The Viscount used most of his remaining strength to leap towards Vicente, putting all his strength into his legs to escape the ground and the chains holding him down.

The Viscount was so strong that even all of Vicente's efforts to restrain him were not enough to keep him in place. Before either of the other two opponents in the area could reach him, he managed to overcome Vice's move, breaking the chains holding him and leaping towards his target.

But Vicente wasn't simple either!

While the people in the area thought that a brutal attack would hit him, everyone saw the Viscount lose his speed, and his attack became sluggish after reaching about 60 centimeters away from Vicente.

Vicente's electromagnetic defense made the Viscount's fist, which was trying to get closer to him, slower and weaker, while this man could not reach his target.

Seeing the ugly expression on the muscular blond man's face, Vicente formed several blades around one of his hands and threw them at the wounds on his enemy's body.

The Viscount had no chance to dodge as he was so close to Vicente.

"Aaaagh!" He let out a high-pitched sound as his body was thrown further away.

At that moment, Vicente's two allied Mages took action against the Viscount, trying to take advantage of their ally's blow.


"Ahh, I'll kill you, Cesar!" The Viscount shouted in fury as he defended himself against the whip of one of his enemies, grabbing the weapon and pulling his opponent toward him.

As he did so, he spun around and punched the person who was flying towards him in the face.


The man had no chance to scream. When he was hit by one of the Viscount's fists, his face was crushed by his nose and mouth, while his skull was fractured in several places.


The other Mage saw this and felt fear, realizing that a single attack from his enemy would be enough to end the fight.

"Damn it! You're a monster!" He took a step back.

But Vicente didn't miss his chance and threw a spear at his ally's right shoulder, intending to throw him towards the Viscount.

The Mage didn't expect to be betrayed and was taken by surprise, unable to avoid Vicente's plans.


Seeing this, the Viscount decides to kill this person first while he watches this person form an attack against him.

Since the man had been thrown at the Viscount, he would either die like the previous Mage or at least injure his opponent before trying to escape. So this person did what Vicente wanted and formed an attack while flying towards the Viscount.

Seeing the two close together, Vicente clenched one of his fists tightly as he consumed more than half of his mana in this attack.

"Thorny Ground!"

He combined an earth element spell with his magnetic ability, causing the metal components in the ground below where the Viscount was to form large thorns of earth and metal.

Over an area of about 10 square meters, several huge thorns appeared right where the Viscount and the Low-level Mage were about to face each other.

The Viscount felt several of these thorns pierce his body before he jumped to avoid them, while the Low-level Mage had his body pierced by several of these thorns.

Unfortunately for this man, Vicente's attack had managed to wound him mortally!

"You really are a worm! You betrayed an ally just to hurt me." The Viscount looked at Vicente.

Such a nobleman felt very bad, still a little mentally unbalanced due to the enemy from earlier, and now with many more wounds all over his body.

If he had been between 30% and 40% exhausted when Cesar arrived to face him, he was now between 70% and 80%.

When he landed outside the area full of giant thorns, he had a tired look and stared at Cesar, not knowing whether this battle would be a victory or a defeat for him.

If he had been asked earlier about his chances of beating Cesar, he would have said they were more than 90%. But now, he felt that anything could happen.

But as he watched his opponent standing before him, he noticed two masked people, a woman and a man, moving against Cesar.

'Huh? Is this my chance?' He asked himself at the sight of these two, a Low-level and a Mid-level Mage!

'Now!' Torne shouted in Vicente's mind, causing the young man to look to the side and realize that one of his observers was moving against him, just as the old ghost thought would happen.

After receiving the warning from his slave, Vicente didn't hesitate to take the Seal of Spirits from his spatial ring and activate it with his mana.

When he did so in front of the two of them and the Viscount, they all widened their eyes in disbelief, seeing an item that should be with someone else.

'How is this possible?' The Viscount wondered, not knowing anything about the relationship between Vicente and Shelby.

On the other hand, the two members of The Faceless Ones faction couldn't help but feel sorry for themselves when they couldn't understand how he had managed it.

They had chased him all the way here! Where did he get an item that should have been in someone else's hands?

Shelby's artifact glowed in different colors, causing some magical circles to emerge from it, quickly creating what looked like a small semi-transparent dome over a space about 20 meters away from Vicente.

Then, under Torne's guidance, Vicente used the Seal of Spirits, using the artifact's power to seal the souls of the three Mages around him.

"Oh, shit!" Sarah Mercer paled as she realized her new situation, where neither she nor Vicente's other two opponents could use their special powers against him!

"Time to die, you bastards!" Vicente said in an excited tone as he used his powers to immobilize these people and throw spears at their hearts.

"NOOOO!" The Viscount saw one of those spears coming closer and closer to his chest and couldn't help but scream in agony, not believing that he would fall to an Acolyte even after becoming a Mid-level Mage!

It was a similar situation for the other two, who couldn't help but feel terrible as they were completely vulnerable to Vicente.

Vicente pierced the bodies of these three as they screamed, doing exactly what he had to do to get the best possible result!