1156 I am quite scared.


"Oh, right...

I guess you didn't know..."

Nux realized.

"What are you talking about?" Rune's frown deepened.

She still remembered that all those years ago, after her father defeated Prima and returned from the Skythron Falcon City, Aragorn had disappeared. Of course, not many people cared, the same was true for Rune as well.

Rather, she was happy that she didn't have to see him anymore.

However, she always had a doubt in her mind,

Where did that man go? In all honestly, her prime suspect was Nux. he was the one who interrogated him and was the last person seen with him, not to mention that weird Magic he used on Aragorn to turn him into his 'slave', of course, at that time, Rune didn't bother enough to actually ask Nux about this.

Now, however, she was curious.

"Where is he?"

She questioned.

"Well, he is not in the best condition. Do you wish to meet him?" Nux questioned with a curious look on his face.

Rune, however, simply shook her head, "I do not care."

She was merely curious, but not curious enough to actually meet the man. Not after she has been through so much because of him.

"But I will clarify one thing, whatever that man told you, it would never work.

I am not the same naïve woman I once was."

Rune spoke with a cold look on her face.

"Should she go to ExceedoGenesis now?"

She questioned.

Nux stared at the cat woman for a while before he waved his hand, opening the portal to ExceedoGenesis.

Rune walked out, entering the ExceedoGenesis and the moment she did, Thyra appeared in front of her.

"It has been a while." Thyra greeted.

A smile appeared on Rune's face. "It has indeed."

Then, she stared at Thyra for a while and smiled, "You have gotten much stronger than before."

Both of them had worked as assassins, so the two clicked almost instantly when they met, their relationship, however,

strengthened even further when Thyra spent 2 years together with Rune before taking the Catkin Trials.

For those 2 years, Rune had acted like a master who trained Thyra, taught her advanced assassination techniques, and helped her grow even though she herself was extremely busy with work.

"We spent these past few decades training and pushing ourselves to the limit, these results are obvious." Hearing Rune's compliment, Thyra seemed calm.

Nux however, could tell that his little assassin was happy and he didn't need to look at her wobbling tail to be able to guess that.

Soon, other women came and greeted Rune as well. Rune seemed happy after meeting all of them after a long time as well.

Time passed and for the first few days, Nux didn't make any moves on Rune either, just like Oberon said, he would take it slow, so he decided to let her settle down.

His wives, on the other hand, were actively searching for challenges and today was finally the day when they finally debuted again, this time, as Complete Cultivators.

The Clan ExceedoGenesis was facing today was called Destruction, with the Clan Leader being a Complete Semi Saint. It was one of the new Clans whose members were part of the Order and it was also one of the clans that openly targeted ExceedoGenesis when Nux and his wives were away.

"I have no clue what you people are thinking."

Rune spoke with a grim look on her face.

"Hmm? What's the issue?" Thyra questioned as she tilted her head in confusion.

"Destruction is not weak. Rather, it is one of the strongest Middle-Level clans there is. I would have understood if you agreed to a Clan War, then Nux could have taken care of everything, but why would you choose the Ten Rounds Format? That is no

different than gifting them a win."

Rune spoke.

The Ten Rounds Format was a Format in which each Clan sends 10 Cultivators to battle against each other in a 1v1 battle, the Clan with the most victories win.

This is one of the formats that focuses on Clan Members' Individual strengths and unlike the Clan War, where Nux could take everything on his own and ensure his Clan's victory, here, he could at most bring back 1 point for his team, leaving the rest of other members of the clan.

"It should already be clear why they suggested this Format, why would you accept this challenge?" Rune questioned.

"Rune, we were the ones who suggested this format," Thyra replied.

"What...?" Rune's expression changed. She then directly turned towards Amaya and, "Have you not taken a look into Destruction's strength? They can easily push out 10 Complete Cultivators and with the condition of the cultivators needing to be of the same Phase, you wouldn't be able to fight them at all."

Amaya, however, just smiled, she wanted to reveal the truth, however, Nux had told her to keep Rune in the dark.

He wanted to surprise her a little.

"Hehe~ Sister Rune, don't worry, just leave everything to us." Skyla, who was thoroughly enjoying Rune's expression chuckled.

"Are you okay with all this...?" Rune turned towards Nux.

"I trust my wives."

Nux raised his hands.

Then, he glanced at Astaria, "Though I still pity those idiots. They accepted our challenge thinking they would win because of the Format, heh, they have no clue what's going to happen to them."

Astaria simply closed her eyes, trying to act calm, the smile on her face, however, couldn't be hidden. It was getting harder and harder for her to hold back.

"Anyway, mother-in-law, I want you to come with us as well. I am sure you are curious about how strong your daughter has gotten, no?"

Nux spoke.

Riona glanced at Amaya, the girl nodded and, "Alright." Riona agreed as well.

Nux's smile widened.

"Then should we leave?" He questioned.

"Mhm." Amaya nodded.

Nux created a Portal, signaling the women to walk in, Riona, Rune and the others followed, the Portal was closed, and then Nux disappeared as well, rushing towards the Stadium.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, it hasn't been a long time since we parted yet here we are, gathered together again,

Just as the Leader of the ExceedoGenesis said, they would continue to challenge more and more opponents, and he didn't go back on their words.

After the Bloodmoon, they have now challenged Destruction!

Can ExceedoGenesis win!?"

The announcer announced, continuing to hype the battle as much as she could.

On the other hand, Nux, who had walked into the Viewing Box exclusive to the Clans participating in the Challenge, opened the Portal, calling the women out.

He didn't even glance at the other Viewing Box that was right on the opposite end, where the Destruction members stayed.

His wives, however, were different.

"One Semi Saint and the rest are Great Sages.

They have done their research."

Astaria muttered, sensing her opponents' cultivation levels.

"Mhm, that clan actually has 4 Semi Saint Cultivators, however, I doubt they would be using them, especially considering the limit set was not Cultivation Stage, but Cultivation Phase.

They wouldn't want Saints fighting against Semi-Saints," Amaya spoke as she glanced at Rune.

"Their information network is quite strong,"

Melia muttered as well.

It hadn't been long since they registered Rune as one of their Clan members, but for them to know about her existence...

"So much for Order's secrecy." Riona snorted.

"The Order is not being controlled by its Main Force, the Top Clans are the ones who are managing it. Don't take it very seriously, the current Order is simply a Joke." Nux felt the need to say that out loud.

He didn't like how Order's name was smeared here.

Not that he cared about the Order's reputation or anything, however, his Vyriana was connected to the Order and seemed to care about the organization, so he was a little more sensitive than normal.

The wives shook their heads when they heard those words.

"So, who is going first?" Ember questioned.

"According to the Format, each Clan consecutively sends one Cultivator, and the opposing Clan sends a Cultivator of the same Phase to fight. The challenged party is the first to send cultivators, so they should send their cultivator first." Melia replied.

The women glanced at the opponents'

Viewing Box, wanting to see who would they send first. The Destruction members' seemed to be looking at them as well, then suddenly, a charred-skinned, Orange haired Flame Demon smiled widely as he stood up and,

"I was dying to fight with you anyways, so how about we start with the Clan Leaders?

Nux Leander, come out."

He was Ragnar, the Leader of the Destruction Clan and the moment he walked into the Stage, the audience went wild.

"I didn't think I would see you fight so soon." Rune, who was sitting beside Nux commented.

"Who said I am fighting?" Nux smiled.

And then, a certain Succubus stood up.

"Wish me luck guys,

I am quite scared."