Craashhh!! BOOOM!!...

The noise followed instantly as mountains broke apart, trees were hurled in the air, and waterfalls imploding into clouds of rain!

Meanwhile, the grass field was separated into two halves like an earthquack assaulted the arena and left a long chasm, leading to the abyss!

As for the darkness realm? It was sliced from the center, showing everything on the other side!




Everyone was left utterly stunned and honestly quite freaked out as nothing made sense out of The Ruiner's attack!

They would have been more accepting if he smashed the ground, used an elemental ability or anything that could result in such a godly destruction!

Instead, The Ruiner merely waved his arm down like he was chopping a board and everything split apart to fulfil his will!

It was too illogical!

"Pride law is really something." Aspidochelone expressed with an intrigued look as he watched the battle's stream in the council with the majority of the primogenitors.

They would be fools to miss out on those two battles, which would almost never occur again.

"No kidding, The Ruiner was born with a single pride law ability, and it already turned him into one of the strongest beings in the universe." Siren said with a fascinated tone.

All other unique void creatures were born with a single law ability based on their sin.

Wrathful Creators were able to give birth to nightmarish voidlings by using their wrath and void energy as fuel.

Djins were capable of granting wishes by taking advantage of their targets greed and receiving a similar wish for their utilization.

Void Succubi could invade the dreams anyone they wanted and use their lust law to turn them into sex slaves.

Imitators could copy any individual in this universe below their spiritual level and obtain their unique cultivation system and other innate abilities.

Dreamers were able to use their sloth law ability to consume the dreams of their targets and turn them into sustainable energy for growth.

Symbiotes were similar in that manner as their gluttony law ability help them consume anything out of substance in the universe and turn it into energy for growth.

As for Annihilation Fiends? They also posessed a single law ability and it was non-other than The Clash of Prides!

This ability was a double-edged sword as it allowed the Annihilation Fiends to base their battle on just pride!

While the viewers had no idea what the symbol meant, they were forced to take part of the challenge the moment their eyes landed on it.

The challenge was simple...They needed to keep staring at the symbol for a longer duration than The Ruiner.

As seen from before, no one managed to keep their eyes on the Symbol for more than two seconds...Even the inner circle leaders were forced to look in different direction against their own will.

The only ones passing the test were the Hive Empress, Metal Empress, Elder Dragon, Asna, Nimo, and obviously all primogenitors watching the stream...Even Felix failed to match The Ruiner's insane self-pride!

Too bad for King Jaygat, he was the one facing The Ruiner and not them, which meant that only his results mattered.

He lost just as bad as the rest of the inner circle leaders!

"The Clash of Prides...I thought he wouldn't bother to use it and rely on his standardized strength in his battle." Saurous sighed as he stared at the violet peacock symbol without an issue.

"Since he used it, it looks like he's aiming to break Jaygat's pride and devour it to further enhance his strength." Erebus said.

"Can he do that even in the UVR?" Kumiho titled her head in confusion.

"Let's watch and see." Aspidochelone said as looked at The Ruiner who was walking on air through the chasm he created.

Meanwhile, King Jaygat was peeking at him while his heart was pounding like a set of drums.

The previous attack didn't hurt him physically since he was one with the darkness realm, but his mind was frightened silly.

'How is this bastard so stupidly strong?! Even Elder Dragon wouldn't be able to do that without much momentum!' King Jaygat thought to himself while completely hiding himself, not daring to let out a squeak anymore.

He was warned alright that The Ruiner was freakishly strong, and he should be careful, but he still was caught off guard.

'I must switch to offense and go all out before he makes any other moves!'

Without delay, King Jaygat beamed his legendary weapon, Orb of Night.

It was a small hexagon shaped orb the size of soccer ball...Each hexagon face was embedded with a pitch-black futhark.

King Jaygat tightened his grasp on the orb and commanded coldly, 'Kill mode, activate.'

The Orb opened slightly and began sucking in all the darkness around it like a hungry hippo.

In less than a second, countless long darkness blades emerged from the orb's slits!

King Jaygat neither threw the orb nor pointed at The Ruiner, he merely commanded it coldly, 'Decapitate him!'

The Orb of Night disappeared from his its place and emerged above the chasm, where the darkness had yet to cover again.

"What is that?"

"Is that an ability?"

"Looks like an artifact."

The Orb of Night was spotted instantly by everyone, drawing varied reaction due to its weird appearence.

"What is this toy?" The Ruiner said curiously as he eyed the speeding orb in his direction.

'Toy?' King Jaygat snickered, 'This is a customized legendary artifact forged by the previous dwarves emperor himself. It's able to slice anyone apart as long as they were touched by darkness!'

'I dare him to call it a toy after this!'

Whoosh Whoosh!...

Abruptly, the darkness walls on both sides of the chasm began to vibrate and wave like an ocean in a storm.

Then, hundreds of dark tentacles surged from them and assaulted The Ruiner simultaneously...They caught his limbs, neck, and even torso, forcing him to halt in his place!

The Orb of Night was getting nearer and nearer to The Ruiner's neck.

Duchess Alina and the others, who knew about the true horror of this artifact, could already imagine The Ruiner's neck getting sliced apart!

Yet, The Ruiner didn't even bat an eyelid as he stared directly at the incoming orb that was merely a few meters away from his neck!

Just as King Jaygat's smirk was about to widen, it was stiffened halfway through at the chilling sight before him.


His brain had suffered from a short-circuit, as he eyed his Orb of Night stuck inside the darkness tentacle around The Ruiner's neck!

It was trying its best to pass through the darkness tentacle and emerge on the other side, but no matter how much it span, it was unable to move an inch!

"Looks like your ancestor hasn't told you enough about me or the law of pride."

The Ruiner spoke casually while reaching out to the Orb of Night with his hand like the darkness tentacle had absolutely no strength over him!

He caught the small orb with his giant hand, making it seem like he was holding into marble.

Then, he placed it between his thumb and index finger and aimed it directly at where King Jaygat was hiding!


Just like a child playing with marbles, he launched it akin to a bullet!

Before King Jaygat could break out of his shock, the Orb of Night sliced him up from his waist as smoothly as cutting butter!

Fortunately, he was in his base transmutation form, helping him escape from harm again!

Yet, The Ruiner didn't seem to worry about it at all.

He merely extended his arm forward and had his hand turned into a claw while facing King Jaygat.

'Like hell I will stay near you!'

Although King Jaygat had no clue what The Ruiner was doing, he was too agitated by what happened to feel safe in his position.

So, he instantly teleported to the edges of the darkness realm, putting over three hundred kilometers away from The Ruiner!

Without change of expression, The Ruiner merely turned his claw in King Jaygat's direction again and ordered indifferently, "Bring him over."

Abruptly, King Jaygat felt sudden tightness across his entire body.

'Impossible! Impossible! This is illogical!'

This shocked him silly like nothing before as he knew exactly what it meant.

'Stop! Stop! Stop!'

He kept shouting his mind like a madman while his transmutation was forcefully being cancelled against his will!!!

In less than a second, his physical body was restored within the darkness realm...Yet, the nightmare wasn't over yet for King Jaygat.

The moment his body was restored, his own darkness realm rebelled against him and covered him entirely with darkness tentacles, making him unable to move an inch!!

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! CANCEL!! CANCEL!!" King Jaygat screamed like a maniac to cancel his own darkness realm.

Yet, no matter how loud he screamed, his own ability refused to listen to his elemental manipulation!!!

While he was losing his marbles at this inconceivable situation, the darkness tentacles instantly brought him in front of The Ruiner's extended claw.

They positioned his neck right in his claw precisely like they didn't want him to sweat a drop.

"Release him and get out my sight." The Ruiner ordered nonchalantly.

Just like an obedient puppet, the darkness realm retracted its tentacles and broke into black particles, returning the arena to its peaceful appearence under the dumbfounded looks of the viewers.

"Do you understand now? As long as the pride symbol stand above me and no one can contest against my pride, I own everything in this arena."

The Ruiner smiled faintly as he looked directly into King Jaygat's fearful eyes. Then, he moved closer to him and whispered word by word with his creepy demonic smile, "To..the..last..particle."