Author's Note: Unedited Chapter

The spacecraft suddenly jolted forward with indescribable speed, causing the space around them to contrast and turn into lines of light right before their very eyes.


They reappeared further ahead and what appeared in their line of sight caused their jaws to drop.

"What in the world is that spacecraft?" Milox voiced in bewilderment.

Everyone was just in disbelief as well. What they were staring at was so incredibly gigantic, that it made their spacecraft look like an ant flying beside an elephant.

Their spacecraft was massive but this one was gargantuan.

"Why does it look like you?" Sersi asked the metallic, black, head-like creature in their midst.

"Euhehe! Foolish low-life species you have stumbled upon my master's vessel," PO stated with a laughter of ridicule.

PO had been kept in bondage by Endric while they were boarding the spacecraft. From what everyone could see, the massive spacecraft beside them was structured just like PO. Fully black metallic head but was almost a quarter the size of the earth.

It was so alarming that such a massive spacecraft had been hovering above the Vitricites' planet the entire time and none of them were aware.

What troubled Gustav at that moment, however, wasn't the size of the vessel… "Why did it stop being undetectable?" He questioned with a low and wary tone.

"That is because master knows of your pursuit. He is about to welcome you fools," PO stated with a condescending tone.

"Welcome us?"

"What do you mean by that?"

Osiark and Vilax questioned simultaneously.

"Eueuheueu," PO laughed in response.

Gustav had a feeling of foreboding as he pulled a lever-like control on the panel and their spacecraft began to ascend. He wanted to get atop the massive head-shaped vessel.

All of a sudden, a part in the left area of the massive vessel suddenly retracted and emitted a blinding blue glow.

A great force of attraction tugged at their spacecraft upon the appearance of this burst of light and they instantly got pulled towards the light before any of them could react.


The entire spacecraft vanished in the next moment and they found themselves inside a space of white light.

As the light reduced, they realized they were in an entirely different location. They were no longer in outer space. They were in a field of sorts.

A crop field that dazzled with an array of plants and greenery. As scarlet rays kissed the ground a symphony of colors and textures unfolded before their eyes.

Rows upon rows of tall, swaying cornstalks stood firm, their vibrant green leaves rustling in harmony with the gentle breeze. They reached for the sky in a confident display of their strength and resilience.

Further into the field, the vicinity was adorned with a sea of blooming flowers. Their radiant petals beamed with an undeniable confidence that captured the very essence of nature's beauty.

"What just happened?" Milox questioned with a befuddled tone.

"If I were to guess I'd say we're inside of Siefiling's space vessel," Gustav muttered while squinting.

"The raunchy low life is correct. You are inside of my master's vessel," PO answered.

"I will break your teeth if you don't learn how to speak with respect," Milox voiced while tightening his fingers.

"I only respect my master. All others are low lives compared to him," PO stated with pride.

"You dam…"

"He knows we are here," Gustav chimed in before Milox could complete his sentence.

"Of course, he does. He let you pathetic bunch in," PO answered.

"Then what is he playing at? He didn't want us to find him initially and suddenly he stops hiding?" Gustav voiced with a disturbed tone.

"Could we be inside his famed universe?" Vilax wondered out loud while looking around.

"We are not," Gustav immediately answered.

"Remember the saying of how anyone who gets pulled into his universe turns to his slaves?" Endric said from the side.

"Do you feel reverence or do you feel compelled to serve him?" Gustav added.

Their faces lit up with looks of realization. They still had their will in check especially since they were questioning everything in sight at the moment.

The question that remained was, why this place existed within the space vessel. If Siefiling already had his universe where he kept species from all across the universe, then what was the point of building this place?

< "Very smart. You seem to be living up to expectations. Gustav Crimson. Endric Oslov." >

A loud voice suddenly rang out, causing them to look up in shock.

"Siefiling," Gustav stated with a tone of realization.

< "Yes. It is I," >

The same loud voice reverberated loudly across the space.

"How can he hear us speak? We are still within the spacecraft," Milox had a look of confoundment as he questioned.

< "I can see and hear every nook and cranny of my vessel," >

It turned out that no matter where they found themselves within the space vessel, Siefiling would always be able to see and hear them.

"That explains it," Gustav said while turning around.

[Mental Transmission Has Been Activated]

'From now on we only communicate through mind channels,' Gustav said to the others internally.

The Ozis were instantly taken aback the moment they heard Gustav's voice within their minds.

'You can use telepathy too?' Vilax questioned with a strong look of disbelief on his face.

'It isn't telepathy… this ability just happens to come with perks like this,' Gustav answered.

'Now back to the matter at hand. Since Siefiling let us in instead of trying to destroy us, he must be up to something. I am guessing that he already knows why we are here,' Gustav added.

'But what could be his motive?' Osiark questioned.

'We are about to find out,' Gustav responded while stepping out of the spacecraft.

"I am sure you know why we are here so, why did you bring us in?" Gustav asked out loud.

< "Quick thinking. Earth is one of the locations I have been unable to take species from due to the unbreachable barrier. Not to mention that almost every Mixedblood who leaves the planet is always well-protected or incredibly powerful so it makes my quest even more difficult. Since I do not have any earthling in Zonpaktu, it makes no sense for two earthlings to come after me especially if one of them is a universal fugitive," >

Siefiling's voice rang out once more.

"I see. You figured it out due to the companions with us," Gustav voiced in understanding.

< "I did. I cannot forget the number of those species that fell into my lap. They are tireless workers. Thank you for bringing more to my doorstep." >

One could hear a subtle chuckle after Siefiling finished speaking.

He didn't have to mention it but Gustav could tell that Seifiling must have attended IYSOP. That is the only logical explanation as to how he acquired several Ozis.

Recalling the case of Axiler, Gustav knew well that infiltrating Planet Ozious during the period of IYSOP wasn't an impossible task.

"You vile roach! Give us back our people!" Milox suddenly yelled with a look of anguish.

< "This one will work even better than the others since he has this much energy," > Siefiling cackled loudly in response.

"You…" Vilax quickly raised his hand to stop Milox before he could blow his top off.

"You knew we came here to get our people back and let us in regardless. You didn't send us immediately into your whatever universe to become slaves so what is the play here?" Vilax inquired with loudly.

< "Two words… Entertainment," > Seifiling stated.

"That was just one word," Sersi voiced from the side with a tone of confusion.

< "It is whatever I say it is within my vessel," > Seifiling snapped.

"Whatever you say, weird guy," Sersi jogged towards Gustav with an unbothered look.

< "…" >

Seifiling was speechless for a bit before resuming.

< "To get your people back, you have one option. Find and convince me to release them," > Siefiling stated.

"And what if we fail to convince you?" Osiark questioned.

< "You join the rest of your people," > Siefiling responded bluntly.

The Ozis gulped saliva in fear after hearing that. Was Siefiling so powerful that they couldn't do anything besides grovel to beg for the freedom of their people? Not to mention that if they failed to do a convincing enough job, they'd become slaves themselves.

"I think you forgot the second option," Endric voiced from the side.

< "Hmm?" >

"We find you, beat your ass and make you free them," Endric stated with a nefarious tone.

< "How interesting. Such confidence has me anticipating," > Seifiling voiced, intrigued.

< "However, I wish not for Gustav Crimson and yourself to participate in this venture. It would be such a shame to end the tale of two such prominent characters with great talent," > Seifiling had a tone of adoration as he spoke.

"They still have over a day left so nah," Gustav responded with a disinterested tone.

He was still counting the days.