In the blink of an eye, Millfall was on alert!

As some of those involved in the auction earlier left town and took their battles to the nearby forests, several trouble spots sprang up around the town.

The royal laws forbade such things, but in a city where there were currently no 3rd-stage soldiers, and many of those interested in obtaining valuable resources for free were Mages, it wasn't possible that no one would dare to disobey the local laws.

Would there be any punishment for such actions? That would depend on the soldiers, the witnesses, and the general interest in punishing offenders.

It wouldn't be easy for mere Acolytes under Nova's command to do this to Mages!

Given the local situation and the number of outside powers with members in Millfall at the moment, hardly any interested parties gave any thought to the laws of the realm tonight.

As soon as the last winners of the auction rounds left the local theater building, those interested in alternative ways to obtain valuable resources began their respective pursuits until the first clashes began!

At least three clashes were going on around Millfall now, while most of the experts in the city today began to take on Viscount Symons!

After leaving the theater with his group, he hadn't gotten far enough to reach his estate. As he was about to arrive at the mansion, some Low-level Mages surrounded his group and "politely" asked him to hand over his belongings.

They were all obviously wearing masks on their faces and were dressed so inconspicuously that it would be impossible to tell who they really were just by looking at them.

An attacker could be identified by his magical fluctuation. However, for wealthy nobles like these individuals who were interested in taking action against the Viscount, this was not something that could be used against them in a court of law.

More concrete evidence would be required for someone of influence to be seriously considered guilty!

It wasn't a fair world, and even if a soldier testified at a Martial Court, their testimony would be discredited if they weren't provided with evidence other than the suspect's aura.

That's why it was enough for these people acting tonight to hide their appearance!

Viscount Symons found himself next to his men, Marcus and his wife, surrounded by the many people interested in the three resources he had collected that evening. But even though many Mages had their eyes on him, he didn't feel pressured enough.

"I'll give you a chance to return where you came from and pretend this didn't happen." The Viscount said as he took a step towards his estate.

"Not so fast!" One of the Mages said in an aggressive tone. "We are not joking. Hand over your belongings, or we'll have to take your life!"

"Take my life? With just you?" The Viscount asked in a teasing tone, feeling that these people were real clowns.

Before advancing to the Mid-level, he would have reconsidered his words when dealing with a group like this. But now, he was confident he could defeat such opponents even if he fought without allies!

The men surrounding the Viscount knew how strong he was but didn't want to give up the valuable items in the blond man's spatial ring.

After his words, all those interested in the three items the Viscount had purchased tonight stepped forward, transferring more of their mana into their Magic Gems, making their pentagrams appear from their bodies.

The Viscount did the same, seeing that he couldn't solve the situation with words, making his own pentagrams appear as he laughed.

"Good! I'm glad you're not cowards! I was actually looking forward to someone brave enough to challenge me! Now I have some fools to train!" He said aloud as his body grew stronger and his attributes increased significantly.

Before anything happened, he muttered to the second strongest of his group. "Take Laila and Marcus home. I'll take care of these fools."

"Yes, Your Grace." That person said, preparing to move as soon as the Viscount made his first move.

And such a move didn't take long. After the level 5 Acolyte prepared his companions to take the Viscount's wife and son to the Symons' residence, the Mid-level Mage moved quickly toward the two enemies in his family's path.

The other Mages in the area also moved, aiming only at the Viscount, knowing that only by attacking this man together would they have a chance in this fight.

But the Viscount was much quicker than any of them. He wasn't like Layla, but since he had a higher mana level than her, he could move almost as fast as her, even though he didn't have a super speed ability.

Appearing between the two Mages blocking the way to his estate, the Viscount attacked both of them, kicking one in the face while using a whip to attack the other's neck.



The man hit by the Viscount's whip screamed as he felt himself being pulled toward his enemy while Viscount Symons' left foot struck the jaw of the other Low-level Mage.

The man immediately fainted at the feel of the Viscount's foot as his body flew upward.

At the same time, the Viscount prepared to strike with his right fist, having already drawn his second opponent toward him.


The second man felt the Viscount's dominant fist strike his stomach. He couldn't take it, screaming in agony before collapsing at the hands of the strongest man in the city.

Seeing space to move, the men of the Symons family grabbed Laila and Marcus and made their way to the Symons estate while no one paid them any attention.

With the Viscount there, it would be impossible for any enemy to focus on them, even if they wanted to use them as hostages.

The Viscount was so fast and dominant that all the attention of those fighting him had to be focused on him!

Once he had dealt with the first two opponents in his path, Viscount Symons looked at the other Mages in the area, now with no intention of taking these people lightly.

"I've given you a chance to escape. Now, there's no turning back. All of you traitors to the kingdom will die here!" He said as he prepared to leap at one of the opponents, who was unleashing the most annoying attacks to dodge and deal with in this place.

"Wretch! You'll die tonight, you bastard!"

The men there shouted as they picked up the fight, all moving to help each other, knowing they had no chance of winning against such an opponent by fighting individually.