"I have seen how miserable she has been when she sent her daughter away with my own eyes, Lady Riona is simply incapable of hurting Lady Amaya.

She loves her more than her own life." Kelton answered with a solemn look on his face.

"It still doesn't change the fact that you betrayed me."

Suddenly, another person wearing an oversized cloak that hid her face walked in.

Kelton's eyes widened in surprise, with his trembling fingers, he pointed at the woman who had just walked in and stuttered,

"L-L-Lady A-Amaya."


The lady didn't say anything.

"Y-You are L-Lady Amaya aren't y-you?"

Kelton questioned.


Again, the cloaked lady didn't reply.


On the other hand, Riona didn't wait for anything, without any confirmation, she directly dashed toward the cloaked lady. However, before she could hug her, the lady disappeared and appeared behind Nux.

She then revealed her face and the moment Riona's and Kelton's eyes fell on her face, their eyes widened in surprise.

"Lady Amaya!"


They both called out in joy, however, just as they were about to rush towards her again, two swords appeared in Nux's hands and he glanced at Riona with a cold look on his face,

"I have already warned you before, do not touch my woman. That was the first and last warning, don't break it. Your end won't be good."

He then glanced at Kelton and narrowed his eyes,

"Traitors should stay away as well."

"I am not a-"

Kelton wanted to retort, however, when he saw Amaya looking at her with a cold look on her face, he stayed silent.

Even his master was doubting him.

What could be worse?

"I didn't think that you would reveal yourself."

After dealing with the two, Nux turned towards Amaya and spoke. Then, a strange expression appeared on his face and he questioned.

"What's with the strange cloak though…?"

A small blush appeared on Amaya's face and she pointed toward a certain tree.

"What? It looks cool, doesn't it?" Edda pouted.

"I agree, it fits the situation well." Skyla nodded with an excited smile on her face.




Nux, Amaya, and Thyra turned silent.

These two women were really enjoying themselves, weren't they?

"Well… it does look kind of good… it has a different appeal."

Nux admitted.

Amaya wearing an oversized black cloak gave her a strange, new charm.

Hearing his words, a small smile appeared on Amaya's face, however, that smile soon disappeared when she heard Riona's excited voice.

"You are alive!"

"To your disappointment, I am."

Amaya replied coldly.

"What are you talking about? Why would I be disappointed? This is the greatest day of my life!"

"Good for you."

Amaya replied.

"Amaya, my lovely daughter." Riona smiled widely and started walking towards Amaya.

Nux, however, stepped in.

"Get away, I need to talk to my daughter."

"Your daughter doesn't wish to talk to you."

Nux replied.

Riona's eyes fell on Amaya and she finally noticed her expression.

There was no trace of love in those eyes, Amaya's cold, emotionless eyes looked like she was looking at a stranger.


Riona called in a weak voice.

"Please don't call me like we are closed, I barely remember your face."

"Amaya, I know you are angry that I abandoned you, but I had a reason-"

"Yes, I know, I would have died if you hadn't done that, I heard all that. Thank you for saving my life, are you happy now? Or would you like to be compensated in any other way? Is monetary compensation alright with you? How much do you want?

Make sure it is a reasonable price, alright? I am not the one who asked you to save me after all."

Amaya's sharp words pierced Riona's heart, the more she spoke, the more Riona was hurt. Riona's expression changed, her eyes turned moist, she lost all the power she had and fell on her knees.

Or, she was about to, however, before she could, Skyla appeared next to her and supported her.

"Alright, this is too much, Sister Amaya. You can't treat your mother like this. She may have abandoned you, but as she said, she had a perfectly valid reason. Don't be so unreasonable."


Amaya turned silent.

She knew she was acting unreasonably, this was something she would normally not do, however, for some reason, she… she couldn't take a logical step.

She wanted to talk to this woman in front of her as well, however, at the same time, she wished to never see her face again.

A conflicting thought.

"Alright, don't put the blame on Amaya."

Nux placed his hand on Amaya's shoulder and spoke up.

"It wasn't Riona's fault, however, it wasn't Amaya's fault either, Riona made a decision to abandon her daughter to protect her on her own, now as her daughter, Amaya has the right to decide what she wants on her own.

Whether she wants to talk to Riona or not, she has a right to choose that on her own."

"Indeed, I agree with Nux. Amaya isn't at fault either."

Feeling left out, Edda deactivated her [Conceal] and walked in as well.

Seeing another woman walking in, Riona was surprised.

However, Kelton's reaction was even more extreme than hers.

"Y-You are Edda! The Head Maid!"

"Oh, it's been a while since I heard someone addressing me like that."

Edda spoke with a surprised look on her face.

"Y-You! You should be dead! How are you alive!?"

Kelton questioned in surprise and horror.

Seeing this reaction, Edda pouted,

"Huuh? Why did you only have this reaction when you saw me? Why didn't you have the same reaction when Amaya walked in front of you?

Why didn't you ask the same thing when it came to her?

She should be dead as well, doesn't she?"

Kelton and Riona finally realized.

They were so happy to see Amaya standing right in front of them that they completely forgot something.

Amaya should have been dead…


How is she alive?

Suddenly, Kelton's eyes fell on Nux.

"You… You aren't a Necromancer, are you?"