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Just like vulcans, Felix and his teammates had started feeding the titan, pushing everything they had cooked down his throat.

After Felix scared off the beasts, they had to change their hunting zone anyway.

'Does he like our food?' Hina asked Felix nervously while watching Ronaldinho emptying a plate after another inside the titan's mouth.

The titan's hands had never left the cart's handle, which forced them to have someone to feed him, no matter how disgusting it was.

'Well, his satisfaction bar is at 70%. I count that as an absolute win. Good job, everyone.' Felix praised with a faint smile as he eyed a holographic poll that was 70% lighted up.

Each team had the option to check their titan's satisfaction level, his stamina, his hunger levels, and the other states.

While the titan's stamina and endurance bars were raising, his hunger bar was getting lowered slowly.

The moment it hit the bottom, the titan burped loudly next to Ronaldinho.

'Jesus, it's stinks!!' Ronaldinho held his mouth shut, trying his best to not vomit after being assaulted by the revolting smell.

'You can get down. He will start moving soon.'

The moment Felix finished, the titan leaned forward and began walking slowly, finally pushing the cart in front of him.

The iron wheels made creaking noises as they rolled on the railway like they were rusting for decades before being used again.

"Will he be traveling at this terrible speed?" Sophie wondered.

"I doubt we will reach the center in three days..."


Without warning, the titan let out a roaring outcry before he started sprinting at the top of his speed!

Thud! Thud!...

The ground trembled, and the trees rattled as the titan's giant feet kept colliding against the indestructible wood of the railway.

As for the cart? Its speed had already gone past three hundred kilometer per hour and was still increasing rapidly, forcing everyone to hold for their dear lives.

Meanwhile, Felix was chilling on top of the titan's head. He had to remove the adamantine dome and the pillar to lower the cart's weight.

"Let's see how far they have reached." Felix mumured while displaying a holographic 3D model of the map...Nothing was on it besides two long lines and two dots colored in blue and red.

The blue line was the railway and the dot was Felix's cart.

"Looks like we have started at the same time." Felix commentated as he watched the red dot, moving with a moderate pace unlike theirs.

It was to be expected as their food was prepared with great care unlike the vulcans, who merely roasted it with some seasoning and fed it to their titan.

'We will pull ahead, but they will catch up to us and surpass us eventually.'

Still, Felix wasn't too optimistic about his team's chances of winning this if things remained as they were.

That's because the vulcans were capable of hunting beasts while the cart was still moving without worrying about Felix or his teammates going after them.

Meanwhile, the earthing team couldn't do this since it added too much risk. Felix was unable to move away from the cart and leave his teammates defenseless to hunt.

Moreover, he was unable to send out Noah and the others since he wasn't sure if he could protect them simultaneously while the cart was moving at such a great speed.

Especially, when the vulcans were capable of traveling underground.

For all he knows, one vulcan could be following them while being deep underground right now, waiting for him to leave them unguarded.

In other words, the only way that Felix could ensure everyone's safety was by having the cart stop and lockdown the surrounding area with his vision before restarting their hunt.


As Felix had assumed, the vulcans managed to finally catch up to them after two hours.

While Felix and his teammates were forced to stop twice to hunt and feed the titan, the vulcans didn't halt a single time ever since they kicked off their journey.

Right now, both teams' carts had almost the same distance to the center.

"Felix, we have to do something about this." Sylvia said with a stern expression.

"By the time we stop again, they will leave us behind." Sophie supported.

"Captain, I think you should focus on hunting." Leo suggested with a firm tone, "Don't worry too much about us, we will be fine inside the cart...If we worked together, we can lock the cart."

Leo's suggestion made some sense. Felix's white adamantine dome might be unbreakable, but they could also lock the cart using ice and earth abilities.

They might not be as tough, but they could buy time if they ever got targeted while Felix was away.

"Are you guys cool with this?" Felix inquired.

"Yes!" Olivia and the rest nodded with firm expressions.

"Alright, then." Felix cracked his knuckles as he summoned his crescent battleaxe and unfolded his glorious crystal wings.

Since his teammates had grown some balls and decided to live in risk, Felix wouldn't enforce himself to be their babysitter.


With a single flap of a wing, Felix teleported near a magnificent beautiful waterfall and charged right through it, ending up inside a spacious dark cave.

The instant he entered, two dreadful crimson eyes opened up.

Unfortunately, before the viewers could even guess the beast they belonged to, Felix sliced the beast's head and beamed its twitching corpse in his spatial card.


Fast as always, he moved to another place and took care of another gigantic beast with a single strike.

Just like a butcher entering a farm of sheep, wherever Felix went, he left a long trail of blood behind him.

Naturally, Felix didn't get too engrossed in his hunt as he always checked on his teammates.

When he saw that no one had assaulted them even though he went deep a couple of times, he started to believe that the vulcans might have not sent anyone in the first place.

'I can only be certain after counting them myself.'

Felix checked the map and saw that both carts were still thousands of kilometers away from the center.

So, he continued his hunt without dropping his guard, knowing that everything would clear out when their cart get as close as one hundred kilometer away from him.

At that distance, Felix could push his vision to the limit and count them properly.


"Ever since Landlord went hunting with his monstrous strength, the earthling team have started cooking on the move." Spiritanimal commentated, "Though, this merely ensured that they wouldn't be left behind by Vugonia's team."

Additional three hours had gone by, and both teams were still neck to neck in distance.

Felix's hunting speed was quite astonishing, but he was still short compared to eight vulcans hunting simultaneously.

They were also strong and could easily deal with beasts...Adding the fact that they didn't have as much weight on the cart as the earthling team allowed them to remain in the race.

But not for long...

'At last, it's time to end this.' Felix smirked faintly after seeing that both carts were on their last hundred kilometers.

Without an ounce of hesitation, Felix pushed his infrared vision to the limit until it went past one hundred kilometer in radius.

Just like a Lantern Festival, thousands of red dots and auras started lighting up in Felix's vision, blocking his line of sight completely.

Still, Felix managed to spot the vulcans standing out like sore thumbs due to their heat-based abilities!

'One, two, three, four...Eight, and nine.' Felix grinned widely after seeing that none of the vulcans were missing.

In other words, he didn't need to worry anymore about his teammates!

'Time for the real hunt!'