"What do you mean?"

"We both advised Lith never to practice Chaos magic and because of that he always avoided turning into his Abomination form. That part of his life force is comprised entirely of darkness and Chaos.

"Even though it's just a spark, a Cursed Elements affects the body and the mind even of its user. My theory is that the longer Lith retains the Abomination form, the more his mind is twisted by the Chaos until this happens." She waved at the traces of the fight that the self-repairing enchantment of the Throne Room had yet to fix.

She had no idea that Chaos had nothing to do with Lith's outburst. The Void and Lith were one and the same, but that side of his personality was akin to the Demons stored in his feathers.

The Void lived trapped in a loop, reliving non-stop the abuse from his Earth father and the death of his brother, Carl.

"Are you telling us that all of our efforts, your discoveries, and even my husband's sacrifice are for nothing? That we just wasted our time?" Sylpha's eyes burned with bright violet mana as she clenched the Sword of Saefel so hard that her hand turned white.

The colored crystal on both the armor and the blade hummed with power as their enchantments released energy sparks, ready to be unleashed at a moment's notice.

She didn't actually blame the Abomination hybrid, but without Lith the War of the Griffons would be almost impossible to win. Meron was still alive, but knowing that now he was likely to die before her, made the Queen already grieve his loss.

She needed someone to blame for that disaster. Anyone would do.

"No. As I said, it's just a spark. On top of that, do I look crazy to you? With time, all Abominations learn how to resist the influence of Chaos and regain their sanity." Xenagrosh's words made everyone sigh in relief.

"It's only a matter of surviving long enough and of how many people we kill before that happens." The second part made them turn tense again as if the first had never happened.

"So, you think that Lith just needs to get used to his Abomination form?" Raagu asked.

"That's my hope." Xenagrosh nodded.

"If that's the case, Lith can't stay here." Kamila said, caressing his head.

She had hoped that her touch would make the shadows disappear like usual but this time it didn't work. The darkness didn't hurt her but it also held its ground, enveloping Lith like a shroud.

It had never happened before and it scared both Kamila and Solus to the bone.

"If he sees any of you when he wakes up, he's going to attack first and talk second. To make him reason, Lith needs to be in a familiar place and be surrounded by people he trusts."

"I agree." Xenagrosh nodded. "But we can't bring him to Lutia. His family is comprised of regular humans and if he hurts them, his trauma will only grow worse. We should-"

"There's no we." Kamila shook her head. "Faluel and I will take care of him in her lair."

"Why the Hydra?" Xenagrosh was flabbergasted. "I'm stronger than her. I can protect you much better and help Lith control the Chaos!"

"I don't need protection. Even in his frenzy, not one of his spells gazed me." Kamila replied. "On top of that, you are the one who knocked him down. He is bound to attack you on sight whereas Faluel is his mentor and friend.

"As long as she keeps herself at a distance, he won't feel threatened."

The Hydra was about to question her ability to hold Lith's fury without either of them getting hurt when she finally noticed Kamila tormenting her stone ring.

"She's right. Lith trusts me blindly and I've developed a few arrays exactly for a contingency like this." Faluel lied through her teeth.

"Then it's settled." Xenagrosh had tried to refute that logic but Sylpha shut her up. "Bring him back to Distar and let us know if there's any chance to proceed with our plan, Faluel.

"If Lith fails to regain control, the mission will go on with a substitute, but the chances of success will be considerably lower."

The Hydra nodded, lifting Lith with a Float spell before stepping through the Warp Gate that led directly to her lair.

"Next stop Trawn woods, correct?" She opened a Steps without waiting for Kamila's reply.

"Yes, thanks. Between the two of us and the tower, Lith will feel safe enough to calm down."

"Are you sure you don't need my protection?" Faluel asked.

"Damn sure. Lith's Abomination side has never hurt Kamila, no matter how upset he was." Solus' voice was full of confidence and with a tinge of envy since the same couldn't be said for her.

"Even if push comes to shove, his magic can't hurt me since we have the same energy signature and I'm strong enough to subdue him physically. No offence, Faluel, but you are still among those who attacked him. Your presence is a liability."

"None taken." The Hydra sighed, remembering all too well Lith's betrayed gaze when she had joined the fray.

The moment the tower appeared and Solus assumed her human form, she took Lith in a princess carry and brought him inside. She hesitated for a split second before touching him, afraid that the Abomination might hurt her again.

'I can't tell Faluel that when Lith's Chaos goes rampant like it happened in Jiera and back at the Hogum mansion, not even I am safe otherwise she wouldn't let us go.' She thought, sighing in relief when the physical contact caused her no pain.

Solus remained disappointed when the shadows didn't withdraw for her either but something unexpected still happened. Her human form started to glow with a golden light where they touched, resembling her energy body even though she was made of flesh and blood.

"Is that normal?" The Hydra asked while staring at the contrast between the blackness and the light.

"Sure." Kamila and Solus said in unison, lying through their teeth to not get delayed any longer. "We'll let you know as soon as we make heads or tails of the situation. Bye."

Faluel had actually a lot of questions but Kamila closed the door and Solus Warped the tower away while Faluel had still her mouth opened and her forefinger raised, leaving her to talk to empty air.

"Plan omega?" Solus asked.

"Yeah, time to bring in the big guns."


Just as expected, the moment the Void regained his senses he jumped up to his feet while conjuring one spell for each of his fingers and with countless chains slithering out of his chest, ready to conjure his Demons.

War lay at his bedside, covered in a thin sheathe of blood that both Council members and Royals had donated to seal the angry blade again.

The Abomination's fury turned into confusion as his eyes ran through the room and then into surprise when he looked outside the window. He wasn't in Valeron anymore, but in what looked like the bedroom of the guest house of Baron Wyalon.