he manifested another one packed with bullets and attached it to the sniper's rifle.

Then, he restarted his hunt, not planning to stop until he completely cleared the thirty-kilometer radius around him!

Felix knew that they had already cooked enough food to start their journey, but he wanted to avoid seeing his titan stop so soon.

So, he wanted to hunt enough game to last at least a quarter of the distance.

'Felix, send more game...We are about to finish cooking what we have.' Hina informed.

'Alright.' Felix nodded and contacted Sylvia, 'Sylvi, drop what you have collected near my golems and go back.'

'On it.'

Without delay, Sylvia flew back towards the few remaining golems squads and emptied her spatial card near them.

The golems started picking up the beastial corpses and throw them on their cart. Then, the horse-like golem delivered them to the kitchen.

Felix had to reduce their numbers after they cleared the nearby area as their existence consume mental energy continuously.

He left only a couple of them to assist in the delivery process.

'Hmm? Another humaniod aura.'

Abruptly, Felix lowered his sniper rifle after spotting a four meter humaniod red aura, heading in their direction rapidly.

He didn't need to guess too much as he had instantly recognized it to belong to a vulcan, who had just entered his vision radius.

'Nine minutes...Took them long enough.'

Without a change of expression, Felix aimed his sniper rifle at the humaniod infrared aura and waited patiently for it to get closer.

Just like he was seeing him, Davidzou had also spotted him with his infrared vision.

As a race that live around flames, lava, magma, and heat in general, they had developed infrared vision almost as good as the dragons.

This allowed him to mark everyone's position.

'Three hunting, one is flying, and the rest are in the cart.' Davidzou slowed down his speed as he analyzed the earthling team's formation.

Because of the thick rainforest and tall trees blocking his vision, he wasn't able to see the gemstone pillar, which made him believe that either Felix was flying or Sylvia.

Those were the only ones with wings in the earthling team.

Since Sylvia was also flying, it made it hard for him to guess if Felix was the one hunting or the one above the cart.

Plus, it was difficult to guess the gender based on the infrared light from such a far distance as it appeared merely as humaniod red aura.

'I need a clearer spot to scout.'

Davidzou touched his surfboard gently, and it was turned into a hardened magma pillar that lifted him slowly above the rainforest.

The first thing he saw after going past the trees was the gemstone pillar and the reflecting blinding light on top of it.

This forced him to squint his eyes until he finally managed to see Felix carrying a white sniper rifle and was aiming it directly in his way!

'F*ck me!'

Without an ounce of hesitation, Davidzou turned around, attempting to jump from the pillar and take cover between the trees.

Unfortunately, before he could even bend his knees, he felt a sudden jolt in his guts and then an irresistible pressure that launched him away from the pillar akin to a cannonball!

Thud! Thud! Thud!

He broke through tens of trees and boulders before finally coming into a halt nearby a water paddle.


The viewers went silent for a second before exploding into thunderous cheers, chanting Felix's name over and over again excitedly.

Everyone believed that Felix had managed to eliminate Davidzou.

Who could blame them?

Davidzou had a half meter gapping hole in his guts area, an injury that was heavy enough it could down anyone!

However, Felix and the vulcans thought otherwise.

'Tsk, I couldn't calculate the wind properly from such a distance.' Felix clicked his tongue in irritation, not too pleased with the results of his hit.

His frustration was in place as Davidzou immediately created a lava pool and submerged himself within it before emerging again with a brand-new body!

Vulcans weren't considered to be one of the strongest races in the universe simply due to their magma manipulation.

But, because they were also considered to be unkillable cockroaches near lava.

The only proper way to kill them was by destroying their brains. Any other injury could be recovered instantaneously by absorbing lava.

'That was a close one.' Davidzou exhaled deeply with a hint of fright in his eyes.

When he was approaching the earthling team, he kept hearing thunderous explosions.

He thought that it was originating from the hunters, not Felix, who was snipping from tens of kilometers away!

'I must travel through the underground...He can still use that explosive bullet of his.'

Knowing that he could get snipped any moment again, Davidzou decided to choose the safer path.

However, just as he was about to submerge himself deeper in the lava pool, another bullet landed right next to him, causing the lava to splatter everywhere.

Before he could feel relieved that Felix missed, he spotted with the side of his vision a spherical red marble flying with the lava drops.

His pupils started widening at the same speed as the red marble was turning bright.

Before he could attempt to pull anything, the red marble blinded him with a sudden flash of light and then, there was no then...




The vulcans' viewers could only stare at small-sized cloud mushroom raising through the sky with stunned expressions.

As for Davidzou? He was nowhere to be seen...

The explosion might have not been on a nuclear level, but it was powerful enough to take out a vulcan!

Kaka! Roar!! Kikiki!!!...

After the shockwave of the explosion passed over the rainforest, all the beasts, animals, and other peculiar creatures had a single reaction...Run as far as possible from the explosion zone!

'I knew this will happen.' Felix smiled wryly as he watched his prey running away nonstop from his sniping zone.

With his current level of gemstone manipulation, he was capable of creating and condensing Argadite gemstones into a small sphere in mere seconds.

Felix didn't want to use it at first because he knew that the noise would scare off his prey.

'You should have gone down there and killed him instead of lazing off from a distance.' Asna rubbed it in.

'No, I have to keep practicing my ranged fighting style.' Felix shook his head.

Racial Game or not, Felix had no intentions of wasting such a great opportunity to train with his new techniques.

"Landlord is truly an unstoppable monster!" Spiritanimal commentated out loud as he replayed Davidzou's death, "The vulcans should know by now that sending one or two to keep an eye on the earthling team isn't going to end in a good way!"

Moltenriver and the rest of his team all had hardened expressions after receiving the notification of Davidzou's death as well as the entire recording of this game.

When they skipped ahead and saw how he had gotten killed, fear started clouding their minds on their upcoming fate.

'This isn't going as we have anticipated...' Autumnblaze bit her fingernails nervously while standing near a scorched beastial corpse.

'This is bad...We always knew that monster can use nuke-like abilities, but we had no idea that he can make them this fast!'

No matter how much they researched Felix, they had no clue about the origin of his nuke-like bullet. After all, when Felix created it, the camera wasn't on him within the dimensional pocket!

The only thing they found was Felix firing off the bullet and its explosion, causing Domino and Arentis to end up in horrible state.

In their minds, for such a powerful ability, it should take proper time to create it just like dragons' flame orb.

Davidzou assumed that he would be deep underground by the time Felix use it!

Too bad...They had no clue that Felix could pause the condensation process anytime he wanted.

'Don't fall into despair yet.' Moltenriver encouraged them with a stern tone, 'We can still win this if we ignored them and focused purely on pushing the cart.'

Moltenriver had no plans of sending another teammate to keep an eye on the earthling team.

He understood that as long as Felix was standing above that gemstone pillar, he had more than forty-kilometer radius on total lockdown!

Hell, he could send anyone to hunt for prey, and they wouldn't need to worry about anything.

If so, they could only give up on their original strategy.

'Waldbauer, start feeding the titan! It's time to move!' Moltenriver ordered loudly.