Chapter 463: Again again again

Ever since Yuan Fang’s panel information was exposed on the war Forum …

His ability immediately caused many players to exclaim in admiration.

Last time, Yuan Fang was used as a shield by Liu Chan to resist Tu Yao’s many attacks, which allowed Yuan Fang’s Moke infinite body to increase greatly. In addition to this period of being beaten, his Moke infinite body had finally been upgraded to Level 2, and his defense and anti-damage ability had improved a lot.

That was why when the players saw the details of his skills, they felt that his defense was simply too unbelievable. He was so tanky that he was almost unkillable.

However, the players were somewhat comforted by the fact that although Yuan Fang was invincible, he couldn’t kill anyone.

In other words, Yuan Fang was a pure meat shield. As long as they didn’t attack him, they would be safe if they encountered him.

But the Rahu Warriors did not know this.

After the destruction of the nine glory Army, Yuan Fang, who had no place to farm for experience, set his sights on the luohou Army. After that, Yuan Fang roamed around the nine glory and luohou regions just to get the most vicious beating.

This was a huge torture for the Rahu Warriors.

Even though Yuan Fang’s grade wasn’t high, his ability was very effective against the attacking methods of the Rahu Army.

Especially in a situation where they didn’t know anything, it would be too late for them to regret it if they threw a Killing Curse at him.

Curse of pain, poison curse seal, spread of death, and so on. As long as these continuous HP-reducing skills were thrown into the square, the caster’s end would be too horrible to look at. They could even curse themselves to death.

Even if he didn’t use the curse, the Asura life sacrifice Dao’s demonic god apparition was still restrained by the square.

This was because the square circle’s counterattack directly penetrated the demon God’s external defense and reflected back on the attacker’s body, so it was useless no matter how strong the demon God’s defense was.

Therefore, Rahu’s soldiers hated this bald man to the core. However, without the presence of the higher-ups of the clan, they would choose to avoid the Round Square as much as possible and not fight with it.

The square and eye-catching “bald head” also became the symbol that the Rahu soldiers used to identify this person.

This naturally attracted the attention of the players, and some players tried it.

He would shave his head and go for a walk in jiuyao.

In the end, he found out that the effect was surprisingly good, and a comment “bald head guarantees safety” appeared on the forum.

The hero of all this was Yuan Fang.

Most of the players who entered the nine Yao great domain would shave their heads to reduce the number of unnecessary battles.

Although Shi Ying knew this, he still felt a little uncomfortable when he thought about shaving his head.

After all, if one didn’t die and revive, their hair wouldn’t grow back.

He felt that it was too embarrassing to be bald! It didn’t match his status as one of the top five assassins in the entire server!

However, in order to complete his mission, Shi Ying struggled internally for a while before sighing and opening the selfie function. Then, he raised his dagger and started shaving himself.

In order to complete the mission, it was nothing to sacrifice a few.

Shi Ying consoled himself.

As the cold light flickered, the hair fell, and a shiny head was freshly born. Under the reflection of the sun, it was as if his head was shrouded in a hazy golden light, looking a lot more sacred.

Looking at himself in the selfie, Shi Ying subconsciously rubbed his chubby and bald head.

Sighing again, Shi Ying turned off the selfie function and began to walk toward the peak Wolf Ridge.

The mountain Wolf Ridge was located on the east side of the nine-Yao great domain. It was surrounded by mountains, and there was a 500-square-kilometer Lake in the center. Previously, the forces of the nine Yao great domain had used the surroundings of fenlang Lake as their encampment to collect spirit ores and resources.

Now, this area was under the control of luohou’s forces. After some discussion, it had been distributed to the black demon clan.

Shi Ying had learned of this information from ao Jian.

At that time, in order to obtain the ice thorn, ao Jian had put in a lot of effort. He had come to the nine Yao to investigate the situation several times. However, he was still not strong enough to take the ice thorn from the hands of the black demon clan.

Of course, Shi Ying wouldn’t fight the black demon clan head-on like ao Jian. As a member of the thief sect, skills were the most important.


The journey was long.

In particular, the nine Yao great domain didn’t have a teleportation array like Beiqi. Although he had the support of shadow steps, he still needed to spend a lot of time traveling.

To Shi Ying’s relief, it was indeed effective to wear such a bald head.

When the soldiers of the luohou Army saw his bald head from afar, they all chose to avoid him and did not approach him.

“Baldie for safety” was just as the players on the forum had said, and it had a good effect.

Along the way, Shi Ying stopped and walked, occasionally stopping to eat some food to replenish his energy. After a day and a half, Shi Ying finally arrived at the area of the mountain Wolf Ridge.

It was already night time, and a hazy full moon hung high in the sky.

Under the moonlight, the continuous mountains of the fenlang Ridge looked like Giants standing in the distance.

Shi Ying wasn’t very familiar with this place. However, he didn’t think that this would be a problem.

This was because many players had shared detailed maps of the various regions in nine radiance and even the luohou region on the forum.

Thinking of this, Shi Ying entered the territory of the mountain Wolf Ridge in a flash. Then, he found a place to hide and began to look for the map sharing thread in the ‘strategy sharing’ section of the official forum. He began to study the terrain in preparation for stealing the ice thorns.

After spending some time to memorize the rough terrain of the wolf Peak Ridge, Shi Ying began to move.

He began to sneak toward the mining area marked on the map by the brilliant soldiers.

From Shi Ying’s point of view, the black demon clan had just taken over this area. They would definitely not change their current encampment. They would definitely still use the encampment left behind by the nine glory Warriors.

On the map shared by the players on the forum, the eight original nine glory Army encampments in the wolf Peak Ridge were clearly marked on the map.

Before he stole the icicles, he had to first confirm which encampment the icicles were placed in, and then come up with a plan to steal them. These eight encampments were the areas he was going to investigate next.

At this moment, the night wind was blowing, and the rustling of the leaves in the wind masked the sound of Shi Ying’s footsteps as he moved stealthily.

The night was dark and the wind was strong. Night of murder … Night of theft. This kind of environment couldn’t be any better for Shi Ying!

After spending about two hours on the road, Shi Ying arrived near the first encampment marked on the map.

Through the gaps between the leaves, the brightly lit Camp in the distance came into view.

This base was built against a tall mountain peak, with fenlang Lake to the East and the direction Shi Ying came from to the West.

In other words, this encampment only had two entry points, the west and south, forming a 60-degree angle facing the outside, with its back facing the mountain.

When Shi Ying saw this, he started to circle around the perimeter of the encampment to search for an entry point.

As for how to sneak into a heavily guarded area, Shi Ying had also studied the methods of the older generation of the thief sect, and the most important thing was to’ see ‘.

They were looking for the area they wanted to infiltrate and the place with the weakest defense.

After a round of investigation, Shi Ying began to move.

He didn’t choose the east side or the south side. Instead, he walked straight to the mountain peak on the side.

After a round of investigation, Shi Ying discovered that it was impossible to enter through the main entrance to the East and South sides. That was because there were simply too many soldiers stationed there.

On the contrary, the rear was dimly lit, which meant that there were few people guarding the rear. In fact, there were only lit lamps, and there was no Garrison at all.

At the thought of this, Shi Ying took out a rope with a hook that he had specially purchased from the realm. With a light swing, the hook immediately bit into the mountain’s cliff.

After trying to pull it and making sure it could withstand the force, Shi Ying pulled the rope with force and jumped up, starting to run along the steep mountain wall.

Shi Ying’s two feet stepped on the rock wall as if it was flat ground.

In addition to the bonus attributes in the game, skills took up a large part of it. This kind of body movement was called “wall-stepping” in the Steal sect, and it was one of the skills that members of the Steal sect used to sneak.

The members of the thief sect often used this ability to jump around, and they were later called flying thieves.

The main function of the rope was to borrow force, not to bear the weight.

When he arrived at the hook, Shi Ying quickly pulled out a dagger and stabbed it into the mountain to prevent himself from falling. Then, he pulled out the hook and threw it upwards once more, using the momentum to move upwards.

After repeating this process five to six times, Shi Ying was already over 40 meters above the ground.

At this moment, his vision could cover the entire black demon clan’s encampment. He began to look for the weak points of the defense.

After some observation and confirming the target, he began to cast the hook sideways and moved to the back of the encampment.

As he could only advance about eight meters at a time, it took Shi Ying about half an hour to reach the back of the encampment.

He then pulled out the rope hook, held it in his hand, and fell straight down from the air.

Since it was night, the moonlight was blocked by the mountain peak. Shi Ying’s figure blended into the night, and he didn’t attract the attention of any of the black demon clan’s Warriors.

The moment he was about to land, he threw the rope in his hand to the side again. As the rope tightened, his body was lifted up, and he was less than half a meter above the ground.

After letting go, his body landed steadily.

At this moment, he had already entered the rear of the black demon clan’s base. In front of him were many wooden houses. The area he was in was relatively quiet, and there were no Rahu Warriors.

After keeping the rope, Shi Ying began to carefully investigate the situation in the camp.

From what he knew, the black demon clan had two ghost kings, four ghost generals, and no less than ten ghost supervisors. Although this was only one of the eight bases, it would be impossible for him to escape if he was discovered.

There was no good way to find the icicles, so he could only check them one by one.

Of course, his priority was naturally to explore the wooden houses that looked relatively “more luxurious”. After all, the icicles could not be kept by ordinary soldiers.

When he arrived in front of a wooden house, Shi Ying’s figure leaped up, and he used the momentum from the side to leap up to the top of the wooden house.

The moment he landed, he tapped his feet on the roof of the wooden house to eliminate the sound. Then, he slowly squatted down and put his ear on the wooden house, listening carefully to the situation inside.

At this moment, there was a clamor in the distance.

“He’s here, that baldie is here again!”

As the shouts emerged, the alarm bells in the encampment rang.

Immediately, the entire encampment was in an uproar. A large number of soldiers walked out of the wooden houses and ran towards the main gate of the encampment.

When Shi Ying saw this, he hurriedly lowered his body to prevent himself from being discovered.

At the entrance of the encampment, a bald player was smiling at the ashen-faced Rahu soldiers.

“Benefactors, one day apart feels like three years. This little monk has come again today!” As he spoke, the Round Square slowly put his hands together.

Hearing this, the soldiers ‘faces turned red, but no one made a move.

At this moment, all the soldiers cursed in their hearts, because this bastard was coming again!

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