Two days after the shift change at Long Bay Correctional Facility...

After Vicente and Sarah joined this prison unit of the Seidel Kingdom, they performed their assigned duties without much difficulty.

The work of soldiers like them was not difficult. Sarah had been assigned to guard one of the sections of the prison where the inmates lived together. Vicente's work was more bureaucratic, and he had to read the criminals' files daily to understand the prison situation and help the unit leaders better deal with the inmates.

The inmates in most prisons were largely unknown. There were a few famous people like Snow Claw in places like Long Bay Correctional Facility. As a result, it was common for the newly arrived soldiers to spend some time trying to understand who they would be dealing with for the next few years as soon as there was a shift change.

To better manage the prison, it was necessary to know why certain men should stay away from each other, how to deal with certain inmates, and how to prevent problems.

That was the bureaucratic work that Vicente was busy with these two days.

Fortunately, this wasn't just a tedious job for him but an opportunity to get to know the inmates in this unit and their locations within this large prison.

Long Bay Correctional Facility was anything but small. The entire area inside the hill where this prison was built was occupied by man-made structures where more than 300 soldiers lived and cared for the more than 2,000 inmates.

Vicente still needed some time to find information about Snow Claw. Still, luckily, he had found the file of another inmate he wanted to rescue from this place.

Eve's father!

Eve's father was still alive and imprisoned in this place. Even considering his low level, he had resisted the criminals in this site and was in the least problematic wing of Long Bay Correctional Facility.

That was a positive point, and Vicente was already creating his rebellion plan!


At dinner time on Vicente and his cronies' second day inside Long Bay Correctional Facility, the three met in the main cafeteria and soon sat together, eating and chatting.

"So? What did you get?" Evan asked, knowing they would not act until they had the information they needed.

Evan was also looking for what he could to help them since he didn't want to spend too much time with them in this place. Since he was already a traitor to the kingdom, he wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible. The longer they took, the greater the chance that someone would find out what they were doing!

Unfortunately, his role wasn't very useful, as he was assigned to level 1 detention.

That was the weakest level, where people like Eve's father were kept.

Hearing this question, Sarah shook her head negatively. "I'm keeping an eye on the maximum security area, but I haven't seen our man, let alone anything that could help us. In the meantime, I'm keeping an eye on my colleagues who watch that area. I'll know their positions and habits in a few days. Then we'll be able to take some risks".

Vicente heard this and said. "I haven't found our man's file yet. But I found some interesting information, and I've been thinking about a plan of action."

Sarah and Evan looked at him with interest, curious as to what Vicente had in mind.

He told them as he ate as if he wasn't saying much. "I discovered some interesting details. There are several people imprisoned in this place who are from rival forces. Can you imagine what would happen if a security breach released an entire wing of the prison?"

Evan understood what Vicente meant. "That would cause an uprising. But a single sector isn't enough to cover our actions and escape. The soldiers on hand can contain a rebellion from a single sector."

Vicente continued. "It wouldn't be just one sector. You have access to level 1 detention. If you take something I will give you to that place, we could have a widespread problem across levels 1 and 2, maybe even up to level 3 detention."

There were seven prison wings at Long Bay Correctional Facility, with the first six designated as levels 'x' and the seventh as maximum security, where the most dangerous outlaws were held.

Each level was a prison floor, with maximum security on the lowest floor, in the underground area, the most challenging place to escape.

Vicente said. "With a rebellion on levels 1 and 2, and maybe some problems on level 3, we would have most of the prison's attention on that problem. If that happened, I would be in the maximum security wing with her."

Evan worried that this was all too risky, and once it started, there would be no turning back. Either they would succeed and escape, or they would fail and have to do their best not to die.

"It could work. But the risks are great." He said, looking into Vicente's eyes.

"There is nowhere to run. We don't have much time to think of something better." Sarah said as she looked at Evan. "As risky as it is, we've been here for two days. If someone finds out that we have entered this place, it will cause problems for us in a week at the most. So we have to act before then."

They knew someone from the five checkpoints they had passed might investigate them further. As much as they had been approved, some curious person could investigate their magical forms or other things that might reveal their true intentions.

That would take some time, but after a week, any curious person would have enough to realize that there was a security breach in this prison!

So they had to race against time!

Vicente said. "She's right. I told you, getting in here was the easy part. Now that we're here, we must take risks to free our target and find a way out.

Let's try to get ready to leave this place in three days. Let's continue with what we've already planned and act at dinner on our fifth day here. That will be the best time to act."

"Okay." The two agreed, each with their own fears.

It would be time for them to throw this prison into chaos in three days with a big rebellion!

Vicente said as they finished eating. "Try not to overthink about how we'll be discovered. Once a few men from the maximum-security wing are free, there will be too much chaos for any soldier to focus on us. It's possible we won't have any problems until we start our escape with our man."