After the competition between Vicente and Landon was over, Henry's group was the first to leave before the audience in the bleachers slowly began to leave.

Benson and Vicente were pleased with the outcome of the evening, both smiling as the white-haired old man placed a hand on his student's head.

"You outdid yourself tonight, Vice. After the first round, I wasn't sure what would happen. But fortunately, your talent doesn't disappoint." The old man said. "Anyway, congratulations on your victory. This is yours."

Vicente looked at the ring Henry had given Benson and said. "You can keep it, master. We'll use it to make the first robotic armor. All I ask is that you let me use it on my family until we can build more like it."

"All right," Benson said as he put it away in his storage item. "What are you going to do now?"

Vicente looked at the increasingly empty surroundings and saw Shelby and Livia getting up to leave while Nova, Nina, and Eve were still sitting, probably waiting for him.

"I'm going to rest for the night and spend some time with my sister tomorrow. After that, I'll stay away from my real identity for the next few days. In the next few days, I'll secretly go to your estate to continue working on the robotic armor."

"Okay, I'll prepare an alternate entrance for you," Benson said before he let Vicente go.

Vicente had already ordered all the materials he would need in the short term. He had also recently seen several books for 2nd-stage blacksmiths, so he would be fine if he was away from this association for the next few days or weeks.

As such, he wanted to return to his identity as Cesar, advance in level, and proceed with his plans to rescue Jasmine.

Before that, he had these three girls in mind.

"Thank you for coming to see me tonight." He said as he smiled at Nova, Nina, and Eve, taking the little girl in his arms while the two adult women looked at him with pride.

"Congratulations on your victory." The two said similar words, with Nina being the happiest, saying how incredible her older brother was.

After a few brief comments, Vicente looked into Nina's eyes and told her. "I want you to go home with Eve. I will be busy with Nova and then have to prepare for a new journey. I'll soon reach 3rd-stage, and it'll be time for me to hunt for a new pentagram."

Nina didn't like being away from Vicente. Yet, when she heard that he was about to become a Mage, she could only be happier, knowing how incredible it was for someone of Vicente's origin to reach the 3rd stage.

"All right, big brother. Take your time. I'll be waiting for you!" She said excitedly.

Vicente smiled at her and went on. "I'll be home before dawn so we can spend some time together. After that, I'm going to take care of this matter."

With that, Nina and Eve soon left for their estate while Vicente went with Nova to her house.

"You were fantastic tonight, Vice..." Nova said, avoiding looking into his eyes as she thought about the women from before.

She didn't want to ask him about them yet, but she couldn't help but think about how he might be involved with some of those women or how he might get involved.

Nova knew who Layla and Shelby were, so she knew they weren't promised to anyone right now. On the other hand, Vicente was handsome, strong, and promising, so how could single women who were in some kind of relationship with him ignore him?

Even if he didn't look at them inappropriately, that didn't mean they didn't look at him that way. If at least one of them had a more intimate interest in him, a lot could change quickly.

Nova was a beautiful woman, but even she couldn't deny the beauty of Shelby and Layla. How could Vicente resist their charms if they tried to seduce him?

"I'd like to hear that compliment later." Vicente teased Nova, making her blush as she understood the hidden meaning of his words.

She practically forgot about her potential competitors as she looked at Vice in surprise, seeing how bold he was to say that as they walked through the streets of Millfall.

"Vice! We're on the street. You shouldn't say things like that!" She said to him quietly, feeling nervous, as if they were talking about something very wrong.

He laughed at her manner. "What kind of thing?"

"Don't play dumb. Let's hurry home and don't say things like that on the way."

"Okay, ma'am." He felt her grab one of his hands and walk faster.

As he followed Nova's lead, she told him in a more serious tone. "I'm going into seclusion at dawn, so we won't see each other for a few days or weeks. I don't know what might happen in the meantime, but I'll send letters to your family whenever I can."

"Hmm, I'll wait. When we have something definite about where you'll be sent, I'll see when we can see each other again. In any case, I'll be leaving town soon, too."

When they arrived at her house, they stopped talking about anything and quickly started kissing and undressing.

They were both very good at unbuttoning and unzipping. Soon, they were both down to their underwear, both full of desire for each other's bodies.

Having seen earlier that Vicente could interest other women, Nova felt twice as interested in the man before her, as if she had to prove herself.

Even though she hadn't had any experience with Vicente before or even talked about intimate things with any of her friends, today, she took the initiative to do things he hadn't seen before.

Vicente was naturally surprised by the special treatment tonight and quickly realized that Nova could be very creative when she wanted to be...

Sensing her creativity, he naturally loved every moment, letting her take the lead in that first moment, but already planning to take care of her for hours to come.

So began this hot night between these two, a temporary farewell marked by bodily fluids and a lot of carnal heat.

Vicente didn't have to worry about a possible pregnancy because the mana of both the man and the woman could do the job of contraception. As long as one of the parties didn't want to get pregnant, there was no way that such a thing, wanted or unwanted by many, could happen.