1553 God's Pillar. I

"God's Pillar? Sounds powerful." Felix was left intrigued at such a bold and overbearing name.

He knew of almost all existing potions besides the rank six ones as Lady Sphinx kept a tight lid on them, not exposing their names...Don't even mention their details.

"That's a name bringing some memories," Thor said with a nostalgic tone.

"You still possess some of them, Sphinx?" Jörmungandr raised an eyebrow in surprise, "It will be of massive help to Felix if he drank one before his battle with Nimo's alter ego."

"My stock ran out a long, long time ago." Lady Sphinx shook her head, "Unfortunately, I am missing some key ingredients to concoct one."

"Thought so, it was difficult to buy one from you in the old times and that's when there was a decent quantity of high-graded natural treasures lying around." Thor sighed in disappointment.

"Can someone tell me what does it do?" Felix was more curious than ever after listening to their discussion.

"It's one of the most powerful and desirable potions during the primogenitors era. Almost everyone sought to purchase them from Sphinx and if she didn't have them, they would seek out to find its materials and request her to concoct them." Jörmungandr shared with a solemn tone, "It was for a valid reason, God Pillar's potion enables primogenitors to trade their longevity with an insane all-rounded boost of strength, ranging from 10% to even 50%."

"That much?" Felix sucked a deep cold breath in shock.

He understood that the higher someone enhanced his strength, the harder it got to get even more powerful.

Yet, for a potion to help primogenitors' rank beings empower themselves by such a massive percentage was literal insanity!

It could change the balance of the fight almost immediately.

"Unfortunately, the enhancement is temporarily lasting for a couple of minutes at best. When it ends, the side effects are too severe to handle even for us." Thor recalled with an irritated tone while looking at the darkins who were brushing the ground. "I was forced to consume a potion during one of our battles and while we won the conflict, I ended up slumbering for at least a century to recover my dried-up longevity."

The darkins flinched at his look and swiftly lowered their heads, acting like they hadn't heard him.

"But how does your longevity get affected when you are immortal?" Felix was slightly confused by this.

"Let me put it this way...Mortals' longevity is like an unrecoverable life essence. Once consumed either naturally or through other methods, the mortal ends up dead after an aging process. End of story." Thor clarified, "However, for us primogenitors and all immortals in the universe. Our life essence could be recovered with time even when consumed wholly. If it is empty, we become weak, old, and lose our natural functions just like any other creature. To help with its recovery, we tend to sleep to reduce energy intake and let the body focus wholly on restoring its life essence."

"I see..." Felix nodded in understanding.

Felix always wondered what immortality was like and even when he became a deity, he was still not technically an immortal yet.

Now, he understood that his life essence wasn't recoverable like them and this was the only point that differentiates mortals from immortals.

Felix had a strong feeling that he would become a true immortal after he broke through the origin realm.

"While you aren't an immortal, you could live for tens of millions of years if not more." Lady Sphinx said, "This means you can take at least one potion and be able to survive its drastic side effects."

"I thought so the same." Felix nodded with a hardened expression, "As my master said, it will help me a lot in my upcoming challenge. I will give it my best to find the missing essential ingredients."

Felix was already on a mission to locate new and rare SSS+ natural treasures, he might as well start hunting for all of them to concoct any rank six potion able to help him.

"Focus first on learning how to brew it. Rank six potions are nowhere close to other potions in terms of difficulty and complexity." Lady Sphinx said while creating a concoction station in front of them.

When Felix switched his focus to the right table and saw the materials on it, his breath was stolen away in astonishment.

"Ethereal Orchid, Eclipse Rose Petals, Serpentroot Sap, Abyssal Coral Extract...Holy, seeing this many SSS+ treasures on a mixture table is something I never expected when I became a potioneer."

Felix was already told that rank six potions required only SSS+ natural treasures...Yet, it was still a shocking sight to see so many in one place.

Just one of them was enough to buy an entire empire!

"Focus, I am going to brew it only once and it will be your turn." Lady Sphinx intoned while rolling her sleeves.

Soon, Lady Sphinx began by carefully plucking the eclipse rose's petals gently and carefully.

"As you know the eclipse rose can absorb the solar energy during a solar eclipse and enhance its potentness by double for some time. Unfortunately, for this mixture to work, you will need recently charged petals. Otherwise, the potion will be a dud."

"..." Felix was left speechless.

He didn't think that there would be important steps before he could even begin the preparation of materials.

"How could you even find that you need charged petals for the potion to work?" Candace inquired with a curious tone.

"Trials, countless trials to count." Lady Sphinx shared, "Luckily, the old times were rich with high-graded natural treasures due to the elemental energies were at their highest levels and not many people to harvest them."

"Plus, you were getting a lot gifted from us for the sake of enhancing our chances of being the first to buy your end products." Thor chuckled, "God knows how many SSS+ natural treasures we bestow you."

"True." Lady Sphinx smiled faintly, remembering those sweet times of putting one leg after another and letting primogenitors slave for her experiments.

Since the majority of primogenitors had supermassive empires stretching for many galaxies, their descendants always brought them unfamiliar natural treasures at their orders and no one dared to steal or cheat.

So, Lady Sphinx had dibs on all new undiscovered natural treasures and the primogenitors sent them without expecting any immediate payment.

If it wasn't for them, there was no way she would have created such a big number of rank-six potions.

Soon, Lady Sphinx finished plucking the petals and placed them in a small crystal vial, not too bothered if they were meshed together.

She placed the veil to the side and reached out to a separate glass container. Then, she picked the Serpentroot Sap and the Abyssal Coral Extract...They were both in small bottles.

"You will have to mix five dropsof Serpentroot Sap and one vial of Abyssal Coral Extract. This combination will create a synergistic effect that balances the potion's properties."

Felix remained silent and kept noting down the steps in his mind.

"Gently crush and add one bloom of the Ethereal Orchid to the mixture. The orchid's ethereal properties will help bind the ingredients together."

"Let them rest for no less than two minutes and after the duration ends, pour the mixture into the crystal vial containing the eclipse rose petals. Ensure that all ingredients are thoroughly mixed."

"After this, carefully pour 100 ml of pure springwater into the cauldron and turn on the oven at 280C degrees for half a minute before finally putting in the mixture."

While she was explaining, Lady Sphinx was doing the exact steps one by one until the mixture was inside the cauldron.

"Then, we close it and let it cook for one minute under the same heat." Lady Sphinx uttered as she closed the cauldron.

"So far, nothing is too complex." Felix asked with a weird look, "Is the difficulty purely related to dealing with the dark reaction?"

He always knew that the dark reaction was tough to handle, but when he heard about rank six potion difficulty and such, he expected a more complex mixture process.

"What did you expect? Needing to do the rain dance around the cauldron three times or start fooling around with the heat for no reason?" Lady Sphinx chuckled.

"I mean..." Felix scratched his cheek a little.