Just like the previous battle, Queen Ai used those two minutes to introduce both combatant, starting with Duchess Alina.

Unlike King Jaygat, she was born into royalty and was the sole heir to the throne.

Though, the moment she was crowned, she managed to lead the vampire race into victory against the werewolves in their last war, recovering sizeable chunk of territory as spoils.

After naming a few more noteworthy achievements, Queen Ai teleported Duchess Alina to the right side of the arena.

Next, she switched to Felix and narrated his legendary achievements one by one, causing most of the viewers to feel awed and admiration.

"When they are lined up like this, it really makes one wonder how can a single human reach this far." Emperor Lokhil wondered.

The inner circle leaders had to admit it as well whether they liked Felix or not.

After all, he had overthrown an empire and created a Federation in its place.

He had reached the top fifteen in the Supremacy Games Hall of Fame with his insane and countless achievements in the games.

He posessed more than ten unique titles, almost breaking the record.

He was the first human to concoct potions.

The first person in the universe to own multiple elemental manipulations.

The first non dragon to win a dragon event in their territory.

The first human to reach empyrean rank.

The list goes on and on!

If Queen Ai didn't speed up and picked only the most noteworthy achievements, she would have needed at least half an hour to explore all of Felix's achievements!


The instant Queen Ai teleported Felix to the other side of the arena, his fans were overtaken by emotions by his described achievements and couldn't help but chant his name at the top of their lungs until their throats started burning.

Since the entry was free, there were hundreds trillions of them screaming simultaneously, causing the grass to flutter, the trees to shake, and even deafening the loud waterfalls.

Some of those fans were following Felix ever since his first game, Death Race.

Now, they were watching him battle ranked twelve player in the empyrean list to the death...It was hard not to get emotional.

"Do you hear that?" Duchess Alina smiled coldly, "Today, those chants are going to turn into cries. I promise you."

"Good luck." Felix replied with the same flat tone.

Just as Duchess Alina was about to retort, Queen Ai declared monotonously, "You have twenty seconds to teleport anywhere on your side of the arena and prepare yourself...When the time ends, you are free to battle each other."

The instant she heard so, Duchess Alina dropped her attempt at trash talking Felix and teleported tens of kilometers away from him.

Felix took it a step further and teleported close to the edge of the arena, leaving his back against the towering mountainous chain.

Felix's entire plan depended heavily on those twenty seconds, so he swiftly began his preparation.

'Size manipulation, X100.'

'Poisonous Energy Devouring Lagoon Graveyard.'

The instant Felix's size matched the tallest mountain in the arena, he released a flood of purplish water at the grass field from every pore of his skin!

The amount was so large, it merely took a few seconds to surround Felix with a purplish lagoon!

"Is he planning on using the same strategy as in the King of The Arena game?" Queen Allura wondered.

"Doubtful?" Queen Alfreda reasoned, "It will take him hours to fill up this arena."

She was right.

The arena spread for hundreds of kilometers and no matter how much Felix tried, it would be near impossible to repeat the same feat as in that game.

That's why Felix stopped releasing water from his body after he was satisfied with the created lake around him.

"What now?" Olivia titled her head in confusion, "Isn't the water going to spread over the arena and be absorbed by the grass field?"

As she mentioned, the lagoon was indeed spreading further and further away from Felix.

This kept reducing its visible quantity.

But, Felix didn't seem to care as he merely lowered his head and looked at the lagoon. Then, he uttered in his mind while extending his palms forward, 'Unstoppable Tsunamis.'

While being in the center, Felix kept revolving in his place while pushing out towering purplish Tsunamis in all directions!

As they were getting further and further away from him, their size kept growing bigger and bigger!

The instant they were at least ten kilometers away from Felix and had reached one kilometer in height, he ordered calmly while aiming at them, "Adamantine Crystallization."

The humongous Root Gemstone in his forehead started illuminating brilliantly for a split second before firing a beam of blinding white light at those tsunamis while he was spinning clockwise!


"He can do that?!"

"Holy crap!!!"

No matter who was watching, everyone were left with widened eyes at the mind-blowing sight of those tsunamis getting crystallized and turned into walls of towering white adamantine mixed with purplish patches!

Since all of those tsunamis were connected with a single lagoon, the crystallization process spread out like a plague to the rest of the water on the ground!

In no time, a massive crystallized flat-bottomed bowl with walls reaching a kilometer in height was created in the arena!

Felix was standing in the center of it with an indifferent expression.

"What the hell is he planning on doing..."

Duchess Alina felt her heart skip a beat as she watched Felix's size turn smaller until he was completely hidden behind the white adamantine walls.

Just like Felix, she was preparing a sea of blood around her to set up her own environment for the fight, but it was forcefully interrupted when Felix showed her this crazy scene!

Unfortunately for her, this was merely the beginning of Felix's strategy.

'Second phase, foundation and ceiling.'

The moment Felix returned to his original size, he used his maximum speed to sprint all over the crystallized flat-bottomed bowl and then manifest thick tall adamantine pillars!

By utilizing his gemstone manipulation external range, he was able to create multiple pillars at the same time in one-kilometer radius.

The moment he finished, he connected those pillars with white adamantine ceiling!

He kept doing this for each kilometer radius until he completely sealed shut the crystallized flat-bottomed bowl!

There wasn't even a tiny hole for a needle to pass through!

'Second phase finished with three seconds to spare.' Felix nodded slightly in satisfaction and sat in the center of the crystallized flat-bottomed bowl to take a quick break.

From within, it looked utterly breathtaking and mesmerizing like one was sitting inside a diamond due to the sunlight passing through the crystal and creating beautiful shimmers.

While Felix was enjoying the view, Duchess Alina and the rest of the viewers were left staring at the sealed shut crystallized flat-bottomed bowl with dumbfounded looks.


Even when Queen Ai announced the start of the battle, Duchess Alina didn't move an inch from her place.

"Are you kidding me?!" Duchess Alina cursed furiously, "Is he planning to hide there forever?!"

Duchess Alina ought to feel enraged as she knew that Felix's white adamantine bowl was almost unbreakable!

She witnessed its creation and noticed that those tsunamis had width of tens of meters!

If they stayed as tsunamis, it wouldn't have mattered, but now that they were turned into walls made out of white adamantine, she knew that even legendary explosive scrolls weren't going to do sh*t to them!!

This signified that as long as Felix was inside the bowl and kept feeding it with gemstone elemental energy, nothing could hurt him or force him out of there!

"I have to admit that his utilization of Carbuncle's ultimate ability and Kraken's abilities is really ingenious." Siren chuckled.

"If he relied wholly on his gemstone manipulation, it would have taken him hours to finish such massive structure." Erebus agreed, "He really is full of tricks every time we see him."

"What's next?" Saurous sneered, "Is he going to hide there until he exhausts his energy stones?"

"Hide?" Thor laughed, "You are too impatient. My boy is just starting his technique."

The moment he said so, Felix stood up from the crystallized ground and cracked his knuckles.

"Let's begin third phase...The Maze of Forgiveness." He uttered coldly.