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Meanwhile, a few minutes ago, in a different realm,

"Damn…my body is burning up. I feel like I am being set on fire from inside..urghhh…" Viktor grimaced as he felt his blood getting heated up, even though he was supposed to be cold at this time of the day.

He was sitting naked on the bed in a cross-legged position with his eyes closed after Yannah gave him the forbidden art to comprehend it.

Yannah was watching him keenly as she slowly loosened her dress, "Don't worry about it. Based on what you are feeling, it only means that it is working. Just keep focusing, and you will know when you are ready."

Viktor groaned as he clenched his fists. His little brother was beginning to evolve to its next stage without him realizing it, "Are you sure what you gave me is the forbidden art? All you gave me was just a drop of blood..erghh…"

Yannah softly chuckled as she said, "I told you the Devil left behind his forbidden arts using his own drops of blood. Each drop contained one of his forbidden arts. And this one is called the 'Art of Ceaseless Bliss'.

As she explained to him, Yannah couldn't help but admire how incredibly hot he was, especially his well-built body and, most importantly, the dragon that was rising down there.

Viktor felt like his blood was getting too excited, but at the same time, his mind was comprehending things he wasn't supposed to understand.

This comprehension introduced him to what this forbidden art was about and how to 'devour' one's energy or even give it away.

Filled with indescribable vigor, Viktor finally opened his eyes which were glowing a mystical blue.

Yanna's eyes widened, seeing the change he was going through.

At first, she didn't have much hope, thinking that the drop of the Devil's blood would reject him just like it did to all her predecessors. This was the reason that made her predecessors hand it down like an heirloom so that the art may end up in the hands of the worthy queen. But who would have thought this drop of blood wouldn't reject some stranger she met today only?

But she then realized the fact that he comprehended such a divine art so quick without even a single hiccup.

She didn't even blink her eyes and he was already done. Such a divine art usually cannot be comprehended by a mere mortal. Even if, on the off chance, a heavenly genius was born to comprehend such an art, even they would take at least centuries to even get started. And there was no guarantee if they would even be successful in the end.

But this was just...unbelievable! Not only was he an immortal but he comprehended a divine art in the blink of an eye. Who was he really? Yannah felt herself getting more intrigued the longer she stayed in the same room as him.'

However, something big suddenly distracted her as her gaze immediately got glued to it.

"What in the name of the devil…." Yannah mumbled in pure astonishment since she had never seen such a huge 'sword'. At this point, it wouldn't be wrong to call it a forbidden sword.

She couldn't help but gulp, wondering if she would be able to battle against such a thick sword.

All this time, she thought she would never feel attracted to a man. But Viktor's mysteriousness intrigued her, and now she was physically getting aroused at the sight of his vigorous sword.

What first entered Viktor's sight was Yannah's arousing naked body.

Her pale blue skin glimmered under the light entering through the dark waters. And the sight of her big juicy blue breasts firmly standing on her chest only made her look even sexier.

"Come to me," Viktor pulled her forward as he plundered her juicy dark blue lips.

"Mmmhhh….Mnnmn~" Yannah's muffled moans escaped from the back of her throat as Viktor sucked her lips into his mouth.

He hugged her naked bombshell body as he rubbed her firm breasts while sucking her tongue.

Yannah felt her body heating up under his touches and used her tongue to battle with his.

At the same time, Viktor was feeling even more lustful than her, especially since his blood was on fire. He couldn't help but feel the desire to devour this beauty and make love to her till she dropped.

He broke the kiss as he nuzzled her neck, tasting the skin of her swan-like neck.

His tongue slithered down her sexy throat before kissing the hollow in the middle of her neck.

"Your tongue is burning me up, hmmnnnn~" Yannah softly moaned as she clutched Viktor's thick hair.

Viktor sucked and kissed her neck as he rubbed his chest against her soft melons.

He took a good look at her beautiful breasts with dark blue nipples as he remarked with a heated smile, "I have never seen such beautiful blue breasts. So big…so soft and so lovely…" Viktor mumbled as he squeezed and pulled them in different directions.

"Mnnnn~ Stop teasing my breasts like that, Hannn~~," Yannah bit her lower lip as she raised her head in pleasure.

Viktor hugged her hips as he sucked her breasts into his mouth one after the other.

His hot saliva coated her breasts as he sucked them greedily. His tongue circled around her dark blue areola before biting her hard nipples.

"Ahhnn!~ My poor breasts…hnnnn~...Just do me already~," Yannah was finding it hard to resist Vitkor's skillful tongue.

"Fine! You asked for it!" Viktor pushed her on the bed as he spread her legs.

He placed his forbidden sword over her wet blue pussy and slowly forced it into her tight cave.

Yannah clutched the sheets of her bed as she grimaced in pain, "Ughh…it's too big!~ But I will take it!~" Yannah said with firm determination, especially since she was determined to have his child.

Viktor laid over her supple body as he sealed her lips with his mouth while pushing his sizzling cock even further into her cave.

Even though Viktor was in a lusty mode, he was still conscious of his actions, unlike when his time with Talia.

So he could feel how Yannah's body was tensing up, and at the same time, he could feel her hymen obstructing his angry dragon.

"You are a virgin?" Viktor asked in a surprised tone since he didn't expect this seductive beauty to be still a maiden.

Yannah cupped his face as she said, "I only fancied women all this time. So you should feel lucky that you are the first man I fancied. So far I never found any man worthy to touch me," Saying so, Yannah kissed him passionately as she placed her hands on his butt, telling him to proceed.

Viktor granted her wish as his dragon broke through the only obstruction to the path to heaven.

"AHNN!! Oh shit!!~Your cock is already filling up my stomach..Hanng!~" Yannah felt her body being pumped with pleasure she had never known before. It even overwhelmed the pain of his cock stretching her pussy apart, and before she knew it, Viktor was already moving his hips.