"Do you think those Fishes would leave their territory once its children are harmed?"

Amaya questioned and Melia's expression changed. Seeing that she was willing to listen, Amaya continued,

"Melia, if we wish to rule everyone, we can't just defeat the Vampire and say we are the strongest. I know, Vampires are one of the strongest races in the world, but hear me out,

Your brother, Lazarus, he is known as the strongest Semi Saint Vampire there is, right?"

Melia momentarily glanced at the unconscious Nux and then replied,

"If you take Complete Cultivators out of the equation, then yes, he is the strongest Semi Saint Vampire."

"Would you say he is the strongest Semi Saint in the entire world?" Amaya questioned and Melia turned silent.

Her brother was one of the strongest Semi Saints in the world, however, was he the strongest? Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Beastmen, honestly, these 4 weren't the problem, her brother could defeat the Semi Saints of these races, however, when it came to Demons and Dragons, things changes.

Her brother wouldn't lose, however, she wasn't sure he could win either.

Her father has taken Lazarus out of the Blood Continent before, they went on a business-related trip to the Dragon Continent, and there, her brother did have a dual against one of the Dragon Lord's Sons, they were at a similar level and her brother… lost.

Of course, there were different reasons for that, the most important was that they fought under the sun, so obviously, her brother was in a weakened state.

Also, since it wasn't dark, the opponent's vision wasn't affected, taking away Lazarus's advantage as a vampire.

"For you to think so much about a simple question and not answer with just a simple yes, I guess you already know the actual answer in your heart, don't you?" Seeing that Melia had still not answered her question, Amaya muttered with a small smile on her face.

"Melia, although the opponents we would fight would be comparatively weaker than the opponents we would face here, they wouldn't be as weak as you think. Remember, the United Continent is the home of Humans, Elves, and Beastmen, for them to survive there for all these years, they definitely wouldn't be weak. At the very least, if we aren't careful, they definitely have what it takes to completely destroy us."


Melia turned silent and started thinking.

What Amaya said made complete sense. To be honest, staying here because the clans here are stronger doesn't even make sense. The current them are weak, so weak that they wouldn't even have the chance to face those 'strong' opponents they were talking about.

On the contrary, staying here would be risky and things would get unnecessarily harder.

Melia wanted a competition, yes, however, you only compete against people who are at a level similar to yours, against the strong, you do not compete, you try to survive, or get destroyed.

Melia knew all this deep inside her heart, honestly, the reason she wanted to stay here maybe because she actually wanted to stay closer to her family.

No one wants to leave their people who love them with all their heart, after all.

Unconsciously, Melia's decisions were affected by her heart wanting to be with her family. However, with Amaya calmly pointing out the differences, Melia's mind was finally able to overpower her heart.

A small smile appeared on her face as she nodded,

"I understand, we will leave the Blood Continent once Nux wakes up."

Amaya smiled.

It was nice talking to someone who was actually willing to listen.

"But I have to say, Amaya, you look a lot younger for your age." Melia complimented.

Amaya, however, didn't have the reaction Melia expected her to have.

"You can't possibly mean what you said." Amaya smiled wryly.

"Hmm? Why would I lie to you? I am serious, your skin looks clean and well-maintained, you look very young and beautiful, Amaya."

"Sister Melia, Sister Amaya can't look younger than she is," Skyla spoke with a wry smile on her face. "She may not look like it, but she is the youngest amongst all us sisters."

"She is the youngest?" Melia's expression changed.

Amaya's knowledge and the way she reacted as she interacted with others showed how emotionally mature she was, of course, that is if we do not involve the few times she goes out of control like what happened with Lane a few minutes ago.

Anyways, Amaya still looks experienced when it came to dealing with people,

For her to be the youngest out of all of them…

"How old are you, Amaya?" Melia questioned.


Amaya replied and,


Melia's eyes widened in horror.

"W-What did you say?" She questioned.

"I am 29 years old."

"Didn't you say you were Nux's wife?"

"Hmm? What's wrong with that?" Amaya frowned.

"I know Humans mature faster but… you are saying you are married to him when you are barely 30? You are like a small child in his eyes…" Melia spoke with a strange expression on her face as she glanced at Nux.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Amaya, however, was even more confused now.

"N-Nothing. I guess age doesn't really matter when it comes to us, Cultivators. Also, Humans mature when they are around 14, right? Or was it 18? Anyways, you are way past that age, so I guess it is alright…"

Melia muttered and Amaya's frown deepened.

She observed Melia's expression closely and noticed the weird expressions on her face as she sneaks glances at the unconscious Nux.

Amaya narrowed her eyes even further as she realized something, she leaned closer to Melia and then,

She questioned,

"Melia, how old do you think Nux is again?"

"Let's not talk about this, Amaya." Melia just shook her head.

"Answer my question, Melia." Amaya, however, didn't back down.

"Uhhh, he looks younger than me, so… around 200 years old? Or maybe 150 years?" Melia guessed and suddenly, the entire room turned silent.

"W-What happened?"

Melia frowned, not knowing why everyone was reacting like this.