Author's Note: Unedited Chapter

'Ah I see… space expansion,' Gustav came to a sudden realization.

("I thought you'd never figure it out,") The system voiced internally.

'I was contemplating on what type it might be. I just figured out that the faster I go, the larger the expansion of this domain,' Gustav responded internally.


'Hmm so automatically, the space contracts the slower I move… then I will most definitely be able to reach the end of it,' Gustav concluded internally and began walking forward.

He knew this would take some time but it was now guaranteed that he would get out of this space. It would seem Seifiling wanted to trap Gustav here for longer which made him wonder exactly what Seifiling's plans were.

Gustav's steps were like running. With every little movement, he would cross a distance of more than a hundred feet. Gustav felt Siefiling must have sent him to this space with an estimation of his speed in mind. He would have continued flying for a very long time if he hadn't figured it out.

'Since the space started to shrink, my perception has breached other locations within the space vessel… time to reactivate the Mental Link,' Gustav said internally.

[Mental Link Has Been Activated]

Gustav sent his perception to the furthest reaches he was currently capable of due to the effects of the space. He was finally able to sense a couple of familiar movements after a while. Some were a couple of levels below him while some were at the corners of his perception.

'Can you guys hear me?' Gustav resumed speaking internally.


' Is that you Gustav?'

Gustav heard two familiar voices respond to him through the mind link first.

'Osiark… Milox… are you two okay?' Gustav questioned.

'I think so,' Osiark replied with a tone of uncertainty.

'I have been trapped in this place for hours. I don't think it has an end,' Osiark voiced as well.

'Yeah Siefiling has some space expansion tech installed in his space vessel,' Gustav pointed out.

'That explains why I wasn't able to leave even after moving around for hours,' Osiark had a tone of realization as she spoke.

'You guys can also redirect energy and make it yours, right?' Gustav questioned.

'We can,' Both of them answered simultaneously.

'Then, find where the space expansion machine is installed… corrupt its energy and shrink the space so you two can find a way out,' Gustav stated.

'It will take days if you keep trying to leave through conventional means. To make matters worse, we don't know how the others are faring as well,' Gustav added.

'But how do we find it… if the space keeps expanding, that naturally makes it more difficult to locate,' Osiark questioned with a bothered tone.

'That should be simple… retrace the energy roots from the ground. The space expansion machine should give off little streams of energy, barely noticeable but with your abilities, all you two need to do is separate them and find the right stream… follow it to the center. I am a hundred percent sure I am installed on the floor somewhere there,' Gustav explained in the best way he possibly could at that moment.

'Is that what you're doing too?' Osiark questioned.

'I am not like you guys. I can't corrupt energy like you or make it mine even though I can sense it. The best way for me to get out of here would be for me to move as slowly as possible while following the whips. If I come across the location of the machine installation before I reach the exit then I will certainly destroy it,' Gustav responded.

He certainly couldn't risk going fast at that moment. However, he had other plans.

Osiark and Milox decided to do as Gustav instructed.

While they were busy up there Gustav was slowly sapping energy out of the space. Walking had truly made the space contrast but imagine having to walk the distance it would take to circulate a planet. Even at his current walking pace, it would take days and he didn't have days.

Increasing his pace was out of the equation so other options had to be considered. Currently, there was a spherical invisible orb floating around Gustav.

Even Siefiling was unaware that Gustav was currently sapping energy out of the space. The space expansion machine installed there was getting weaker by the second, making the space contrast at a much faster rate.

"Three hours…" Gustav muttered.

Endric stood atop a summit positioned sideways across the air. He stared deep into the unknown space he found himself with a slight expression of admiration.

"Doing this to someone with abilities like mine was your first undoing… I already found a way out," Endric muttered with an unbothered tone.

< "Even if you did find a way out, do you think you can get to the Ozis before they meet their fate?" >

Siefiling's voice rang out vibrantly across this space.

"You finally spoke. Looks like I got one thing correct," Endric bore a straight look while responding.

< "Hahaha Endric Oslov, you pique my interest even more than your fugitive brother." >

Siefiling voiced once more.

"I can't say the same. I have no interest in people who abduct species against their will," Endric shook his head with a disinterested look.

< "I am a sovereign of balance. As such, I must make sure to preserve the species of the cosmos regardless of the method at my disposal." >

"Nah don't act like you're not doing this for your selfish gains," Endric folded his arms while peering into the distance with a look of conviction.

< "Selfish gains, yes, but that is not all there is to this, Endric Oslov. A young lad like you cannot understand the purpose that I am burdened with but I shall try to enlighten you," > Siefiling stated powerfully.

< "The universe is fated for destruction but guess what will remain when that comes to pass?" > He paused for a bit before resuming.

< "My vessel and I. When the universe does meet its end, I would have gathered extraterrestrial species from all across the universe. Even when quintillions meet their end, the species of the universe will be preserved because of this so-called selfishness you so proclaim upon me. If it is a sin to choose the preservation of universal species over moral ambiguities, then by all means, I will remain a sinner," > Siefiling finished explaining with a tone of justification.

"Why not try to save the universe from destruction instead of imprisoning species against their will to create a whole new world?" Endric questioned with a logical look.

< "Because the universe will bring this destruction upon itself no matter what hand I try to play in it. And so I picked the less humorous option." >

"You don't know that," Endric shook his head once more.

< "I am the only one who knows that. This universe is doomed," >

'Why does he seem so certain? Does he know about that?' Endric wondered internally.

< "Join me, Endric Oslov. With someone of your caliber on my side, collection of species will be a lot easier and faster," >

"No. It would be a contradiction to my existence if I were to join in such a venture. While I do understand you, it isn't too late to stop."

< "Nothing can put a stop to what I have started. You either become a part of it or you steer clear of my path if not, it won't end well for you and your brother," >

"Seek help… you need it to treat your narcissism," Endric answered with a tone of pity before blinking.


His entire figure suddenly vanished and he reappeared at the edge of the space that seemed to be rupturing before his very eyes. The mountain before him stretched out like rubber, almost like the surroundings were trying to get away from Endric.

It was like time had paused at this moment as Endric reached out his arm and thrust two fingers forward while emitting great telekinetic force from his being.

A hole was poked through the expanding mountain and space around him, displaying a searing darkness within.

Endric blinked once more and his figure vanished through the hole while the surroundings began to repair itself immediately after he disappeared.

Endric found himself in a passageway that began to light up the moment he appeared within it.

Clunk! Clunk! Clunk!

"I'm finally out," He voiced with a tone of relief as he looked around.

< "Then, come and find me," >

Siefiling's voice had a tinge of playfulness as he stated.

"I intend to do that," Endric responded while peering into the distance.


Loud whizzing sounds rang out and all of a sudden, massive, black, metallic-looking heads appeared before Endric with light bolts gathering in the middle of their foreheads.


Endric instantly snapped his fingers the moment he noticed them, causing a telekinetic barrier to appear before him.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

"More of these things?"