Without delay, Felix manifested an invisible holographic blueprint that was showing a three-dimensional maze from above.

'Let's begin with the walls.' Felix took a mere glance at blueprint and then began constructing thick and tall white adamantine walls around him, following the exact instructions of the blueprint.

Naturally, this was going to take time to build since he needed to be as precise as possible.

Yet, Felix didn't seem too rushed or worried that Duchess Alina was going to take advantage of this and ambush him or something.

As he expected, Duchess Alina could be seen standing a couple of kilometers away from the maze's exterior with a disgruntled expression.

'What is he doing?'

Since Felix hadn't drunk any potion to hide his presence, Duchess Alina kept watching Felix's infrared aura sprinting from a place to another nonstop.

Even Manananggal couldn't tell her anything through her mind as it was against the rules and Queen Ai was able to pick up anything he said.

While she was confused by Felix's movements, the viewers were more baffled even though they were seeing exactly what he was doing.

"Is it me or is he building a maze?" Kumiho titled her head in confusion.

"He is building one." Aspidochelone rubbed his beard thoughtfully, "Why, though?"

If even primogenitors were bewildered by Felix's plan, there was no need to mention the rest of the viewers.

Almost everyone had watched hundreds to thousands of fights either in real world or in the games platforms. Yet, not a single fighter had ever attempted to create a maze to win a battle.

It just didn't make sense.

"Mind sharing with us your boy's thought process?" Erebus inquired as he eyed Felix's masters.

"Where is the fun in that?" Thor chuckled, "You will understand eventually."

Upon hearing so, no one brought the matter again and merely kept watching Felix constructing a highly complex maze with hundreds of dead ends and no clear path to the ending!

Meanwhile, Duchess Alina didn't waste her time spectating Felix and waiting for him to finish his preparation.

'That bastard can hide inside his bowl and start raining down on me with his nukes.'

Duchess Alina knew that her safety wasn't secured yet...So, she continued creating her own blood sea.

Though, she was smart enough to manifest it around the maze!

'If he dares fire his nukes this close to his bowl, it will be affected by the force even if it didn't break. Plus, it will help me use it as a shield by teleporting to the other side after transmuting.' Duchess Alina thought as she kept releasing an insane amount of blood through her pores nonstop.

Since she couldn't increase her size like Felix to fasten the process, it was taking her a while to surround the maze with a sea of blood.

Though, she didn't seem to care...She was keeping her eyes on Felix constantly, and it seemed like he had no plans to counter her counter.

'Smart of her, but this merely helps my plan work faster.' Felix expressed as he glanced at Duchess Alina's countermeasures.

In less than ten minutes, both Felix and Duchess Alina had finished their work almost simultaneously.

In the case of Duchess Alina, the crystallized flat-bottomed bowl was now seen to be swimming in a lake of blood from above.

Because Duchess Alina's external manipulation covered hundred kilometers more or less, she was able to keep the blood sea affixed around the crystallized bowl instead of spreading all over the arena.

Meanwhile, Felix's crystallized maze had finally taken shape, making most viewers admire its sophisticated and complex structure.

Still, none of them had any clue what's the point of it.

Fortunately, Felix wasn't done yet.

'Now, the puppets.'

Felix extended his hand forward and began creating hundreds of humaniod and beastified golems with different colors.

Then, he bestowed life upon them with his Root Gemstone.

Next, Felix created tens of different big containers and placed them on the elevated platform that they were standing on at the center of the maze.

Then, he manifested crystallized assault rifles, sniper rifles, cannons, grenades launchers, and more. He placed each type of weaponry inside a specific container, filling them to the brim.

When he was done, he moved on to materializing many types of ammo to match with each unique weapon.

Even those ammo were unique from each other as there were ones filled with poison, others packed with electrical discharges, and some even had Argadite gemstones inside!

It took Felix more than five minutes to fill up the ammo containers with thousands if not more!

By now, even idiots began to understand Felix's true objective with the maze!

"He is planning to lure Duchess Alina inside and get rid of her with his over geared armies!" Moana exclaimed with a shocked expression.

"It does look like it, but wouldn't be impossible with his limited external manipulation?" Baron wondered.

His question was shared by the majority of understanding viewers as everyone could see that the maze spread for ten kilometers radius.

If Felix sent his troops with those weapons to cover up most of the distance, there was no way he was going to activate all the weapons from the center.

Unless he had pushed all of his manipulations to ten kilometers in such a short period of time.

That was pure insanity in their minds!

Their skepticism was real and Felix's external manipulations were still at around one kilometer besides his newly added water manipulation.

But, Felix had found a loophole that could help him extend his external manipulation...Besides the primogenitors, he was the only one capable of doing it!

Felix pointed his finger at twenty humaniod golems that resembled him greatly and ordered, 'Step forward.'

After separating themselves from the herd, Felix created multiple wisps of his consciousness and placed them within those golem clones.

'You know the plan and your roles.' Felix said calmly.

The twenty clones nodded in understanding and began separating the hundreds of golems into their squads.

Then, they commanded them telepathically to pick up their personalized weapons and ammo.

The humaniod golems were responsible for assault rifles, sniper rifles, and such small arms...While the beastified golems carried grenade launchers, landmines, cannons and such.

When each golem was armed to the teeth, Felix activated their weapons with electrical Railgun rings.

'Go to your positions and take your troops with you.' He ordered.

The twenty commanders marched in different directions with their troops behind them, weaving through the maze like they knew every single detail about it.

It wasn't farfetched to think so as they were copies of Felix and had all of his intellectual gifts.

In less than five minutes, the viewers were left absolutely dumbfounded by the current scene before them.

The golems armies were dispatched through the entire maze, having tens of them situated on each path.

Wherever they looked, there were golems defending a path with their lives!

Meanwhile, the twenty commanders were sitting on small platforms affixed on the walls, keeping a close eye on their nearest squads.

"Everything looks planned out and precise." Queen Alfreda frowned, "But still, this doesn't solve the external manipulation issue."

"It does." Empress Emily answered monotonously, "Those twenty commanders are operated by wisps of consciousness of that punk. This means that each one of them have one-kilometer external manipulation radius to himself. He positioned them in a precise manner to avoid having their range stacking up on each other to cover every nook and cranny of the maze."

"That make more sense."

"I didn't think that wisps can be used like that."


No one argued or disapproved of Empress Emily's take, knowing that she rarely opened her mouth unless she was confident in her opinions.

In this case, she hit the nail right in the head!

Felix had found out that he could control his element with wisps of consciousness, no matter how far he was from his main consciousness!

It gave him the idea to expand on his external manipulation by taking advantage of his ability to create multiple wisps simultaneously!

It was quite different from the strategy he used in his empyrean promotion game.

The only limitation standing before him was those golems' inability to create anything with the elements.

They could only control what was already created by him.

Still, this wasn't an issue to Felix and had already created countermeasures for it.

He kept fifty beastified golems in the shape of horses near him and was planning to use them to deliver weapons, ammo, and anything his armies required!

Just like this, the entire maze would be under his rulership and the moment Duchess Alina decide to step inside, he would be able to play with her without moving an inch!

'She must be getting lonely outside.' Felix smiled coldly as he eyed Duchess Alina moving back and forth in her blood sea, trying to find a way to enter the maze.

'This thing is completely sealed shut.' Duchess Alina knitted her eyebrows in irritation as she controlled her blood to cover the crystallized maze's exterior.

She just wanted to find a tiny hole, which would allow her to transmute into a drop of blood and sneak inside.


Just as she was about to think of another method, a sudden thunderous noise emerged from the southern side of the maze, sending multiple vibrations through blood sea.

When Duchess Alina merged with the blood sea and appeared in front of the noise source, she couldn't help but get startled.

It turned out that a small window was opened up on the wall!

It was positioned at least two hundred meters above the ground, making it hard for Duchess Alina to see within.

'Is that bastard inviting me inside by his own will?' Duchess Alina knitted her eyebrows tightly, not liking this assumption at all.

She wasn't stupid...She discerned from Felix's constant movements that he was concocting something horrible for her.

Now that he opened a window for her? It was all the reason to keep her guards up.

'But, if I don't enter, this battle will be prolonged for a long time.' Duchess Alina thought, 'He must have came stacked to the brim with elemental stones...His elemental tank is already on a monstrous level. So, this battle might last even days or an entire week before he starts to feel burnt out by sustaining this structure.'

'Should I just do the smart thing and leave him to tire himsel...Hmm?'

Before Duchess Alina could finish her thought, she spotted a small shimmering red sphere thrown from the window and falling towards her.

The moment she realized what it was, Duchess Alina instantly manifested a giant blood hand and smashed the shimmering sphere away!


Before it flew to a safe distance, it exploded nearby the blood sea and the maze's wall!

Naturally, the sea blood was affected the most as the explosion had evaporated massive quantity and caused the sea to experience major turbulence!

Just as Duchess Alina was about to curse out Felix, her expression turned to the worst after she spotted tens more of those brilliant sphere falling on her sea!!

Yet, she didn't even glance at them as she had noticed a crumbled piece of old paper was mixed amidst them...It was also shimmering with light.

The instant she spotted it, her face turned for the worst! She recognized it instantly to be a scroll and possibly an epic or legendary explosive one!

So, without an ounce of hesitation, Duchess Alina teleported to the opposite side of the maze and took cover under a shield created of out crystallized hardened blood!

Booom Boom Booom!...

"Huh? That's it?" After the series of explosions ended, Duchess Alina was left bewildered.

She was waiting for a nuclear type explosion due to that scroll, but nothing of such had occurred.

Unbeknownst to her, the scroll used was merely a common explosive one!

'Whether you enter or not, I am going to play with you to death.' Felix smirked faintly as he had hundreds of such crumbled scrolls placed in a box near him!