Before King Jaygat could process such a disgustingly strong power, The Ruiner tightened his claw on his neck and then threw him against the chasm's wall!


King Jaygat smashed through the rocks like he was hurled by a cannon, stopping only after he created a hundred meters long trail on the chasm's wall!

Cough! Cough!

He hadn't lost consciousness, but he ended up coughing blood like a broken fountain, suffering from major internal injuries.

'I...Need...to...get..away.' King Jaygat beamed a rank five healing potion and gulped it down. His injuries were gone instantly like he was touched by the light goddess herself!

'The chasm's darkness! It's made out of laws, he can't control it too!' King Jaygat swiftly allowed his body to fall to the depth of the abyss, believing that natural darkness shouldn't be under The Ruiner's commands.

Unfortunately, the instant he merged with it, the same darkness tentacles manifested around him and captured him like a helpless prey!

"No!! No!! You monster!!"

King Jaygat could only cry with a clear horror on his face as he got delivered back to The Ruiner's grasp.

"Stop trying to escape and just kneel down before my greatness. I might give you merciful death then." The Ruiner stated indifferently as he looked directly into King Jaygat's eyes.

"F*ck you!" King Jaygat spat in his face hatefully and beamed five scrolls around him.

When Felix and Arthur zoomed on the writings, they both exclaimed simultaneously, "Four Epic Explosive Scrolls and one legendary!!"

They immediately figured out that King Jaygat planned to blow himself with The Ruiner after he realized that it was impossible to win this battle when even his element was against him!

As a king of an entire race, there was no way he would let himself get humiliated under the eyes of the entire universe!

Without an ounce of hesitation, he activated them while shouting out loud, "LET'S GO TO HELL TOGETHER!!"

The Ruiner merely glanced nonchalantly at the surrounding scrolls, which had their runic letters light up brilliantly with an orange color!


An explosion with the force of hundred Hiroshima nukes went off in the center of the arena!!

It was so destructive and forceful, it reached even the holographic viewers in the sky, forcing them to guard themselves reflexively!

After the flames settled up, a cloud mushroom rose up much higher and hid the crater for all to see.

"Did it work?" Duchess Alina swiftly used her omnipotent vision to look straight inside the cloud mushroom with a hopeful expression.

"Huh? This....How?!!"

Her hopes crumbled immediately after spotting The Ruiner floating within a humongous crater that was deep enough it resembled a natural bowl.

The shocking part? He was still holding into King Jaygat by the neck!!


Abruptly, The Ruiner's voice thundered in everyone's ears, forcing them to open their eyes to the sight of the mushroom cloud getting blown off by the wind.

In an instant, The Ruiner and King Jaygat were seen under the eyes of the viewers without a single scratch on them!

The only things changed were the arena's state and King Jaygat's complexion...His face was a white as sheet paper as he kept staring at The Ruiner's nonchalant expression.

"How is this even possible...."

"Gulp...Is he really a god like he said?!"

"He must have used a scroll or an ability! Must be!"

While the spectators were losing their sh*t at such an unimaginable sight, King Jaygat had front seat row on what exactly had occurred at the moment of the explosion.

He knew that even if he told others, no one would believe him!

Who could blame him?

The moment explosion occurred, it had expanded everywhere around The Ruiner's and him like they were inside an invisible barrier!

But in reality? It was just the particles defying their physics and refusing to touch The Ruiner and his prey based on his orders!

Even the heat hadn't reached them like they were isolated in a different dimension!

This was the true terror of laws manipulation compared to merely elemental manipulation...Just one ability from the pride laws allowed The Ruiner to turn into a true god!

'Why am I here? Why am I facing this fiend! Was I forsaken by my ancestor...Hahaha, it must be. They knew that I was never going to win against this demon and he still threw me off! After everything I did, after all the hard work and sh*t I went through for him, he disposed of me like this just for a chance to kill a human? Hahahah!'

King Jaygat started laughing out loud like a maniac after finally realizing his true worth in the eyes of his ancestor.

A mere tool to fulfill Wendigo's desires!

The more King Jaygat lost it, the bigger The Ruiner creepy grin had gotten.

"It's good that you finally figured out your truth." The Ruiner joined him in his maniacal laughter, "You are worth jacksh*t! You're nothing but a mere toy to gods like us. So, tell me, how dare a toy have pride in itself?"

King Jaygat felt his pride being hammered with each insult thrown at him by The Ruiner. He wanted to retort, but he found nothing to defend himself.

His most prized darkness manipulation betrayed him in the blink of an eye. His ancestor sacrificed him without an ounce of emotion. Now, even external items such as scrolls were also siding with The Ruiner.

He felt like his existence amounted to absolutely nothing and his so-called pride was a mere joke before true gods.

"Kneel before me as an apology and I will give you a merciful death!" The Ruiner kept pressing.


King Jaygat's pride might have cracked, but it was still not broken!

"No?" The Ruiner smile turned colder and said, "Let's see how long you will hold out."

Before King Jaygat could react, The Ruiner held him by the foot and teleported to the bottom of the crater.

Booom Boom Boom!

Just like Hulk smashing Loki in Tony Stark's tower, The Ruiner kept bashing King Jaygat's left and right, leaving deep imprints in the ground!

When he finished, he lifted King Jaygat back up, showing a miserable appearence, which no one would have imagined it would associate with an honorable leader in the alliance inner circle.

"How about now?" The Ruiner asked again.

"N...o...No." King Jaygat replied with great difficulty when his entire mouth and throat was busted open.

"You must be betting on dying after going through this torture?" The Ruiner grinned creepily while bringing King Jaygat near his face.

King Jaygat remained quiet, but it was clear to all that he was betting on that.

"Too bad, you will die only when I allow it." The Ruiner snapped his finger and ordered, "Heal him."

Just like a magic show, King Jaygat's shattered body was recovered instantly to its peak form after a wave of light passed through him.

"Let's start round two."

The Ruiner smiled coldly and instantly began smashing King Jaygat again on the ground under the stunned and horrified looks of the viewers.

"This is too much...Can Berserth even beat him?" Queen Alfreda frowned as she glanced at Elder Dragon, who was watching this one-sided beat down with a neutral expression.

No one knew what was going through his mind at the moment.

"Thank god we have decided to include them in the alliance." The Spider Kin's Princess Maeralya sighed in relief, feeling more safe by having this monster on their side.

"Let's put a pin on that." Fishermen Queen narrowed her eyes at the current gruesome torture, "He is clearly an evil lunatic."

Most of the viewers thought the same as they kept watching The Ruiner beat down King Jaygat to his last breath just to heal him back to peak, and then repeat the process.

In each time, The Ruiner asked to have King Jaygat kneel.

This kept on going for more than an hour until most gremlins dropped out of the stream, not able to take it anymore.

As for the rest of the viewers, every one of them started wishing for King Jaygat to just do as The Ruiner wanted and end this diabolical torture.

"How about now?" The Ruiner asked King Jaygat, whose appearence was beyond disfigured.


"I guess round 214 it is...Huh, you agreed?" The Ruiner sounded a bit disappointed when he realized that King Jaygat finally tapped out.


"Ah, whatever, I guess one hour of fun is enough."

He threw him on the ground and healed him back to peak, not worried in the slightest that King Jaygat would pull a fast one on him.

He didn't need to be worried as King Jaygat truly had enough of such meaningless torture...His pride was already broken a long while ago when he realized that no one was going to save him and The Ruiner had no issues of spending years torturing him.

The fact that he couldn't even kill himself was another blow...Still, he was motivated by a another reason to kneel down before The Ruiner.

'If I am going down, I might as well humiliate that f*cker with me.' King Jaygat thought coldly as he envisioned Wendigo's face.

So, under the eyes of his people, his peers, his enemies, and most importantly, his ancestor, King Jaygat knelt down before The Ruiner with his eyes closed shut.

The moment he did so, visible violet aura began emitting from his skin and heading towards the peacock symbol. Then, it was transferred to The Ruiner and disappeared within him.

"This is it! How long have I missed this wonderful feeling! HAHAHAHAHAH!"

The Ruiner started laughing maniacally while raising his arms in the sky.

"What in the hell..."

The viewers were stunned speechless by the sight of his giant body growing bigger at a noticeable pace!

This wasn't all as his horns turned longer, his fangs sharper, and most visibly, his muscles more defined!


While everyone's eyes were on The Ruiner's visible growth, no one noticed King Jaygat, who fell face down on the ground with an extremely aged appearence like he had exhausted all of his longevity!

This was The Ruiner's goal all along. He wasn't forcing King Jaygat to kneel to uplift his ego but to absorb his broken pride!

As Annihilation Fiend, this was the only method for them to grown stronger.

That's why they kept destroying civilizations in the past as they targeted kings and queens' pride for the sake of absorbing it and growing stronger.

After the violet aura stopped releasing from his body, King Jaygat closed his wrinkly soulless eyes shut and turned into fine dust.

This exactly what happened to his body in the real world even though he was logged in the UVR.

Whether one was in an illusion, virtual world, or real world, the moment they give up on their pride before an Annihilation Fiend, only this fate awaited them!

"Hahahaha!! I should have come sooner from retirement. Who's next! Who's next?! Is it that vampire girl?! Come down here and let's have some fun!"

The Ruiner kept yelling thunderously with an aroused expression like he had just felt the greatest orgasm in his life, not knowing that the entire audience and stream were as silent as deserted graveyard.