"My system or your rebirth… Shall we see who comes at the top?"

Anna was astounded. Her mind suddenly went blank, causing her to be unable to say anything.

Instead, there was an image that flashed in her mind.

"Can you tell me… why did you want to kill me?"

"My… name…"

Yes, the image was none other than the time they were about to die. At that time, Noel had completely lost all his energy and his eyes were already blank. He uttered the two words that kept haunting her.

It turned out the one who had wanted to kill her was Noel. But she had actually gone through a lot of ordeals where she could easily die but never actually failed to survive.

At first, she thought she was a genius who had gone through numerous challenges. But she had almost forgotten this memory after realizing that Noel had never wanted to kill her.

In that case, that memory itself was not valid. No, it was her question that wasn't valid.

In the previous life, Noel never wanted to kill her. He even used Old Ru to allow her to turn back time. Why?

That question rang in her head. Why? Why would Noel go this far for her? Was there any other reason? Was it related to their current relationship?

Without all those memories, Anna would continue to find a way to kill Noel. Did Noel do all that just so that Anna would actually switch sides?

That was never a question. If Noel had all that memory and experience, no one could actually stop him.

What did Noel see in her to make that decision? She couldn't find it.

But in this current life, Noel asked her, "My system or your rebirth… Shall we see who comes at the top?"

Anna couldn't help but fall into deep thought before asking, "Noel… Can't I truly know what your goal is?"

"Goal…" Noel had repeatedly told her that he couldn't say it. Noel shook his head heavily while muttering, 'How can I tell you my goal… After all, you're going to be the one standing in my way…'

Anna couldn't find her answer. She felt that there was a link to why Noel chose her to regress. In fact, Noel might actually ask her to guide the current him.

However, it would mean that she had lost if she actually filled that role. There was a reason for her rebirth. Noel had predicted it, so Anna knew that she had to surpass that imagination if she wanted to beat Noel.

At the same time, the current Noel had challenged her.

She was perplexed. On the one hand, she wanted to achieve her goal. On the other hand, what if her achieving her goal was actually someone's arrangement? Would she still be considered to have achieved her goal?

'Wait… no… that's not it.' Anna suddenly noticed something wrong with Noel's words.

The current Noel had told her that he wouldn't allow her to succeed that easily. So, if she achieved her goal, wouldn't that mean she achieved it with her own power? It was true that the previous Noel had arranged all this, but what if the arrangement was actually a frontal clash?

There was no scheme in a head-on clash. It was just a fight between their technique, skills, and strength. This way, it didn't really destroy the purpose of her goal as long as she achieved it through this method.

Anna took a deep breath as though she had made a decision. She raised a finger, "Since you're going to do it this way, we'll have our biggest bet in our entire life. The winner is allowed to order anything from the loser."

Noel smiled. There was no hesitation in his words. "I agree."

"I have to warn you that it's also included with an order to tell me your goal…" Anna warned him. Since telling her his goal would cause him to fail to achieve his goal, it was truly the biggest bet in their life.

"I know." Noel nodded. "I accept this bet, fully knowing the consequences. However, I should ask you too… Are you aware that you won't be able to achieve your goal if I defeat you?"

"Of course. Let's do this." Anna smirked.

"Alright." Noel's expression turned serious as he said, "In that case, you have to hear things about my system. First of all, the system is more unique than you originally thought. And the most unique things are…"

Noel opened the system and changed the two medals to Elite Medal and Couple Medal.

In that instant, he got a surge of fifteen percent of his current Spiritual Energy, causing it to create a small gale.

Even Anna noticed the difference and gasped. "This is…"

Noel didn't circulate his energy whatsoever. In fact, he didn't do anything that could cause his energy to rise. It didn't seem to be a technique to boost his energy either.

"This is one of its powers. Medal System. I can equip two different medals that can amplify my power. There is a medal that can increase my Spiritual Energy, sword mastery, or even rune mastery."

"Isn't this too overpowered? I mean, the more Spiritual Energy you have in your body, the more it increases, right? What if you are a Spirit Transcendence or even a Spirit King?" Anna sucked a cold breath.

"Yes. The second ability is to learn all kinds of techniques in an instant as I've said earlier. I don't think I have to explain much regarding this ability."

"Indeed. It's simple but powerful." Anna nodded in confirmation.

"The third ability would be this…" Noel bought a water bottle from the system and let it appear before her.

"Huh? Is this a space element? How do you make it appear out of nowhere?"

"I don't know the reason as well, but the system allows me to buy basic things. For example, I can buy this stuff to help people and something along the lines. I can even buy some runes and master them. Of course, I have the knowledge about runes in my head, but learning and mastering it takes time. So, I usually use this function to learn a new one."

"That's understandable. In my previous life, I have learned some runes, and it really takes a long time just to create a perfect rune." Anna agreed, recalling all the time she holed up in her room just to learn them.

"Last but not least, the missions. The missions can be related to the future or even information that I don't know. So, I've been using it to act as a clairvoyance in one way or another." Noel explained.

"That makes sense. That's how you know about a lot of things without the memory of the future like me." Anna nodded. "Does that mean you have a mission right now?"

"Yes. Well, the most recent mission is to have a wife…" Noel teased her a bit.

"Mhmm?" Anna was startled, her face slightly reddened.

This reaction was the reason why Noel added, "Though, it didn't specify who it is."

"Wha—" Anna hurriedly slammed the table while raising her voice. "You're mine. I'll fight whoever dares to snatch you from me."

"How brutal… you sure love to fight, aren't you? No, should I be careful of interacting with women from now on because I'm afraid that you will kill them or something…"

Anna's body trembled. She corrected her words, "Ehm, I mean, I'm just going to change my way to the point where you fall so deep that you can't think of anyone else."

Noel only smiled while watching her reaction. It was at this time that Anna knew he teased her.

"You…" Anna gritted her teeth. "Then, what about you? If I win, it means that I will be known as the figurehead, right? I can actually get a lot of husbands…"

"That won't happen," Noel said with a gentle smile as though he was sure about it.

"Huh? Why are you so sure?"

"Because you'll be so occupied with me that you won't have the time to think about anyone else."

"…" Anna wanted to refute him, but she ended up looking away, embarrassed. She never thought Noel was so bold that he could say those words straight to her. "So… what do you like about me? I have to make sure that you like me and not think of anyone else besides me."

"It's fine. You're perfect the way you are." Noel chuckled.

"That's…" Anna felt happy hearing it, but she didn't really like the answer. There was no way a person would like everything from another person, especially their mistakes. "That's a rather vague answer."

"Then, tell me about what I should change to make you like me more?"

"Ehm…" Anna rubbed her cheeks embarrassedly while looking away. "I like the way you are."


Anna crossed her arms, unsatisfied. "No. There must be something. You might not know it since you don't know me enough. Alright, let's sleep together from now on. This way, we can share a lot of things before we go to sleep."

"I don't think that's necessary. I mean, it will cause trouble for your reputation because of the kingdom's norms. It's not about two soldiers sharing a living space anymore. It's between two nobles."

"Have you forgotten that Dimitri has been doing it this whole time? I'm pretty sure that he must be thinking of a way to make us sleep together."

"Well…" Noel couldn't deny it, especially after Dimitri nailed their beds together in Old Ru's place.

Anna finally launched a counterattack by asking, "Or don't tell me that the famous Noel Ardagan can't resist my beauty and become a beast that can't control himself? I guess you're just like any other man."

Noel's eyebrows twitched as he couldn't help but pinch both of her cheeks. "Hoho? I should be the one asking you… you must be so thirsty to suggest something like that."

"Well, that would mean that you can't find any other wife beside me, so that's fine." Anna stuck her tongue out.

"You really…"

The two continued to bicker while heading to the bedroom. But because the mansion hadn't been constructed, the room was small. In fact, the bed was only for one person.

So, they ended up being so close that their shoulders were touching each other.

After a while, Noel couldn't help but reach her hand and hold it firmly.

"What's wrong? You can't resist anymore?" Anna smirked, teasing him again.

However, Noel kept his calm expression, his gaze remained on the ceiling. He said with a genuine tone. "No. I'm just glad… glad that you are here with me, Anna."

Anna opened her mouth, but the words stuck in her throat. She couldn't help but tilt her body toward him while burying her face in his arm. "Me…too."