Michael didn't use Extraction on the maps spread all over the wooden desk. It might be easier to study the maps by extracting the knowledge wisps, but using Extraction on the maps would also erase the drawings. That was not something Michael wanted since he was sure that the maps would be useful in future warfares.

Hence, he studied the old fashioned way, trying to understand the vast terrain, topography and the distance of his territory from that of the other lords. While intently studying the maps for a second time, Michael learned lots of new things. He learned more about the Savannah region and the surrounding regions. Unfortunately, there weren't many detailed pieces of information about the surrounding regions. That was a shame, even if it didn't affect Michael too much. He wouldn't encounter anyone from the other territories anytime soon.

If anything, Michael was the most interested in the Savannah region since it was relatively close to his territory.

'The competition in the Savannah region is really fierce. I am really lucky here in the Untamed Jungle. Though…I have a lot more other issues to pay attention to. An entire Empire to deal with, for example.' Michael chuckled lightly.

He imagined what he would have done if he had spawned in the Savannah region instead of the Untamed Jungle. With Extraction as his Soultrait that would have been great. After all, there were dozens of small territories with various Awakened and Summons to kill and extract. It was a treasure trove for someone like Michael.

Of course, the Untamed Jungle was not bad either. So far, Michael obtained a lot from the Untamed Jungle, and he was grateful for that. The only big issue was the Zentika Empire. Thinking about the Zentika Empire, Michael wondered why the Zentika Empire had gone so silent. It had been a while since the Lord Rift closed.

'I really thought that they would attack as soon as the Lord Rift concluded. Maybe they have to fight some other kingdom, or empire right now? Not that I have anything against that. Stay busy for the next few years, Zentika Empire!!'

Michael felt a little bit of pressure after he learned about the dozens of territories in the Savannah region. The Lords of the other territories must have learned about the Kitsun Lord's death and that the Valyr, Zynur, and Laprix's territory was about to expand rapidly. The three Lords were not his allies, but they weren't his enemies either. If anything, Michael could consider them as the last line of defense separating other Lords from the Untamed Jungle and his domain.

The information Michael collected by studying the maps of the Savannah region was something he could use in the future even if they might not necessarily be useful for the time being. It was better to know all about one's potential enemies than to be ignorant until it was too late.

Sensing that more territory battles await him in the next few years, Michael felt the hunger for power arise within him once again.

Michael had always been in need of power, but now his needs had become a necessity. If he wanted to protect his territory, and people, and continue to expand to find out more about his ancestor and the Will of the Origin Expanse, Michael would have to grow a lot stronger.

He also required strength to ensure that no one could trample upon him, neither his own kind nor anyone else.

At the thought of other humans, Michael was reminded of his parents and he told himself that he would find them sooner or later. But before he found them, Michael wanted to be strong enough – mentally and physically – to be able to stand in front of them and face them head-on. He didn't want to search them just to hesitate to shout at them and blame them for everything they had done to him and Danny.

They were at fault for the brothers' miserable childhood and they ought to learn about this misery. Michael wanted to see their reaction and watch their expressions either crumble while faced with guilt and regret. But he also feared that they would simply stare at their own child emotionlessly. And If his parents would not give a damn about their older son's death, Michael wasn't sure how he would react. All he knew was that he was unlikely to control his emotions in such a moment and erupt with all the pent-up frustration.

But that was something for the future. For now, Michael required strength…a ton of it. He might have to deal with dozens of Lords and a whole Empire in the near-future, after all!

The easiest way for Michael to gain strength was through Links of Loyalty. More Links of Loyalty and more useful Summons would provide the best result to improve Michael as an individual and his entire territory. The Links of Loyalty would strengthen all of his Soultraits by providing Soul Power, therefore empowering Michael drastically.

Thus, Michael had to pay a lot more attention to the Links of Loyalty than others. He relied on his Soultraits' power and the advantage he gained over others by utilizing his numerous Soultraits.

Taking into consideration that firmer Links of Loyalty provided more Soul Power that was better in terms of quality, Michael began to note down the Links of Loyalty that were rather weak. Michael could roughly determine how long ago a Link of Loyalty was established and how it developed. He could feel whether the Links of Loyalty had once been firmer, and weakened later or if they had always been fragile.

Using this function, Michael began to note down the weaker Links of Loyalty. He forwarded the information to his assistant who would then find out what exactly the subjects with weaker Links of Loyalty disliked. If it was just their personality that was rotten and disgusting, Michael wouldn't pay much attention to them. It might be better to keep their Links of Loyalty like that, or possibly to get rid of the rotten apples in his territory altogether.

However, if some subjects with weaker Links of Loyalty had a good reason to lose trust in their Lord, Michael would pay more attention to satisfy their needs. That way, Michael could make sure to develop his territory into a place liked by everyone who was sincere in place of the disgusting and rotten apples.

Noting down all the information took much longer than Michael expected. But since it was needed Michael would have been forced to do it sooner or later either way.

Once done with the arduous task, he met the Elemental Empress.

"Finally, I found you!" The Elemental Empress exclaimed. She rushed up to Michael and barely stopped before smacking her head into his face.

"What's wrong? You know that you can speak to me via telepathy if something is urgent, right?" Michael wasn't too worried about the Elemental Empress. She didn't seem distressed right now.

If anything, she was excited.

"I know, I know. But I wanted to talk to you face to face!" She responded, waving her hands excitedly before continuing, "Either way, I talked to the Nature Spirit and the Forest Pixie earlier. They told me that I should make a request if I have an issue that has to be dealt with as soon as possible."

"That's not wrong, yeah. But wait… You can communicate with the Nature Spirit and the Forest Pixie? How?"

"Master, that's not important right now!" The Elemental Empress exclaimed

'It is though.'

"Far far far more important than that is my request. I heard that you claimed a huuuugeeee cave and that you turned a large underground ecosystem into an Underground Forging Hall. I also want a cave for myself!"

Michael recalled that the Elemental Empress had mentioned her desire to create her own Elemental Society some time ago. A large cave would be the best for her to contain the energy Elementals would naturally alter by simply being around on the surface.

"We destroyed the tunnels leading deeper into the cavern complex. If you want we can open one or two tunnels again. Once open we might have to face some monsters living deep inside the cavern system but we should be able to find a few large cavern halls for you to start creating a small society. Of course, I cannot say for sure how deep the cavern complex is. However, I might be able to expand the tunnels and cavern halls using extraction."

Michael didn't want to promise anything he couldn't provide. He had never ventured too deep into the cavern system, so he had no idea how dangerous it was deep down. All Michael knew was that the pressure deep down had been intense when he first sensed it. That meant something powerful lived down there. Other than the potential dangers, Michael never paid much attention to the structures of caves to learn how to expand them while ensuring that the cavern's strength wouldn't be compromised.

He had to be careful. Michael didn't want the entire cavern system to collapse because of him, after all.

"The same cave? Working together with the Underground Forging Hall…. That sounds great! We can provide Elemental crystals straight to the forging hall then! As long as the Society of Elementals has enough space everything will be alright. I will make sure to turn my cave into the most important source of income!!" The Elemental Empress exclaimed. She sounded exhilarated and happy to be of help.

It was even better that she could freely do whatever she wanted to do. She didn't even have to hesitate and could freely talk to her new master about anything she wanted. That was amazing as it was something she had never experienced before.

It was a new and welcome change that she embraced with open arms.

"You want to develop into my biggest source of income? That will be quite difficult," Michael replied in all honesty, "But I'm looking forward to it. I hope you can do it."

"Let's make sure to turn the Lizard cave into the Cave of the Elemental Empress!"