Author's Note: Unedited Chapter

The entire place suddenly began to tremble violently, causing them to come to a sudden pause.

Gustav's face lit up with a look of realization as he sensed a familiar energy.

"Hold on tight," He instructed while grabbing Lhiark and Osiark with both arms.

Before they could react…


He leaped upwards with incredible force, sending a shockwave across the entire space vessel.

Their figures ascended at an incredible pace, breaking through several levels in just a couple of seconds. Gustav stopped as he reached a particular height knowing that it would be trouble if they were to keep it up.

Fortunately, they had ascended quite the distance so it wasn't a waste. They charged forward as quickly as they could across another artificial space within the space vessel.

The tremors were increasing and a normal person would have lost their footing already. However, it seemed like they were closing in on the source of the disturbance.

"What is going on?" Osiark questioned as the rumblings grew more intense.

"It's Endric," Gustav answered.

"He is in a battle with Siefiling," He added with a tone of certainty.

"He already got up there?" Osiark voiced in disbelief.

"Yeah… I'm guessing trying to convince him didn't work," Gustav replied.

"Is he winning?" Osiark inquired.

"He stands no chance against Siefiling," Gustav replied almost immediately.

Both Lhiark and Osiark were immediately overcome with fear. Endric was no doubt powerful than they were and yet Gustav said he didn't stand a chance against Siefiling? Then, what were they to do the moment they encountered him?

"Don't worry, we just need to gain access to the Zonpaktu and once that is achieved we can get your people out," Gustav assured them after noticing the looks of worry on their faces.

"Are you sure you are not going to abandon us now that the time you gave us is up?" Lhiark asked from the side.

"I would, but I am also trapped in this vessel just like the rest of you… and the only way to leave is by confronting Siefiling so I might as well just do that and maybe help y'all out in the process. Killing two birds with one stone as I like to call it," Gustav explained with a look of anticipation.

"You are not as mean as you look," Osiark chimed softly from the side.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I just wanna get out of here," Gustav maintained a straight look as they arrived at the exit of the current space they were in.


As they arrived at an intersecting pathway, a scream drifted into their ears.

"Uh?" Osiark and Lhiark turned towards the left and noticed a figure speeding towards them.

"Milox?" Osiark instantly recognized the figure to be Milox who was supposed to be the captain of their team.

But why was he screaming?

"Run!" Milox's voice blared.

"What?" Osiark had a look of confusion as they paused.

"Run, you dimwits!" Milox yelled once more as he closed in on them.

Osiark was about to ask why when she spotted a wave of black-looking dots in the distance. They were moving at a very quick pace and Milox seemed to be fleeing from them.

Their eyes widened as they realized that these black dots were an army of cauldron-shaped metallic heads chasing after Milox. They were gathered in such high numbers that they had completely covered every space on the left and blocked the rays of light reflecting from that corner.

"There are at least a million of them, go," Gustav said to the others without bothering to inspect them with God Eyes.

They had to reach Endric as soon as possible so Gustav wasn't looking to be delayed in the slightest.


Gustav grabbed the two once more and sped off into the distance.

"Wait… wait for me…" Milox yelled from behind as he struggled to keep up.

"You just asked us to run. Pick a side," Gustav voiced in response before completely running out of sight.

Milox was nearly in tears as he kept running with betrayal written all over his face. Just when he thought he had found others to shoulder the weight with him, they vanished.

Gustav was still several times faster than he was despite carrying two others with him. Milox was thankful that these weren't as strong as the one they encountered on the Vitricites planet or he would have long been done for.

This made him wonder if PO was just an upgraded version of the metallic blackheads.

"Shouldn't we wait for him?" Osiark asked.

"Nah, I am not putting my little brother in jeopardy just because some guy can't handle shit himself," Gustav instantly refused while increasing his speed.

Although it would have been better to have more support when confronting Siefiling, Gustav couldn't delay in the slightest since Endric was already facing him alone.

Gustav and the others soon arrived at an enclosure with a tube-like extension positioned above them.

"Let's go," Gustav stated before leaping upwards.


Wings sprouted out of his back as he ascended with enough force to get through the entire extension in just an instant.

The moment they arrived on a new level whose pathway extended towards a massive wide-open double door, they knew they were there.


A loud clash rang out and a figure blasted through the wide-open doors in the next instant.


Gustav's eyes widened as he recognized the figure and leaped forward to catch him in mid-air.

He landed a few feet away from the entry point and stared at the figure in his arms.

"Big brother," Endric voiced before coughing blood onto Gustav's outfit.

A seething rage suddenly began to build up within him as he stared at the state of his little brother. Endric had injuries across his body and looked like he was on the verge of passing out.

"You are finally here, what took you so long?" A loud voice rang out from the interior of the space beyond the wide-open doors.

"Did you do this?" Gustav questioned with a bone-chilling tone as the temperature in the vicinity dropped by many degrees.

"Oh? It seems you have reached the point where you are powerful enough to affect the state of your surroundings with just your mood. Good, good, you live up to your reputation," The sound of relaxed footsteps reverberated loudly as the owner of this voice came into view.

It of course was none other than Siefiling. A being who looked nothing like anyone had expected. Nevertheless, his presence commanded an inexplicable reverence and might.

Even though it looked like a heated battle had just ended, he didn't look ruffled in the slightest. It seemed as though dealing with Endric had been a breeze for him.

"I asked you a question… are you responsible for the present state of my little brother?" Gustav already knew the answer to this question but poised it regardless.

"Between you and I, I like your brother but he was proving too stubborn. He couldn't see appeal in my ways and it is even more hypocritical that he can't see the errors of his ways. I would…"

"I have heard enough," Gustav interrupted Siefiling before he could complete his statement and proceeded to slowly lower Endric's figure.

"Big brother I'm fi…"

"No, just stay here and rest," Gustav cut Endric off before he could say anything and proceeded to put a healing pill in his mouth.

"I thought you were someone that could be reasoned with," Gustav voiced while slowly stepping forward as streams of violent energy began to circulate his figure.

"I am," Siefiling answered.

"Oh?" Gustav scoffed as he inched closer with every step.

"You see, you and I are not so different Gustav Crimson… the only part where you fall short is retrospective thinking. You never wonder if your actions are hypocritical or not so long as they benefit you. Maybe that is why I like your brother more than I like you," Siefiling spoke like Gustav was a long-time friend that he hadn't seen in ages.

"I am nothing like you," Gustav stated as he arrived before Siefiling.

"In denial, I see… You said you thought I was someone who could be reasoned with but did you ever stop to ask yourself if you are someone that can be reasoned with? Isn't it quite hypocritical that I am trying to reason with you right now but you are baring your fangs at me ready to sink them into my flesh any moment from now?" Siefiling remained calm as he spoke rationally.

Winds began to howl intensely as the energy surrounding Gustav rapidly increased.

"After leaving my little brother in such a state, I have no intentions of being reasonable… we are way past that," Gustav stated before sending a fist at Siefiling.

"How unfortunate," Sieifling shook his head while staring at Gustav's approaching fist in very slow motion.

"Shall I remind you that this is my vessel…? I am the sovereign."