1158 You would obviously find it hard to resist my illusions

"Can you move him away? He is wasting our time."

Astaria spoke as she pointed at Ragnar's body which still wasn't taken away.

After all, no one in the entire arena had recovered from what they had just witnessed, including Rune.

"Y-You... how did she... no, what did she do...?"

The catkin questioned as she glanced at Nux with a shocked look on her face.

Nux however, just shook his head and sighed,

"Didn't I tell you? She wasn't the least bit scared when she walked into that stage. She was lying."

"I was not lying~" Aisha, with her face still buried between Nux's neck and shoulder, replied.

"Is that so?" Nux nodded, continuing to rub her thighs and knead her breasts as gently as he could.

"Mhm, I was scared. What if he manages to resist my illusions? What would I have done them? I am quite weak after you successfully resist my illusions, you know?

This is a fatal weakness."

"Even I can't resist your illusions with 100% certainty, Aisha." Nux chuckled.

His Incubus and Vampire Blood give him a natural resistance to mental attacks, not to mention training together with Vyriana and him reforming his entire body when he broke through has fortified his mind even further, but even after all that, Nux still finds himself being weak against Aisha's illusions sometimes. Nux knew that if the succubus tried around 1000 times, he would fall for her illusion at least once, however,

He doubted that there would be any other Semi Saint who could resist Aisha's illusions. Well, at the very least, he had never seen someone like that.

"Well, that is because you can't resist my charm." Aisha smiled playfully, as she raised her head, looking right into Nux's eyes, then, she leaned closer, bringing her mouth close to his ear and,

"You would obviously find it hard to resist my illusions, since you yourself would want to see them, no?"

Saying those words, Aisha gently nibbed on Nux's ear, deliberately pushing her ample breasts onto Nux's chest.

Nux could feel his lower region heat up, his hand moved to Aisha's lower back, pushing her even closer to him, without their intention, the scene became so hot that Rune and Riona, who were sitting right beside Nux decided to look in another direction.

Right now, however, Nux couldn't give them attention even if he wanted to, his wife looked way too seductive for him to focus anywhere else.

As he continued to look into Aisha's eyes, Nux's Golden eyes momentarily turned purple,

"I don't want to see any illusion, woman."

He spoke, his voice sounding extremely possessive. A voice that sent a strange jolt into the body of not just Aisha, but all the women present in the room, Rune and Riona included.

"I have done a good job today, correct?"

Suddenly, Aisha asked a question.

"You were so amazing that I fell in love again," Nux replied.

"Then how about you reward me? I'll show you something much better than mere illusions."

"You are such a pervert, Aisha~" Nux replied.

"That I am~" Aisha didn't deny. Then as she confirmed her 'reward', she buried her face into Nux's chest and closed her eyes again, resting to prepare for the main event later after the tournament.

"I-It is a good thing Aisha won, with her defeating the enemy leader, their morale would be down, making the future battle easier. We already have 2 points now, we just need 4 more victories."

Wanting to change the topic, Rune started analyzing the challenge. She was already considering Nux's round as a victory and added the point to their total. A logical conclusion considering the enemy's strongest Semi Saint was already defeated.

"Mhm, we would have 2 points soon enough." Nux agreed with Rune's words.

The second point he was considering, however, was different than what was in Rune's mind and Rune, who understood that narrowed her eyes and then turned towards the stage.

Something was wrong, Nux and his wives were simply too confident about this challenge, then there was Aisha who defeated her opponent a second after the battle started, Astaria, being the woman who took great pride in her strength, Rune felt like she would be surprised again.

On the stage, Ragnar's body was taken away, and having lost their Clan Leader in such a... bizarre way, the Destruction Clan members were taking this much more seriously than before.

"I will go."

A man stood up.

He was Vandal, just like Ragner, he was a Flame Demon as well, he was the second in command in the Destruction and was the strongest Complete Great Sage Cultivator in the Clan.

"Alright." Other members of the Destruction Clan nodded in agreement.

They had already lost one point unexpectedly, even if they did expect to lose this point, they expected it to lose against Nux, that man, however, still hadn't appeared.

This meant that there was another point that was fixed for ExceedoGenesis, so they couldn't lose any more points since it would put them in an extremely disadvantageous position.

Winning this battle was important and Vandal was their best shot.

Their best shot, however...

Slash Slash


Vandal screamed in agony as Astaria quickly slashed both his arms. Then, she ruthlessly kicked him away, making him fall quicker than his arms that were cut off.

"Surrender, my next target is the head."

Astaria spoke in a cold voice and Vandal, whose skin was pale with absolute horror, quickly gave in with no resistance at all, "G-Give up! I give up! I lost!"

Round two of the Ten Round Challenge had ended as well.

Winner, ExceedoGenesis, and scores,


Astaria turned around, walking away from the stage, her expression, however, seemed disappointed.

"I didn't even use most of my skills."

"As if you can actually have a good spar with those idiots.

I am the only one who you can rely on, wife."

Nux spoke with a big smile on his face.

"No matter how or what you try, in the end, you will be coming back to me, just like a drug addict returns to their drug."