Just as the Viscount was being attacked from all sides, Vicente and the people following him arrived near where the fight with the blond man was taking place.

Vicente had been a little late, and some of the people moving close to him had advanced and reached the Viscount first.

What had delayed him? The Acolytes who wanted to fight him over the plant he had bought at the auction.

He had killed them and collected their storage items, but that had been enough for the people in the group still fighting the Viscount to gain the advantage and get to such a man first.

As Layla watched the Viscount use his three pentagrams simultaneously to destroy a blade that had penetrated a few inches into his chest, she saw what looked like a furnace of semi-transparent flames explode. At the same time, the Viscount seemed to go into rage mode.

"He's really powerful. You might be in trouble." She said to the man beside her as she watched the battle turn in Viscount Symons' favor.

The Viscount had suffered powerful attacks moments before. Part of his armor and skin had been burned off, while a sword had pierced his chest. At the same time, one of the enemies had thrown a stone palm at him from the sky, and he had had to use his arms to protect himself from being crushed.

The three attacks had come while he was in a state of mental confusion and had wounded him, breaking some of his bones, bruising his skin, and almost cutting his heart.

However, in this extreme state, he stopped 'taking it easy' on his opponents and circulated his mana vigorously without any reservations. He decided to use everything he had against those four, using the power of his three pentagrams simultaneously.

Then, he had thrown away the palm of the stone that had hit him before picking up the enemy's sword and shattering it as if it were made of sugar.

He then moved so fast that the furnace of flames around him exploded, and at the same time, the enemy who had affected him mentally was no longer able to keep his powers active.

At that moment, Vicente and Layla, along with several other magicians, had arrived near the Symons' estate to witness the end of the Viscount's four opponents.

While the Low-level Mage with mental powers felt exhausted, the man with the sword collapsed from the destruction of his magical form as the Viscount moved towards the one behind the furnace of flames.

When he reached this person, the Viscount maliciously laughed as he grabbed the person by the neck, not caring about his enemy's flames as he strangled him.

In just five seconds, the Viscount had killed another of his enemies before looking away from the man with the stone palm, who was now too frightened, trying to flee the area.

"What the fuck!" The man shouted as he looked back and saw the Viscount running towards him.

Vicente saw that it was time for him to move and said. "Go to the Symons estate. Create some chaos there. I'll join the fight against the Viscount."

"Okay!" Layla disappeared soon after while Miss Death's representative and the two members of The Faceless Ones' faction watched Vicente.

'Master, use the Seal of Spirits when I tell you to. This artifact has properties that work against multiple opponents at the same time. So, wait for the right moment to use it.' Torne said as he scanned the three people watching Vicente.

Vicente agreed before moving on with the last two Mages who had come with him and were there for the Viscount.

He said. "Friends, there are three of us, and the Viscount has three objects. I don't mind sharing them with you. What do you say?"

"Oh? I don't mind either, but can you come with us, boy?" One of the Mages asked, looking menacingly at the Viscount as such a man finished killing the Low-level Mage who had attacked him with a palm of stones.

"I guarantee it."

"Then that's fine with me."

"It's your life. Then let's take care of this bastard!"

The two agreed, nodding to Vicente as they took different positions to attack their target.

Noticing new opponents, the Viscount took his eyes off the corpse before him, seeing that wasn't the end of the fight for him.

"Cesar..." He said in a cold tone as he looked at the young level 5 Acolyte in mask and armor.

"Viscount Symons, you dared to steal from me. I hope you're ready to pay for what you did earlier."

"Tsk! You're very arrogant if you think you can force me to do anything, Cesar!" The Viscount said as he ignored the two Low-level Mages in the area, thinking the most dangerous one there was Don Mazzanti. "But it's good you came. We can settle our differences today!"

"That's the only thing we agree on!" Vicente let his pentagrams emerge from his body, showing Miss Death's representative and the two members of The Faceless Ones' faction for the first time what made him so unique.

"Oh? A yellow pentagram?" All of them thought the same thing, including the two men about to attack Viscount Symons.

As they thought this, lightning flashed through Vicente's surroundings while the electromagnetic fields in the area changed according to his will.

The cobblestone street also changed slightly, the ground becoming stickier under the spell Vicente had already cast in this area.

'That's impressive, but it doesn't justify the feeling I have for him...' Miss Death's representative thought to herself, still standing back to watch Vicente.

"Let's wait for them to start. When they're entertained, we'll attack." Sarah Mercer said to her companion before picking up her communicator and sending out a warning.

"Attack the Mazzanti family now!"

Vicente was unaware of what was said as he moved toward the Viscount simultaneously with the two men he had just teamed up with.

"Very good, boy. Maybe you can come with us!" One of them smiled as he felt Vicente's power while he showed his pentagrams, which were the same colors as those of the Viscount, and the other Low-level Mage allied with him and Vice.

The other Mage was the first to attack the Viscount, while Vicente used his powers as much as possible. He tried to slow down the enemy with the viscosity of the terrain while using the electromagnetic fields in the area against the Mid-level Mage.

At the same time, he made metal chains emerge from the ground and quickly clamp down on the Viscount's wrists and heels while several blades formed from his armor and flew toward the man.

He did all of this almost simultaneously, impressing everyone, especially Viscount Symons, who could feel on his skin the level Cesar had already reached.

"I can't let you grow anymore! Today is the day you die, Cesar!"