Chapter 1063 One Against Two

Ding Hao had lost his patience to keep getting entangled and looking for his sister in different means.

He decided to use the most forceful form of oppression to make the Muhuang family completely submit.

If he didn’t show overwhelming strength, the Muhuang family wouldn’t let go of their pride and superiority. They wouldn’t make any compromises, so there would be no way to solve the problem. “Only by beating them until they’re afraid, beating them until they lower their prideful heads, will I get them to be willing to sit down and talk.”

Only by having absolute strength would one have the right to speak.

Moreover, after the rage just now, Ding Hao was awake at that moment.

The more powerful he showed, the more beneficial it would be for his sister Ding Ke’er, and the more the Muhuang family would not dare to hurt her due to their fear of him. He believed that his sister was definitely not dead. “She must be somewhere at this time, perhaps in the control of the Muhuang family.”


With a shrill roar, Chuyun Tianshang finally broke free from the domain of Saber Intent and Sword Intent which was like a storm. Even the veteran God Realm Master was covered with wounds and looked extremely embarrassed. His white robe seemed to have been scraped and turned into pieces of cloth. He looked like an old beggar.

“Elder Tianling, let’s join forces and take down this brat who doesn’t know his place!” Chuyun Tianshang roared angrily.

In all these years, when had he ever suffered such a loss? He was actually forced into such a miserable state by a person of the younger generation. Also, what shocked him, even more, was that he clearly felt that this young man truly possessed the power to threaten his living.


Muhuang Tianling had finally made a move.

A long purplish-black flame light swirled, like countless flaming tentacles, engulfing heaven and earth and rushing toward Ding Hao.

Ding Hao shouted. Countless rays of Sword Intent and Sword Light burst out around him and cut the purplish-black flame tentacles into pieces.

“Chuyun Tianshang, I’ll give you one last chance. Get out of here if you don’t want your Chuyun family to be wiped out!” Ding Hao stretched out his hands, and the Devil Saber and the Rusted Sword flew to him. With the saber and sword in his hands, his momentum soared again.

“Hey, little bastard, how dare you threaten my Chuyun family? You have no idea what you’re doing.” Chuyun Tianshang did not take Ding Hao’s threat seriously at all. He stretched out his right palm again as a huge, glazed silver palm print appeared in the void and grabbed at Ding Hao.

It was the Chuyun Palm.

Displayed in the hands of the old ancestor of the Chuyun family, the same combat technique was many times more powerful than that of the top genius of the younger generation, Chuyun Kuangzhan. Every time a palm print fell, it was like a meteorite tearing the void, leaving a shocking mark.

Palm prints covered the sky. The sky dome was torn apart, and the wounds were shocking.

“24 Moves of Swordsmanship – Night Fighting in All Directions!” The long sword in Ding Hao’s right hand shook, and all the rust on the Rusted Sword fell off in an instant. The body of the sword was crystal clear, and the surging Sword Intent rose to the sky like a flood.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Countless crystal palm prints shattered into pieces.

“24 Moves of the Saber Technique – the City Crashing Saber.” The Devil Saber in his left hand shook as his similarly ultimate move was executed. A fire dragon whistled through the sky while his Saber Intent erupted to the limit as it blasted toward Muhuang Tianling.

He was going to fight against two on his own.

The two veteran God Realm Masters were furious. “This junior is really presumptuous. How dare he be so arrogant? Does he actually think he can turn the table?”

Layers of inscription light shields flickered around the Heaven Sect Garden.

In the void, the inscription chains spread out like dragons and snakes, locking all energy and auras, and soon sealed the void of the whole Heaven Island so that no one could escape.

Meanwhile, this protective shield could also isolate battle shockwaves, preventing Heaven Island from being destroyed because of the three great experts’ intense battle.

Outside the protective shield, everyone was watching the battle in the void, which was like a fight between demons and gods. They didn’t even dare to breathe.

Many people wouldn’t even get to watch such a battle throughout their entire lives. Chuyun Tianshang, Muhuang Tianling, and other experienced great masters from Heaven Island had not fought for many years, but today, they had joined hands because they had been pressured by a junior. This almost overturned the cognition of many Southern Wilderness martial artists who worshipped them like gods.

What drove the disciples of the Four Great Families even crazier was that, in their imagination, after joining forces, the two ancestors would quickly capture the insolent young man. It had been 30 minutes since the battle began, but the battle in the void was still fierce. There was no sign of Ding Hao’s decline at all.

He was fighting against two experts on his own, but he was actually not defeated.

The hearts of countless Chuyun family and Muhuang family’s disciples sank bit by bit.

At the very least, judging from the current situation, the Heaven Sect might have really provoked a devil-like monster.

“Who is the girl he is looking for? Ding Ke’er? Has any of you ever heard of this person?”

“That can’t be right. On Heaven Island, I’ve never heard of such a person before. Since she is the one this demon is looking for, she is definitely not an ordinary person. Why is her name not well-known?”

“He went straight to the Muhuang family to ask for her. Could it be that they have imprisoned Ding Ke’er?”

The crowd started discussing the matter.

They were all high-level martial artists in Heaven Sect, who knew a lot about the sect. They roughly knew what had happened in Heaven Sect over the years, but they had never heard of Ding Ke’er, not knowing her existence. Even many disciples of the Muhuang family looked at each other in dismay, unaware of what was going on.

At this time, although these people still felt indignant, they subconsciously began to admit Ding Hao’s strength and threats. When they began to seriously think about Ding Ke’er’s matter, it meant that deep in their hearts, they got a bit terrified.

“Humph, there has never been someone named Ding Ke’er in our Muhuang family. This devil is clearly looking for trouble. He has evil intentions. He is likely the intruder of the Land of Divine Grace!”

A peak Saint Realm elder of the Muhuang family coldly snorted.

Many elders and geniuses of his family echoed. Their expressions were absolutely not fake.

Amongst the crowd, only Muhuang Pin, who was heavily injured, remained silent. As the heir of the Muhuang family and the number one expert in the younger generation, he knew some extremely hidden secrets.

He vaguely remembered that a lady with unparalleled talent had cultivated in the Muhuang family in the past. Although her name was not Ding Ke’er, he remembered that she changed her name after entering the family. In that era, even he had no competitive power in front of this peerless lady. Their difference in strength was too great.

Unfortunately, that lady betrayed the Muhuang family in the end, and the higher-ups of the family were infuriated and killed her. As a genius, she hadn’t even grown up when she perished.

Could it be that the person this demon was looking for was that lady who once had her glory in the past?

If that were the case, there would be no room for negotiation.

Muhuang Pin felt slightly bitter in his heart.

He had always been arrogant, thinking that there was no opponent for him among the younger generation of the Southern Wilderness. Even in the entire Land of Infinity, there should not be many people who could be a match for him.

But today, he was sent flying by his peer with one move, and that guy was someone younger than him.

“There is always someone better than me!”

Not far away from Muhuang Pin, Yin Lisheng, the genius of the Yin family, also looked gloomy. That day’s defeat was the biggest shame and mark in his martial arts career. However, looking at the figure in the sky who fought fiercely with the two ancestors of the great family to a draw, Yin Lisheng felt that it was impossible for him to defeat the man in cyan.

Muhuang Xiu was extremely shocked as well.

The girl looked up at Ding Hao’s figure in the battle. She had never thought that this young man from the Northern Region would be so horrifying. “No wonder Great Martial Uncle said that if we could not handle this matter well, it would likely bring disaster to our family…

“Unfortunately, the other high-level members of the family didn’t listen to his advice.”

The more they fought, the more shocked Muhuang Tianling and Chuyun Tianshang became.

They had never expected that even though the two of them joined forces, they were still unable to quickly defeat this junior. Moreover, as time passed, the two of them gradually showed signs of being suppressed and it was getting more and more strenuous in the battle.

“What’s going on?”

“His saber and sword are a bit strange!” Chuyun Tianshang shouted loudly.

There was a wound on his left shoulder, which was caused by the Rusted Sword. Blood flowed out of the wound. Even with his strength, he could not completely heal the wound, because the Rusted Sword contained a strange force that prevented it from healing.

Muhuang Tianling was injured as well.

The offensive power of the Saber Intent and the Sword Intent was too terrifying. They were really invincible. The sword and saber could break all magic arts. No matter what kind of magical power the two ancestors used, they would be cracked by the Saber Intent and the Sword Intent. Moreover, the Rusted Sword and the Devil Saber were both divine weapons, containing great mysteries. Even the defense of a God Realm Master could not resist such a degree of attack head-on.

This made the two ancestors feel flustered and go crazy.

“If this goes on, we’re going to lose.” Muhuang Tianling was both shocked and furious.

It was indeed unwise to confront such a monster, but there was no turning back while it was too late to reconcile. Moreover, he was very clear in his heart that if that matter was exposed, there would be no reconciliation between the Muhuang family and Ding Hao.

“Capture his accomplices first.”

Chuyun Tianshang yelled.

Outside the protective shield, countless eyes fell on Li Yiruo and others.

These people came to the Heaven Sect Garden with Ding Hao. Obviously, they were a team. “In this case… we can’t deal with the devil, but can’t we deal with a woman, a fool, and two little Taoist children?”

“Capture them!”

A peak Saint Realm elder of the Muhuang family took action, and his Qi hand covered Li Yiruo unceremoniously.


Adorable cried out angrily and opened its mouth to spit out a golden bubble.

Amidst the crowd’s flabbergasted expressions, the peak Saint Realm elder seemed to have taken the initiative to walk up to the bubble. He was trapped in it, and no matter how much he struggled and thrashed, he was unable to break free.

“You damned demoness! Everyone, attack together!” Seeing this, the experts from the Muhuang family and the Chuyun family unleashed their attacks.